Richard and kahlan relationship problems

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richard and kahlan relationship problems

What if Kahlan hadn't gone into the Con Dar and saved Richard "by the time you see Richard again, I'm afraid your relationship will be quite changed. . Darken had no problem with sharing Kahlan with his little brother. And without spoiling too much, Kahlan and Richard, the two main characters of the show are a There are problems along the couple's way, big problems and obstacles to be Then something happens to Kahlan and Cara's relationship. Richard and Kahlan have two big problems this season: (1) They kinda 11 Kahlan's true feelings about the Richard-Cara connection get the.

A puppet whose strings he longed to yank.

richard and kahlan relationship problems

Dropping her unceremoniously onto the nearest bench, Darken chided her," Now keep your eyes open, Kahlan, and try to sit up straight. You don't want Richard to see you in this condition, do you? Darken gestured impatiently to the remaining Mord'Sith, who stepped over the body of her dying Sister and back-handed Richard across the face.

Jerked into awareness, the Seeker looked around frantically, "Where's Kahlan? What have you done with her, Rahl? I swear, if you've touched her, I'll…"Richard's voice trailed off as Darken stepped aside so the lovers could see each other.

Richard — what have these monsters done to you?

20 Random Facts about Kahlan Amnell - hrhrionastar - Legend of the Seeker [Archive of Our Own]

Darken watched the tableau with mild interest for a moment before intervening. Things were becoming very maudlin, and he hated sentimentality. Darken smiled slightly, but never moved. Without another word, he reached out and, gently, grasped his brother's neck. Once again a silent clap of thunder pulsed through the room and Richard, released from the arms of his captors, went to his knees. I love you, Master. My life is yours. She was no longer important enough to worry about.

Darken's eyes closed in pure bliss.

Richard Rahl

The words were almost as powerful as confession itself. Moving his hand around to stroke Richard's cheek, Darken assured him, "Brother, from this moment you will serve at my side as a trusted advisor, my closest friend and as a true Rahl.

Will you help me quell this pesky Resistance? Chase Bradstone and others are not far from here, and I will tell you everything about the others. I will kill them all for you. There may be some exceptions, of course," he added, "When do you expect to see Zeddicus again?

I understand that he was going to hide something for you. The 'Yes, Master' nonsense was already becoming very annoying. He would order his brother to stop yapping it every time he opened his mouth. It was beginning to dawn on Lord Rahl that a lifetime of universal peace and adoration might also mean endless hours of boredom spent in the company of brainless idiots.

At least he possessed a rada'han, and could still enjoy the attentions of his Mord'Sith. Mistress Cara would not be intimidated by Darken's new status.

He would have to be prepared for sudden amorous assaults. Killing her by accidental confession would be such a waste. Still, he needed something more. What was a life of ultimate power worth without a challenge? Darken's attention pivoted to the woman who had been tiresomely calling Richard's name for the last ten minutes.

Something in Cara's eyes flared.

the chronicles of ape.

Then Kahlan bent to face Cara, feeling the harsh touch of Cara's leathers all along her torso. Kahlan was a woman of both passion and grace, and having both used on her made Cara wetter than a dozen slave girls doffing their dresses. Kahlan let the kiss linger and pulled away only when it had died, leaving Cara in a stupor for a few moments before the Mord'Sith thought to resume her cross-legged posture. Cara's eyes went downcast, as if trying to hide a blush.

Kahlan rocked in place with giggly excitement. Finally, they could get down to some girly fun. It made her sisters snicker darkly. Cara set her jaw. With Mord'Sith appraisal and challenge, Denna spread her legs as Cara spoke. I find it hard to believe she won't be able to satisfy you.

In fact, since Richard taught me the value of mercy, simply ask for her to stop and that will be the end of it. Triana pulled open Denna's already-loose leathers and pressed her tongue to Denna's already-sensitive cunt. Then she closed it. Would you assist me? Even Denna pulled Triana up by her braid to watch.

Cara smiled in schadenfreude and helped Kahlan undo her back lacing. Kahlan naked was like the sunset. Seeing it was always an uplifting experience.

The Mord'Sith's taut bodies thrilled, as if shocked with electricity, each time they heard another article of clothing hit the floor. Even their legendary control was tested. Berdine and Raina had to hold each other in place. Finally, Kahlan sat back down, her naked flesh making a to-them orgasmic sound against the marble floor.

Teenage Dream ~ Richard/Kahlan

The Lady Rahl sat before them, legs crossed to hide her womanhood, long luxurious hair covering her breasts. She and Cara looked equally smug, as if they'd both done something naughty. She kept one hand pleasuring Denna as the other spun the bottle. It pointed at Raina. Without even asking, it was a dare. Given a game that suddenly assigned seniority, mastery, to whoever pointed an empty bottle at another, they became intoxicated with sudden sexuality.

In a weird way, Richard's reordering of the Mord'Sith had cast its furthest ripple. And Berdine had finished undressing everyone, somehow making Kahlan feel even more naked since all the other women proudly displayed their skin.

To say nothing of the fact that Denna and Triana were coupling right next to each other. She spun the bottle and it pointed at Dahlia. Everything doesn't have to be orgasms and… and whippings! Dares can be innocent and still fun! Then she sighed in defeat.

Cara, I love you. I think the show kind of gets better and better as the season goes on.

richard and kahlan relationship problems

Right after Christmas we have a really terrific run of really exciting episodes. She's a severely damaged woman who was robbed of her childhood, a sense of compassion and empathy for other people. But slowly, over the course of time, she is learning how to engage in the most basic of human interaction.

richard and kahlan relationship problems

It's a source of pain for her, humor for her, trouble for her, but it gives us a lot of story material. Also, we'll see that Cara and Kahlan become very grudging allies.

They don't particularly like or trust each other, but their relationship evolves in a very interesting way, as they get to know each other better and have more experiences together.

Who do you think is going to die?