Rosaleen and lily relationship with god

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rosaleen and lily relationship with god

Lily is extremely close with Rosaleen: in the absence of a mother, she I could read her thought: If Jesus' mother is black, how come we only know about the. To escape her lonely life and troubled relationship with her father, Lily flees with Rosaleen, her caregiver and only friend, to a South Carolina. Bees serve as Lily's unspoken guides throughout the novel. room to relay the message that she should head out on her own and leave T. Ray's house. 7 of the novel deals with Lily's burgeoning sexual desire and relationship to Zach. a different kind of motherly love: that supplied by the mother of God, the Virgin Mary .

The Nativity recognizes her as the mother of Christ the Lord.

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The Visitation, when she visits Anne the mother of John the Baptist while she is pregnant with Christ. The Annunciation, when she learns she will become the mother of God. But the Assumption is a celebration of the glory of Mary being assumed into heaven body and soul. Lily says that in her Baptist church Mary is only discussed at Christmas time, typical of Protestant denominations.

But in the meeting the Daughters of Mary read only scripture about Mary and pray the Hail Mary over and over again as if praying the rosary but they do not say the Our Father or the Glory Be or the apostles creed as Catholics do.

The Secret Life of Bees and Images of Mary

It would seem almost as though they are blaspheming Christ and the Christian tradition and focusing soley on Mary. This could be considered an act of idolatry, worshipping false gods before the Lord.

So my question is: Do you think that the Daughters of Mary are being idolatrous, would the popes of the past roll over in their graves? Lily experiences a change in her spiritual life when the meets the Boatwright sisters. This is obvious but one of the subtle ways we see this is through her private prayer life. In the beginning of the book we know that Lily believes in God and also that she loves God and believes in the power of prayer. Betsy November 14, at 4: I actually saw it last night with my book club — a group of 8 women who have been meeting monthly for over 8 years!

Anyway, we read the book several years back and decided to have a field trip last night and WHAT a bonding experience.

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What would we do without our female friends? Lucia November 14, at 2: Ray November 15, at 2: The Catholic concept of the Immaculate Heart of Mary would definitely be interesting to explore a lot more, as would her depiction across different cultures Black Madonna, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Depictions in Asia and Western European culture. Jen November 16, at Sister Julie November 16, at 5: Incidentally, the month of May is the month of Mary in the Catholic tradition e.

Forgot to mention that the soundtrack was very good. The orchestral music was great as were the various songs throughout. Jackie November 17, at 3: I loved the book too, and like you hesitated to see the movie, but was so glad I did.

Thanks for such an insighful post, it added more layers of understanding and depth to the images of Mary. Like the others who have commented, I missed the significance of May and the name Lily.

Now I feel like seeing the movie again armed with this additional information One thing no one has said is if they cried during the movie. It was so moving. It makes us feel sorry for her, and admire her for what she achieves even without her mother. This shapes the story a lot. This makes me want Rosaleen to be responsible for Lily. A 14 year old girl needs a parent!

That Lily hides her moms belongings from T Ray shows us how much she cares about her.

rosaleen and lily relationship with god

You can tell that Lily imagines her mom to be perfect. I would lie on the ground with the trees folded over me, wearing her gloves, smiling at her photograph.

rosaleen and lily relationship with god

At first Lily thinks that no one can be as good a mother, as her own. But later on Rosaleen proves herself to be just what Lily needs. She yells at Rosaleen, but most often Rosaleen overlooks it and keeps being stubborn.

rosaleen and lily relationship with god