Sherlock holmes and watson gay relationship

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sherlock holmes and watson gay relationship

Legendary Sherlock Holmes actor Jeremy Brett, who lived together with However, if Holmes and Watson had been in a romantic relationship. Jun 7, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes became already an iconic figure in what the real nature of Watson and Holmes' relationship is, since .. claim that Holmes or Watson are gay because it is clear they are not gay. Aug 5, It's controversial, my very dear Watson.” The tabloids are reporting a homosexual subplot within Guy Ritchie's new Sherlock Holmes (arriving.

I confess, too, that I was irritated by the egotism which seemed to demand that every line of my pamphlet should be devoted to his own special doings".

If Watson was gay ...

Sometimes Watson and through him, Conan Doyle seems determined to stop publishing stories about Holmes: Despite this, it was succeeded by twenty other stories. In the later stories, written after Holmes's retirement c. So long as he was in actual professional practice the records of his successes were of some practical value to him, but since he has definitely retired After Holmes's retirement, Watson often cites special permission from his friend for the publication of further stories; but received occasional unsolicited suggestions from Holmes of what stories to tell, as noted at the beginning of " The Adventure of the Devil's Foot ".

In " The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier ," one of only two stories narrated by Holmes himself, the detective remarks about Watson: In any case, Holmes regularly referred to Watson as my "faithful friend and biographer," and once exclaims, "I am lost without my Boswell ". At the beginning of " The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger ", Watson makes strong claims about "the discretion and high sense of professional honour" that govern his work as Holmes's biographer, but which do not keep Watson from expressing himself and quoting Holmes with candour of their antagonists and their clients.

'Sherlock' co-creator: For the last time, Holmes is not gay!

Physical appearance[ edit ] In A Study in Scarlethaving just returned from Afghanistan, John Watson is described "as thin as a lath and as brown as a nut. In " The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton "Watson is described as "a middle-sized, strongly built man -- square jaw, thick neck, moustache Skills and personality[ edit ] John Watson is intelligent, if lacking in Holmes's insight, and serves as a perfect foil for Holmes: Furthermore, he is considered an excellent doctor and surgeon, especially by Holmes.

For instance, in " The Adventure of the Dying Detective ," Holmes creates a ruse that he is deathly ill to lure a suspect to his presence, which must fool Watson as well during its enactment. To that effect in addition to elaborate makeup and starving himself for a few days for the necessary appearance, Holmes firmly claims to Watson that he is highly contagious to the touch, knowing full well that the doctor would immediately deduce his true medical condition upon examination.

Watson is well aware of both the limits of his abilities and Holmes's reliance on him: If I irritated him by a certain methodical slowness in my mentality, that irritation served only to make his own flame-like intuitions and impressions flash up the more vividly and swiftly.

Such was my humble role in our alliance. For example, in The Hound of the BaskervillesWatson efficiently clears up several of the many mysteries confronting the pair, and Holmes praises him for his zeal and intelligence. However, because he is not endowed with Holmes's almost-superhuman ability to focus on the essential details of the case and Holmes's extraordinary range of recondite, specialised knowledge, Watson meets with limited success in other cases.

Whoever had lost a treasure, I knew that night that I had gained one.

sherlock holmes and watson gay relationship

I congrat-" "To Milverton's housemaid. And Holmes is essentially asexual, with no erotic interest in women or men.

He was not too interested in erotic themes, but love between men and women often appears in his works.

sherlock holmes and watson gay relationship

With the figure of Sherlock Holmes he wanted to focus on spiritual values. Some may think it odd that Holmes does not have any romantic relationships, but he explains in the Canon that thinking and his profession are the most appreciated things in his life, and he thinks emotions like love would only withdraw him from them.

Sadly in the modern age relationships changed so enormously that most people simply cannot understand how such kind of friendship can exist.

sherlock holmes and watson gay relationship

Jeremy Brett had a humane and fair attitude to the topic. It was clear to him that Doyle did not want gay characters, and he respected this. There are many kinds of fans, but no one wants to see their heroes lampooned or caricatured, may they be the Baker Street duo or the characters of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. And it is lampooning to say that Holmes and Watson were a gay couple for someone who likes the characters as they are depicted in the Canon. You have the right to your fictions or fantasies, but respect the opinion of others.

The world famous writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was heterosexual. His first wife, Louise could no longer execute her matrimonial duties when she became seriously ill. Conan met another woman, Jean Leckie, who was young and healthy.

The writer fell in love with her, but he did not want to make his wife sad and his promise was also sacred for him. So the relationship with Jean was platonic for some years, and they waited a year after the death of Louise - the usual period of mourning - and married then.

Doyle fathered more children, so he obviously was sexually active, but he was responsible in his sexual life and he lived according to the moral norms of that time.

Doyle preferred women and he thought of homosexuality as a kind of illness. He had busy social life, he had some homosexual acquaintances and he was tolerant. The openly gay Roger Casement the Irish nationalist, activist and poet was one of his friends. So we can say that Doyle could create homosexual figures, but he did not want neither Holmes nor Watson to be gay.

Conan Doyle's contemporary, Howard Carter was rumoured to be homosexual as well. Gossip started after he returned to London in He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease which is a cancer originating from white blood cells called lymphocytes and a handsome young man looked after him.

sherlock holmes and watson gay relationship

This was enough for some people to give the verdict that Carter was gay. He was not too interested in erotic themes, but love between men and women often appears in his works. With the figure of Sherlock Holmes he wanted to focus on spiritual values. Some may think it odd that Holmes does not have any romantic relationships, but he explains in the Canon that thinking and his profession are the most appreciated things in his life, and he thinks emotions like love would only withdraw him from them.

Sexuality did not play a central part in the life of Victorian people. Alcoholism and carnal pleasures were more popular among the lower classes just think of the Whitechapel, where Jack the Ripper killed prostitutes. Conan Doyle did not belong to these classes, he was a writer, a sportsman and a traveller, whose life was not centered round sexuality.

In India this belief was also widespread — and we know that Mahatma Gandhi led an austere life. The fact that Sherlock Holmes did not look upon sexuality as an elemental part of life was more intelligible and acceptable in the Victorian era. At that time there was a kind of revival of doing sports — boxing, cricket and running for men, and walking in case of women.

Excursions were very popular, and people liked to explore the beauties of nature.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson was not gay or homosexual

It was a common thing among men to walk arm-in-arm, it did not mean romantic relationship between them, it was simply comfortable and elegant. In the Victorian era people did not dress provocatively, clothes were not sexually enticing. People were not hit by so many visual stimuli in connection with sexuality like today, through the media. At that time erotic scenes would have caused public outcry.


In the world of movies a touch meant not the same as it does nowadays. Detectives showed their sympathy and willingness of help this way. It was an honest and humane gesture which was devoid of any coaxing. Media realized that sexuality has a huge power of seduction and almost everything can be sold when connected to it.

Not just movies, but also commercials are often about sex.

sherlock holmes and watson gay relationship

We have to take into consideration the fact that for generations people live experiencing the daily visual effects of sex-related media, so their brains are more susceptible to it and they are reminded to it more often. The modern Sherlock Holmes adaptations fall into this category too — they are media products sold by propagating sexuality and brutality. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never wanted this. He created artworks with moral with the Holmes stories.

He started to write about him to expel boredom and he did not like the fact that other fictional detectives needed luck to solve mysteries.