Sagittarius and aquarius relationship problems

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sagittarius and aquarius relationship problems

An Aquarius woman and a Sagittarius man are both intelligent, independent, When they get together, it makes for a fun and unusual relationship that's free of Have no problem breaking the rules to make life interesting; Love socializing. Learn more about the compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius in love, sex and life. This is going to create some problems, and the stubborn side of Aquarius. When Sagittarius and Aquarius join together in a love match, Aquarian Aquarius can help situate and resolve issues rather than jumping blindly into new ones.

He considers sex an adventure; she considers sex experiential, and both are willing to try anything. Sexual exploration and experimentation is the name of the game these two play when they jump in the sack together. No Strings Attached Intimacy Though they have much in common, the no-strings-attached intimacy that suits them both so well is also likely to be the biggest issue an Aquarian woman and a Sagittarian man face.

Because their shared need for independence is so pronounced, there's an ever-present danger of giving each other so much space there is no relationship.

sagittarius and aquarius relationship problems

For this couple to become involved in a relationship, as well as for it to be lasting, they must strive to balance their need for independence with the intimacy a healthy relationship requires. Which means it will be imperative for both to give priority to the relationship and make it just as important as the need for personal independence.

Together, But Not The good news is an Aquarian-Sagittarian couple can survive and even thrive in a long-distance relationship, or in a relationship in which one or the other's career requires they spend lots of time apart.

In this "together, but not" sort of arrangement, their frequent phone calls, text, and email conversations about anything and everything that's on their active minds can create a psychological intimacy and closeness that's difficult for them to achieve when they're physically together.

Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Relationship Tendencies

Friends First and Always An Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man understand each other in a way others might not. Together, they are an are an interesting pair who have a lot in common. Their friendship can last forever, but long term survival of a relationship between two such freedom-loving individuals will be tricky. However, if they can find the right balance between independence and intimacy, an Aquarian and Sagittarius relationship will remain forever young and exciting.

sagittarius and aquarius relationship problems

Sun Sign Compatibility Sun sign compatibility is fun, and you can learn a lot about the dynamics of a relationship, but the relationship between an Aquarius woman and a Sagittarius man involves much more than just their Sun signs. Sun signs alone can't easily predict what direction any relationship will take.

With Sagittarius being a fire sign, there is a lot of passion from the Sagittarius partner. Aquarius, however, is an air sign — and indeed, the most aloof of all air signs — so there could be a problem when the Aquarius partner fails to reciprocate the passion offered to them.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility -

For Sagittarius and Aquarius, compatibility in the bedroom can be slightly tricky — although when they are both on the same wavelength, they can enjoy a highly experimental love life! In most areas of life, however, this couple are well matched indeed.

In this household, there will be a great deal of laughter, love and energy, but the home itself will probably be chaos, and children will be brought up to be highly independent. When you look at the mythological archetypes of these two signs, you get a sense of the intellectual basis of their relationship.

sagittarius and aquarius relationship problems

Restlessness of mind is key to understanding Sagittarius, and Aquarius compatibility works well with that because they too are a restless soul. They find understanding and security in a free-spirited and protective Sagittarian. There is not much trouble with them.

In fact, Aquarians find Sagittarians to be much like themselves. Aquarians appreciate how Sagittarius gives value to their individuality and optimism.

sagittarius and aquarius relationship problems

Sagittarius also has wild and unusual ideas, one thing that Aquarius looks for in a partner. Aquarians want to be mentally stimulated, to be encouraged, and pushed beyond their limits.

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They look for a partner who can be easy going and always on the move all the time and Sagittarians can offer just that. Aquarius shares a mutual understanding about everything with their Sagittarius. They can keep up with the Aquarian's passion for adventure and exploration. Sagittarius never restrains them from the things they love doing.

A relationship with both signs is like meeting your soul mate.

Sagittarius man and aquarius woman - Sagittarius man and aquarius woman love compatibility

Furthermore, Aquarians love how Sagittarius always has gusto in their eyes every time they share their ideas and experiences with them. Aquarians love people who appreciate them, people who see greatness in them.

Why Sagittarius and Aquarius Fall in Love

And the way a Sagittarian can appreciate the smallest things they do; it counts a lot. Likewise, Sagittarians are very progressive. They do not think of the how's and why's of things, but rather grab every opportunity to solve any problem. They cling more on the logical side of things, looking into every subject, before jumping into the next thing.

Same goes, when they have projects in mind.