Person of interest reese and carter relationship goals

Person of Interest: Favorite Reese and Carter Moments

person of interest reese and carter relationship goals

Movies & TV > Person of Interest and killing Joss Carter . Killing her made for a shocking, short term impact, but the only purpose it really serves long Basically, Reese told Carter that she was the most important person in his life and that he. Person of Interest EP Reveals the How and Why of Taraji P. Henson's Return Given that connection, it makes sense that Carter reappears (tonight just highlights all the more how shut off Reese is from the rest of the world. After all, didn't Reese say Carter arresting him in the pilot probably saved him from . It was a kiss between two people who were connected on a deep level. leading him into a life of purpose, a second chance for which he is grateful. I personally thought the kiss was more of a gratitude than romance.

person of interest reese and carter relationship goals

Carter learned an awful lot about who John Reese is in this episode. There are times that Carter gets the best lines. She also managed to knee cap a guy in this episode as well as T-bone a vehicle. Reese has definitely made an impression. He makes it clear that the dangers are real in her pursuit. Every Carter and Reese scene. Just go watch the episode. It evokes real emotions. Rest in Peace, Joss Carter.

person of interest reese and carter relationship goals

Thanks for the memories. Feel free to share your own favorite moments! He gradually lets go of his inhibitions, becoming a cold-blooded killer.

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Together, he and Kara participate in a number of successful missions, several of which illegally take place in the U. On a break between missions, Reese, who has kept track of Jessica, meets her husband, Peter Arndt in a bar, but leaves before Peter can "introduce" Jessica to Reese. Inwhile on a mission in the Middle East, Reese receives a voice mail from Jessica asking him to call her. Reese returns her call, telling her he will be with her in twenty-four hours, and to wait for him.

He requests leave but instead is sent to China on a top-secret mission by Snow. Their mission is to enter an abandoned Chinese city and recover a highly sensitive laptop computer.

Unknown to one another, Snow tells both agents that the other has been compromised, and is to be killed at the end of the mission. Entering the city, Reese and Stanton find the workers where the laptop is believed to be kept newly dead of gunshot wounds, but they are able to safely recover the laptop.

Having completed their mission, Stanton summons their transportation with beacons, and Reese contemplates killing her, and decides against it. However, before he can explain this to her, she turns and shoots Reese. Badly injured, Reese makes his escape without shooting Stanton, realizing Snow wants the laptop destroyed, not recovered, and would have acted to assure both operatives were eliminated that night. As he runs from the building, he watches it destroyed by air strike, Stanton seemingly killed as a result.

It is unclear how Reese found his way back to the U.

Person of Interest – Could Reese and Carter hook up?

Instead he learns she was killed in a car crash two months earlier. From there he travels to her home in New Rochelle, New York, and breaks in. He sits quietly, watching videos of Jessica while waiting for Peter to return home. As he does, he deduces that Jessica and Peter's marriage had been a physically abusive one, and that Peter may have killed her during a violent altercation, and staged the car crash.

When Peter arrives, they argue briefly before Reese approaches the poker-wielding widower. Activities with Harold Finch[ edit ] I offered you a job, Mr. I didn't say it would be easy.

One day in the spring ofhe confronts a group of young men harassing passengers on the subway, resulting in their arrest. Carter recognizes his skills as military in origin, but Reese says little in response to her questions, piquing her curiosity. A fingerprint check suggests Reese has been at several recent crime scenes, but before Carter can learn more, Reese leaves with an expensive attorney. They are met by a car and driver, which takes him to a park under the Queensboro Bridgewhere Reese first meets Harold Finch.

At first, Reese is suspicious of Finch and his claims to know "everything" about him. I think I was not convinced of the subtle flirting until the episode he was sitting in the back of her impala and that amazing smile…wow, that smile along was a flirt.

person of interest reese and carter relationship goals

He flirted with me when he smiled like that. The writers are smart if the relationship happens, then it will happen in a way that we can respect the coupling…some will be unhappy, but thats a personal problem.

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May 13, at 9: I think these guys have a different perspective and way of doing things. Oh yeah, I was on that train and left holding a ticket and no ride. Now have the latest epis seemed different from when Reese was doing his thing and basically being all over Carter, yes. But I think they have so many balls in the air that they just have that one on hold for now. They are also trying to appeal to many groups so we had our epis now they have to pay the music for some of the other audiences but I believe we will see more between Reese and Carter in S2.

I think they were hoping that the network would see the possibilities in that relationship and allow them to continue to tell the story. The best thing that people could do is pick up on the relationship and vote for it with fan videos and letters to the network, etc.

I know I used to watch soaps and know how this can influence things. What you gonna do…not mine it? I just see her role growing. She has already moved beyond Fusco in her work with Finch and Reese. They keep pulling her in…first Reese then FInch.

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I just see more there for these two characters. Call me crazy but I do.

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DC J May 14, at 6: If the show was about Carter chasing after Finch instead Reese this discussion would be about Carter and Finch. DCJ May 14, at 6: An May 13, at As you could tell, we all enjoyed your Landon Pigg fan vid.

While I do hope they get together, someone else also pointed out that Carter and Reese have an intense connection because of their shared background. I believe the writers want to connect the two based on experience, but probably not romantically. Both, JC and TH could have chemistry with a bag of cats. When you put those two together sans catsit just gets more intense. May 13, at I already have a song picked out. Lenora May 15, at I believe that Carter will betray Reese and Finch at some future date.

It will be easier to do a second time. May 15, at 6: Not that we all have to agree.