Renesmee and edward relationship problems

Twilight: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Edward And Bella’s Relationship

renesmee and edward relationship problems

There are many issues with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part The moment where Bella met Renesmee was far more precious (MY The scene in which Edward takes Bella hunting for the first time was gut-wrenchingly awful. starting a new relationship so we didn't pity his new found solitude. Short sweet stories on the relationship of Edward and Renesmee. Summary: Edward and Nessie go grocery shopping when a young girl takes a But the only problem, in Edward's case, was that he hadn't the slightest. Nessie's relationship with Jacob matures as she does, but it's not easy. who has vowed that Edward and Bella will never suffer that heartache, even if the Volturi may be the source of that threat. . New friends and new problems for Nessie.

But Edward paid little attention to hustling customers and more so concentrated on the list that he carried. His brows were furrowed as he read the words with ease. But the only problem, in Edward's case, was that he hadn't the slightest idea where any of the items were.

renesmee and edward relationship problems

Esme had always done the grocery shopping for the pack, but today she had sent Edward along with Renesmee to go and retrieve the food items. Edward thought to himself how simple grocery stores were in his time.

How he knew where everything was placed when his mother would send him on trips to the store. He only wished that it was not as complicated as the stores were today.

Ladies passed by and adored Renesmee as she sat in the cart seat, smiling at them widely. She was forbidden to talk in front of the public, being that she only looked 2 years old. And with her vocabulary still increasing, it was better to play it safe and have her not speak at all. She reached up towards her Daddy's cheek, becoming impatient when he continued to stare at the list. She made a slight pouting noise and Edward smiled down to his only daughter.

He had not heard her pout before, but it brought him joy to know that she was somewhat of a kid. Edward leaned down as the bystanders watched with curiosity. Placing her hand on his cheek, Renesmee showed him a picture of himself asking a worker on where these certain foods were. Edward did not nod, but instead smiled and said, "Daddy is almost done, I know your ready to go home.

Of course Edward knew his daughter was perfectly able to understand him if he just simply spoke, but for appearances sake, he had to speak to her as if she were actually two.

She smiled and took the list swiftly from his hand, examining it. Why doesn't he know where these are?

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Has he never been to a grocery store? I wonder if he's slow. But he sure is good looking.

renesmee and edward relationship problems

My sisters usually do this kind of stuff but today I'm stuck doing it. I have no idea where anything is. This my first time in this store. Her nametag hung from her blue vest, Edward then noticed. Kathy smiled to Renesmee who only snubbed her by looking away. Kathy took no notice and began walking down the aisle to retrieve the items. She would look at the list every few seconds, walking at a fast pace from aisle to aisle.

Renesmee Cullen

Once reaching the end, she finally huffed, "Were all done. I'll check you two out. Renesmee fully angered by now. She hated the way Kathy smiled to her Daddy every few seconds. She then noticed that Kathy was a pretty woman, but never prettier than her Momma. No one would ever be prettier than her. Edward then realizes that he loves her, and tries to get close to her again.

After yet again saving Bella in Port Angeles, Bella tells him that she knows about him being a vampire and that it "doesn't matter", proving that she loves him as well. Edward takes Bella hiking to a meadowa place he considers the most beautiful around the dank forest of Forks. Bella thinks the same. Here, he shows her what sunlight does to his body for the first time. The sight of Edward's sparkling skin dazzles Bella immensely.

Bella and Edward become closer, eventually beginning a relationship; Edward invites her over to meet his family who are excited to meet her, except Rosalie.

renesmee and edward relationship problems

She is later invited to their baseball game. During the game, danger reveals itself in the form of a visiting vampire coven consisting of LaurentVictoriaand James. James tricks Bella into confronting him alone in a ballet studio she once went to as a child, and all of the Cullens come to her aid, destroying James before he can kill Bella.

Bella spends time in a hospital with Edward constantly by her side, where he admits that his sister Alice saw a vision of Bella becoming a vampire.

However, he is determined to keep her human, despite her wanting to become one. Edward and Bella at prom. At the end of Twilight, Edward takes Bella to the prom, despite her broken leg and angry protests. As the book ends, there is high tension between the couple over Bella's reasons for wanting to become a vampire, and Edward's reasons for wanting her to stay human, admitting that Carlisle is physically younger than Esme and proving that he would "love her at any age".

The story ends with neither one of them winning the argument, but neither is giving in. Instead, they enjoy the moment together. Midnight Sun Main article: Midnight Sun Bella and Edward at a restaurant. In Midnight Sun, Edward describes how he became frustrated with his inability to read Bella's thoughts, his relentlessly overwhelming desire for her blood and his eventual discovery of love for her.

After he saved her from the car accident, he witnesses Alice's vision of Bella's two potential futures: After that, he tries hard to stay away from her to avoid both futures, but finds it harder and harder to be away from her as time passes.

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On one night, he sneaks into her room while she is sleeping and overhears her calling his name in her sleep: After that, he gives in to his feelings and tries to get closer to her. Emmett comments that his brother has gone crazy because of Bella, while most of the rest are happy to know that he has found love in his life, except Rosalie who is jealous of Bella for being able to attract Edward in a way that she could not, despite her superior beauty.

He is also constantly conflicted with his desire to be with Bella and his protective drive that makes him want to keep his distance for her safety.

I won't come back. And you can go on with your life without any interference from me. It'll be like I never existed, I promise. She is depressed because this is the day that she becomes physically older than Edward, who is perpetually Edward invites her over to his family's house to celebrate.

She receives a paper cut while unwrapping one of her gifts, and Edward's brother, Jasper Haletries to attack her. Bella and Edward share an intimate moment. As a result, Edward leaves Forks and Bella, telling her that he no longer loves her, because he thinks that leaving her is the best thing he can do for her. Bella then goes into an immense depression, and once "awakened", becomes closer to Jacob Black and he wants to be more than friends, but that's not what she wants.

Jacob fakes being ill with mono, with Billy insisting he stay away from Bella. They argue, leaving Bella heartbroken.

Bella meets renesmee and gets angry on jacob

Jacob gives Bella succinct hints about what he is, and Bella discovers he is a werewolf. Bella soon finds out that when she is in danger, she can hear Edward's voice clearly in her mind. When wanting to hear his voice again, she attempts cliff-diving, and nearly drowns in the process.

When Alice, who can see into the futuresees her jump, she believes that Bella has committed suicide, and travels to see Bella and see for herself.

Edward, believing Bella to be dead from Alice's vision, loses the will to live and travels to Volterra, Italy to have the Volturi kill him, and end his misery without Bella. Edward and Bella reunite. When they prevent the Volturi from killing Edward, he begs her forgiveness, tells her that he loves her, had always loved her and always will, and promises to never leave her again. Bella forgives him entirely and becomes completely normal again, as if Edward had never left Forks.

Later, after his family votes in favor of Bella becoming a vampire, Edward agrees to do it himself if Bella will marry him first.

Bella is still worried that if Edward doesn't turn her into a vampire she will continue to get older while Edward will be seventeen forever. She is also outraged that he refuses to turn her just because he wants to protect her soul. Eclipse Edward and Bella in the meadow in Eclipse. In the next few months, Edward visits Bella through curfew hours and then sneaks into her room at night. When Eclipse begins, Bella receives a letter from Jacobsaying that he misses her too, but that it doesn't change anything.

She is saddened by this, but Edward visits her, and her mood greatly improves. Initially banned from going inside the house, Edward is now allowed entrance for limited amounts of time, under orders of Charliebut he ignores this by sneaking into her room every night.

Later, while Bella is visiting Jacob, he admits that he is in love with her, and forcefully kisses her, saying that she must either have him as her boyfriend or not at all.

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Bella is furious with Jacob for this, and nearly ends their friendship. Bella and Edward talk about why he is against her becoming a vampire. Meanwhile, Bella still has her heart set on joining Edward and his family as a vampire. But, after some consideration, she decides that there is one thing she would like to do while human: Edward immediately refuses this "demand", explaining that although he wants her as much as she wants him, he could easily kill her if he lost control.

Bella insists that he would never allow himself to let that happen. Eventually, Edward agrees that they can "try", but she must marry him first. Bella accepts Edward's proposal. Moments before Bella's graduation, she realizes that the army of newborn vampires are under the control of Victoria and therefore will be coming after her.

Having no other allies, since the Denali family will not help due to Irina's hostility towards the werewolves for killing Laurentthe Cullens and the La Push pack of werewolves join forces to battle Victoria and her army. Before the battle, Jacob informs Bella that he will go in battle, intending to die since she won't love him back. Bella tells him to kiss her so he will think she loves him back, but as she kisses him, she realizes that she loves Jacob as well. She also recognizes that her love for Jacob has no comparison to the love she holds for Edward.

Once the battle is over and Victoria and her army are defeated, Bella visits Jacob and tells him of her decision to stay with Edward. That night, Bella breaks out in tears for having to reject Jacob and Edward comforts her. Bella later decides to let Alice arrange the wedding and be her maid-of-honor.

Edward realizes how much she is giving up for others and decides to repeal his conditions except for the wedding, but Bella is determined to do everything right: At the end of the story, they agree to tell Charlie about their engagement. Edward stands protectively in front of Bella while guarding the thirsty newborn Bree. They mostly remain in the background listening on Bree's interrogation and destruction by the Volturi, although Bree secretly provides Edward with everything she'd already known about her creator and the Volturi's interaction.