Phoebe and cole relationship quotes

Cole and Phoebe Meant to Be Or Not?

phoebe and cole relationship quotes

He is the husband of Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell and the father of their three Their relationship is so tight that Phoebe confided in Coop all of the traumatic. Cole and Phoebe Cole Charmed, Charmed Tv Show, Alyssa Milano, Allison Mack,. Visit Charmed Charmed Season 6, Charmed Show, Charmed Quotes, Alyssa moment between them Favorite Tv Shows, Witches, Amber, Relationship. Source:everythingcharmed #charmed #prue halliwell #phoebe halliwell .. Every other relationship Phoebe had barely lasted a full season.

Or he would have begged her to find away to save him from the Source with good magic. Not to mention that complete and total garbage that he would ever even consider the possibility of having Phoebe turn evil with him. He already had a golden opportunity for that and firmly shouted, no I won't do it. Evil Phoebe "Isn't that the way you want me? That isn't what I want.

That's not the way I want for us to be. There is no such thing as evil love Phoebe. Our only chance to preserve our love is if both of us are good. He was just a phase that I'm over now. She also would have never just stood by dry eyed shooting glaring daggers into the heart of the man she once claimed she was so in love with while he wept like the lost little innocent boy he was all along.

All the while taking evil back into himself to save she and her sisters. That Phoebe and that Piper were vicious,cruel, evil, ungrateful, hypocritical, self righteous monsters, and imposters. In fact I think they should now be renamed because they aren't the same characters we started with. Also forgive me but for the reasons I've stated above I will never accept that Cole and Phoebe were doomed from the start. I will also never believe they weren't soul mates or meant to be.

The two I saw on the air the third season of Charmed and the begining of the fourth sure were in my book perhaps even more so than Leo or Piper. I remember thinking it is realy sad that no one not even Leo himself is suggesting that he and Piper should kiss to get her's back. Phoebe told Piper to let her love for cooking do it.

Isn't that sad that someone would be more inspired by pots and pans than her husband? Don't get me wrong I really like Piper and Leo and root for them too but how pathetic on the writer's parts. This was just one more sign to me though about how powerful Phoebe's passion and connection to Cole really was.

I will concede that in season Five they both turned into a more nightmarish couple but then again no one will ever make me accept that either Source Cole or Evil Powers Cole was the real Cole. He was just as much an imposter as I believe the girls were. But that IMHO is what happens when a show willfully turns it's back on established character history and story continuity in hot pursuit of the currently desired pubescent male demograhic. Also in my opinion the current Charmed is the dictionary definiton of what happens when producers loose all sight of a television show's ability to be true art and instead begin to see it only as a golden opportunity make a quick buck by turning the show into an hour long Victoria's Secret advertisement.

What makes this so personally sad to me is that is was once such a gem. It blended humor, fantasy, romance, drama, and some really deep themes to ponder in an entertaining way. It was truly character driven and truly charming. It was my second favorite show of all time next to HTLJ. Now it seems the characters are shaped to fit the plot and not vice versa and to me it is anything but "charming.

My own personal fantasy theory is that season 4. I am not asking anyone to share my assesment or feelings. I am just simply asking for some sympathy for how we Phoebe and Cole fans feel when we hear things like: A stage she had to outgrow.

Now she is a mature divorcee ready to move on with her life. I respectfully disagree with Alyssa here on a number of levels. She has played Phoebe wonderfully and is a gifted actress but I think she maybe practicing a little revisionist history in an understandable attempt to defend her character and justify the actions of the show against Cole.

I say understandable because she is a star and a producer and it is natural for her to be a cheerleader for the show, to the bitter end. I'm sorry Alyssa but even though I think I know why you said it, I still think it is a very weak argument and in away very dismissive of how this might sound to some of us Phoebe and Cole fans. Kind of on par with Shannen calling Charmed a show for the kiddies. Also I kind of laughed at the notion that Phoebe has matured.

I know a number of us who feel she has regressed to her bar hopping overly promiscous stage in a really sad attempt to recapture her youth. It is natural for characters to grow and evolve, to me, however, it isn't desirable to "devolve" which in what my opinion Phoebe has done.

Then there was this gem from a former Charmed actor: He's out of her life now. She's in love with my character now. The Cole and Phoebe fans need to get a real life, accept this, and move on. Okay here is a guy who admittedly never saw a Phoebe and Cole episode in his life.

Again no disrespect but I'm just supposed to blindly except his view over mine when I can quote their dialouge in Season Three through 4. Okay obsessed I know but when you have no new episodes to watch there is nothing else to do but memorize the old scenes. I think I know what Cole and Phoebe's relationship really was just a tad better than him. Or this from some fellow Charmed viewers: I always hated him and wished they would have just vanquished him to begin with.

He was never anything but a demonic ruthless killer who got what he deserved.

phoebe and cole relationship quotes

There was nothing worthy of being saved in that monster and the only reason you Phoebe and Cole fans think so is because you were too blinded by Mcmahon's behind and aren't intelligent enough to comprehend what was going on in the actual storyline like the rest of us.

I know the intent of these comments may only be to express the speakers' right to their own opinions and interpretations and probably not meant to be hurtful. Maybe we Phoebe and Cole fans are taking all this far top hard and way too seriously but I have to be honest. Remarks like this do hurt no matter how ridiculous and unrealistic that may seem. Yes contrary to popular opinion I do know Phoebe and Cole are fictional characters, Mr.

Drew Dane or whatever your name is? And by the way when you are appearing as a regular on not one but three series on the air in syndication Another World begins airing on Soap Net soon with a fourth series in which you are one of the major stars about to start airing like Julian presently is, then you might just might be able to imply you are in the same leaque with him and an acceptable replacement.

Okay so this is kind of insulting to Mr. Again I know Phoebe and Cole aren't real. It is like an athame in the gut, however, when someone says things like the above about two characters whom I cherished together.

Fogive me for being a depressed lonely middle aged woman who wants to forget for at least an hour that we might very well be on the verge of a nuclear holocaust North Korea: Forgive me for wanting to have an ounce of hope that the world isn't already completely beyond redemption and that evil isn't winning not only the battle but the war. To me Phoebe and Cole were then, now, and always meant to be and while I again I do respectfully accept your right to believe otherwise Akasha and thank you for sharing your opinion with me.

Reasonable and intelligent people can always disagree. Life would be boring otherwise. I will never give up on the true Phoebe and Cole! There is no way that Phoebe and Cole were not meant to be together. Any sane person can see that their love is true and will probably last in their hearts for ever. I cannot begin to understand how people can say and believe that they were not meant to be together! Especially after all that they have gone through together.

Even more so Cole. He has practically gone against everything he has ever known and the way he has lived his whole life as a demon to prove to Phoebe how much he loves her and to be with her. What more can you ask for? I will always love Cole and Phoebe's story. That is why I still watch the season 3 episodes and the begining of the fourth and why I started to write my fan fiction virtual series.

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I can't bear to let go of such a beautiful story. It's like Cupid and Psyche and Beauty and the Beast.

phoebe and cole relationship quotes

The stuff legends are made of. I got about as far as 'Hey demon' and my mind went blank! Keep your hands off my pumpkin. If you had done what I asked and stayed here, you might have been able to help. The minute Devlin arrived you would have sent me to my room. It's just, I need action. I kinda thought we were doing okay in that department.

Not that kind of action, Phoebe. You and Phoebe Halliwell will produce the most powerful child the magical world has ever seen. Cole is gonna help Victor: How do you know? Because he loves me as much as I love him Phoebe: Leo lost his powers and then Piper died and it got really dicey when she turned into a ghost but everything worked out. Glad it was nothing serious. What do you mean she wouldn't eat it? I mean I thought shoving it down her throat might be a little suspicious.

Because, because I have to kill you that's why. I meant about what we do now. If I'm dead right now, I know it was at your hand. No one else in heaven or hell had power over me. Please don't cry I was dead before I met you, I was born the day you loved me, and my love for you willl keep me alive forever.

phoebe and cole relationship quotes

I'm so sorry I had to involve your work. I just needed you distracted while I ruined Piper's club and put Paige in jail. Paige is in jail? Ladies, my name's Cole Turner. I'm the assistant district attorney assigned to this case.

I was wondering if either of you saw what happened here? Phoebe raising her arm, to answer: You just don't get it Cole, do ya? I thought you were dead and I felt nothing. No pain, no love, nothing. And when we do vanquish you and Phoebe comes and takes the phone. It's your little lawyer boyfriend. And he is not my boyfriend. Phoebe into the phone: Who's not your boyfriend? Sometimes Piper likes to tease me because I like to get the mail Phoebe opens Cole's office door angrily Phoebe: You slimy son of a bitch!

Phoebe, is that you? Are you evil and blind? Why don't you admit that you're behind this? Admit it so that I can to use magic to fight you! I don't know what you're talking about. Phoebe shuts the door and goes closer to Cole's desk Phoebe: My career is the most important thing to me. So is that your plan to take it away from me so that I come running to you for comfort? Phoebe, I love you, and I don't know what's going on, but maybe I could help.

Would you like me to kill someone for you. Phoebe scoffs, gets very angry, and starts shoving the papers on his desk all over the place Cole: Phoebe stops shoving Phoebe: I might not be able to use magic, but- Cole: You're sexy when you're mad, you know that? I can't wait until I get to kiss you again.

Cole, I will never be with you again. Phoebe laughs and Cole smiles back. There is a brief pause, then Phoebe stops laughing and shoves a little more of Cole's papers.

She then storms out of Cole's office.

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Phoebe slams the door shut Cole: You need psychological help. Okay, that's probably true—especially because I cannot believe what I am about to say—but I think Phoebe's still in love with you.

Okay, maybe an unfortunate choice of words I haven't seen her this happy since Cole died. You watch too many old movies. And you'd be confusing me with Phoebe. Let's pretend for a second here, just for the sake of argument, that you saved my butt because you are my friend. So as your hypothetical friend, can I give you some advice? Don't do this to yourself. I can't help it. You love her, I get it.

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And your love, it's epic. But look what it's doing to you. Paige says she hates me. She says I should leave for good. You've known her for a long time, Darryl, what do you think? I know you don't want to. But what you want really doesn't matter, right?