Parents and children relationship in bible

23 Encouraging Bible Verses About Parenting - Helpful Scripture

parents and children relationship in bible

In this article David Peach share some Bible lessons about parenting. Children who have a good relationship with their parents will have a better, and earlier. Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, "Let the children. Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with.

He provides both the example and the encouragement, both the direction and the dynamic for us to be successful parents. Solomon made this wise observation which the writer to the Hebrews borrowed: Jesus added his inspired testimony: The point is well established in the Bible. But did you notice that in all these verses the direction is from the human to the divine.

Each verse uses human parents and the way they treat their children to teach us what God is like. Christian counselors have discovered that it does indeed work that way.

If his parents were happy, loving, accepting, and forgiving, he finds it easier to experience a positive and satisfying relationship with God.

But if his parents were cold and indifferent, he may feel that God is far away and disinterested in him personally. If his parents were angry, hostile, and rejecting, he often feels that God can never accept him. If his parents were hard to please, he usually has the nagging notion that God is not very happy with him either.

Children, Obey Your Parents (Ephesians 6:1-3)

We need to meditate on that, Christian parent. What kind of God-concept is our child cultivating by his relationship with us? Is he learning that God is loving, kind, patient, and forgiving?

Or are we unintentionally building a false image of God into his life, implying by our actions that God is harsh, short-tempered, and critical, that he nags us, yells at us, or knocks us around when we get out of line? It is imperative that we learn what kind of a parent God is, then follow his example in order that our children may see a living object lesson of the kind of God we have.

parents and children relationship in bible

Those three little words at the conclusion of this verse will set our course through the remainder of this book. It belongs to him and is to be administered by him. It is the same training he gives us, and we are to give it to our children by his direction, through his power, under his authority, and answerable to him. When we get right down to specific principles of child-training, the Bible does not have a great deal to say directly. But when we understand the great principle established in this verse, the Bible becomes an inexhaustible source-book for successful child training.

parents and children relationship in bible

It boils down simply to this--we deal with our children as the Lord deals with us. He is our model. And our understanding of how he deals with us does not necessarily come from our parents, for that understanding may be faulty, as we have seen. It must come from his Word.

We need to search the Scriptures to find out how God deals with his children, then do the same with our children. Paul uses two words in Ephesians 6: The first of these is a very general word for child-training. It involves setting goals for our children, teaching them the goals, then patiently but persistently guiding them toward those goals. But discipline, contrary to popular opinion, is far more than correction.

It is charting a course for our children, guiding them along that course, and firmly but lovingly bring them back to that course when they stray. Think about charting the course for a moment. Have you ever prayerfully established goals for the training of your children?

As a family, we have a captive audience to point others to Him. Intentionally Train Your Children Beyond being a good example a passive, but necessary aspect of parenting you should engage in intentional training of your children 2 Timothy 2: We must spend time teaching our children about the Lord and how to live in this world.

While the church should be teaching the same things you are, this should be used as reinforcement of what is taught at home.

parents and children relationship in bible

The church or Christian school cannot be depended upon to take the role of family leadership. That is not the way God intended the family to function. Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to the Patriarchs The book of Genesis extensively chronicles the family of Abraham through Joseph, his great-grandson. When we think about the four lessons mentioned above, we can see all four of them playing out in the family of Abraham.

Bible Verses About Parents & Adult-Child Relationships

As I mentioned before though, it is easier to see the negative examples of these actions. The lying that Abraham did was copied by his son Isaac Genesis The manipulation of Jacob was seen in Judah, his son Genesis 27; Isaac and Rebekah did many things right in their parenting, but one incredibly wrong thing they did was to be divided on their loyalties to their children. Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob. Claim and act upon the assurance of the fulfillment of this promise.

If you are a Christian child in the home of your parents, the same promise applies. In obeying and respecting your parents, you are obeying and respecting the order God has placed in the home. God's promise is that your testimony will work to draw your parents, brothers and sisters to Jesus for salvation.

Parents Duty To Children

To disobey your parents is to disobey God, and that brings disorder, confusion and anxiety. As a Christian parent, you must set a Godly example and be responsible for the training and disciplining of your child in the ways of the Lord Deuteronomy 6: In so doing, you are expressing God's love to your children which will bring them to a place of accepting Jesus Christ into their lives.

parents and children relationship in bible

There are spiritual principles that can make the difference in how God works in your affairs. One principle is to minister praise to God, giving God pre-eminence in all matters and in relationships. When one ministers to God, God ministers in return I Samuel 2: Another principle is that of intercession.