Sephy and callum relationship quizzes

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sephy and callum relationship quizzes

But when Sephy and Callum's childhood friendship grows into love, they're other since they are kids, and their relationship evolves and transforms into love. Examine the significance of the relationship between Sephy and Callum in Malorie Blackman's novel 'Noughts and Crosses'. A skilful, poignant demonstration of. The relationship between Callum and Sephy in 'Noughts and Crosses' is an interesting one in that it develops and evolves over the course of.

She continually tries to extend her hand to the noughts but is denied when her sympathy is falsely taken for pity and mockery. Callum himself is tired for always being in her debt. There are so many things working against their happiness that there is tension even when they try to help each other.

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What I really appreciated in this book is that while the concept of black and white reversed is not new, Blackman spins a unique twist in her presentation. The novel is based at the present time I safely assume as there is the internet but the atmosphere, the feeling in the book, is primitive. When we begin the book, it has been a while since the abolition of slavery so noughts are free but only barely.

They still suffer severe discrimination that which surpasses our own time's condition on racism. Noughts are only now being allowed to enter all-Cross educational institutions. There are only a handful of noughts with professions worth boasting about. There are still public executions.

And the idea of a nought and a Cross being together is unthinkable.

sephy and callum relationship quizzes

All these events have taken place but our progress has moved along much more gradually than Blackman's fictional society. Its like a really clever history lesson in the guise of a young adult novel. Blackman tore my heart out.

sephy and callum relationship quizzes

I related to Callum's sense of unfairness; how he wanted to do some many things but is never given the opportunity or the resources.

I also related to Sephy in how she sometimes felt guilty for being a member of the elite, how she had so much when so many had so little.

sephy and callum relationship quizzes

Contradictory, I know but we're all in the same position. We all want more than what we have but then we turn on the television and see images of death, suffering, corruption, famine.

That's why I loved the way Blackman presented her characters. We can side with both. We root for Callum and Sephy as one. Blackman's point on the absurdity of racism is stark and jolting. By reversing the situation of black and white, where white is bad and black is good, Blackman is appealing to our psychological tendencies and unhinges the false principles we are subconsciously conducive to.

To watch a black man racially subjugate a white man is more unusual to digest than if it was the other way around.

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We had our own world, our own secret place on the beach where no one went and where no one would even finds us, not if they did know where to look. Due to the parochialism and divisiveness of this society, Sephy and Callum must keep their friendship a secret as it would be frowned upon by both noughts and crosses.

Callum who is an extremely solicitous character tells Sephy in the exchange below: I know how much they mean to you. This is clearly apparent when Jude taunts Callum about his friendship with Sephy: We see this reciprocated when Callum begins in Heathcroft, when Sephy must choose between Callum, her nought friend or her cross friends.

sephy and callum relationship quizzes

In a show of solidarity to Callum, Sephy makes the difficult decision to sit beside Callum, knowing that there will be repercussions. As a result of this decision she is socially ostracised by both noughts and crosses. This was an extremely difficult thing for Sephy to do. Towards the end of the they have a child together but Callum is executed before the baby is born.

Sephy has faith that her child will love him.

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Why we like and dislike Callum's character Edit Callum's character changes throughout the book. When we are first introduced to him I see him as having a lot of potential and talent but he doesn't think it is possible for him to do anything because of the racism he lives amongst. He is hypocritical and says that it isn't ok for crosses to judge noughts yet he never really gives crosses a chance.

He complains a lot about the conditions he lives in but he never does anything about it. He just assumes that it is never going to change and lives his life sad. But then after the death of his father his whole perspective on life changes.

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He learns about Jude and what he is doing and instead of hating him for it like before he begins to envy him. He distances himself from Sephy as much as possible and try's to illuminate his feelings for her. His charecter turns into a very hard working strong wills charecter.

sephy and callum relationship quizzes

In some ways this is good but along with those traits he also turns into a cold blooded killer. He murders other crosses just to prove himself as a member of the m.