Ryder and marley relationship poems

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ryder and marley relationship poems

blake jenner | Tumblr Glee Memes, Glee Quotes, Blake Jenner Supergirl, Marley Ryder and Marley from Glee. the fact that these two are actually married irl. Now, Marley Rose-Puckerman, former female lead vocalist of New Directions, has taken over the Jake and Marley married right out of high school, and stayed together for years. Other songs (Minimum of 4-Maximum 10). Anything goes as long as it includes Ryder and Marley . struggles chasing a girl that is in a relationship, believing he has no real friends, and his disability?.

Kurt quit the theatre business and took over for Isabelle when she left. Adam opened a theatre that he rents out for big productions. They moved back to Lima 4 years ago.

ryder and marley relationship poems

Quinn and Joe Hart: When Joe graduated high school, he ended up going to Yale where Quinn was still studying. They quickly began dating, and when Joe graduated, they moved to LA so Quinn could start her acting career, Joe, having gotten his business degree, acting as her manager. They got married 3 years after moving to LA, just after Quinn's big movie role, opposite Blaine.

They have a daughter and a son, and live back in Lima, with Quinn commuting to work in LA. Santana and Brittany Lopez-Pierce: Brittany got kicked out of MIT after setting fire to one of the computer labs, so she moved to New York to be with Santana. They instantly got back together, and got married 2 years later. They have 4 kids- they carried 2 each.

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Blaine and Sam Evans: After Kurt turned down Blaine's marriage proposal, Blaine got all depressed. So being the awesome guy that he is, Sam decided to treat Blaine to dinner and a movie even though he was still kinda broke and to both boys surprise, Sam ended the night by kissing Blaine.

He got really confused, and Blaine didn't push him for answers. They continued dating and eventually got married. Blaine is a TV and movie actor, and Sam is a comic book designer and an animator for a major TV network. Kitty and Ryder never dated in school, and eventually Ryder returned to glee club after Unique transferred out and they graduated and ended up at the same college, where they started dating.

ryder and marley relationship poems

Kitty fell pregnant, and eventually the pair got married. They moved back to Lima where Ryder is the football coach and Kitty is in charge of the Cheerios.

Jake-Marley Relationship

They have 3 kids one in their early 20's Jake and Marley Puckerman: Jake and Marley married right out of high school, and stayed together for years.

They had twins and a younger son, and a younger daughter. They eventually fell out of love and got a divorce, but stayed friends. Marley is in charge of Glee club, and Jake is a choreographer and professional dancer.

They have shared custody of the kids. Mercedes and Mike Chang: Mercedes and Mike became best friends and when Mercedes went on tour, she took Mike as her head back up dancer. Ryder Lynn is just another lonely actor, trying to make it in the industry and deal with his own personal demons. What will happen when they are brought together by a small theatre production of Grease?

Meanwhile Kitty is plotting for Ryder but Ryder wants to keep his options open with Marissa and maybe Marley. Thanks to her tutoring job, will Marley's feelings for Ryder be too much to hide anymore once they start sneaking around school and maybe after school.

Conflict will arise if and when words gets out. T - English - Drama - Chapters: His dad thinks he is lazy, stupid and worth nothing. What will happen when Ryder starts to get abused at home and then at school struggles chasing a girl that is in a relationship, believing he has no real friends, and his disability?

Set during Glee episode "Naked".

Marley-Ryder Relationship

How will she cope? Will Ryder even understand? I own nothing related to Glee. His step-sister whom he hasn't seen after six years comes back to visit and old wounds began to appear.

He knows it's someone close to him, but he doesn't realize how close as regionals comes looming closer for the new directions. Confessions will be made. Secrets and feelings will be revealed.

ryder and marley relationship poems

I own nothing related to glee. Not much can happen in the course of a year but for Marley and Ryder, it seemed to have changed everything. The only thing it didn't change?

ryder and marley relationship poems

Can Marley and Ryder learn to trust each other again long enough to help each other through the most trying times in their lives? Sequel to "Lean on Me". Everyone knows that they are destined to be together but when Marley leaves state for college and she tells him to move on what will happen if Ryder does? What will happen when Marley comes back and she still loves him? Sorry I suck at tter than it sounds. Rated T for swearing. What if they met each other first and auditioned together?

Just a story that I thought of, and because I love Ryley! But when an enchanted fortune cookie causes them to swap bodies, they must work together to find a way to swap back and mend each other's broken lives and relationships in the process. Based loosely on Freaky Friday. Karley hints, Ryley, Jitty Glee - Rated: Ryder never intended to fall in love, but when he does, can he change his bullying, womanising ways for her, or will he throw her away?

Idea from discontinued fanfic, decided to continue it on my own with some twists later on.