Snape and harry relationship marketing

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snape and harry relationship marketing

Just when you think you couldn't be more disturbed by Severus Snape's behavior I saw a post on Tumblr recently with an idea that I haven't. The relationship between Harry and Snape is the most dynamic relationship in the series from Harry's POV, ranging from dislike to hate to murderous loathing to . Writen for Snarry a thon , Harry and Snape teach at Hogwarts - Harry begs Snape to pretend to be in a relationship with him to keep the new . I've had several thoughts about letting people know we're off the market.

Harry made it back to his room in record time and dove into a very cold shower. Monday Monday went tortuously slowly. Severus was almost ready to drown himself in a bottle of scotch by the time his last class finished. There was a tentative knock on his door. Looking up he saw a scared looking third year Slytherin student, holding a piece of parchment. Severus took it, noticing it was spelled for his eyes only.

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This kid is getting on my last nerve. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to punish him. He already has detention and lost ten points. I wanted to let you know I have a bottle of lava whisky if your day has been as bad as mine has, we can share it. I sent the kid, because I knew the walk down to you would terrify him.

I thought it a fitting punishment after was he was doing to the girls sitting in front of him. Harry Severus looked up at the pale terrified boy.

Severus Snape

Ball, did you do to those girls? Your house is meant to be your family. You will make a formal apology tonight in front of the whole house," The boy nodded.

Try the steak and kidney pie, it's very good. Neither man took any notice. When they arrived at Harry's rooms a little later, both men were amused at how easy it was to irritate and intrigue the people around them by just having a civil conversation. Harry poured them each a large glass of the strong amber liquid and they sat comfortably on the sofa.

The parchment unfolded and covered the table, now displaying a detailed map of the school. Little dotes were scurrying all over it. Out of curiosity what did you do with the snakes? The only reason Bell caught them is because they're pregnant. So they are going to stay with me until the baby's come.

I don't always use my own voice, I do a passable Filch, and well, the other one I'm good at I don't need to do if you're here already. But you have to do Minerva at least once," Harry smiled. They spent two hours watching the map and talking about all the things they'd never been caught for during their school days. They agreed to enter the forest the next evening to search for ingredients for Severus and interesting animals for Harry's class. Tuesday They found several roots and flowers Severus needed to make a new experimental potion, and Harry persuaded one of Aragogs family to pay a visit to the school, on the understanding that if he harmed or tried to harm anyone, he would be killed.

As they left the forest, Severus took Harry's hand in his. Harry looked up at him inquiringly. And if anyone I watching us they would expect us to kiss goodnight," Harry said reasonably. They stopped in the courtyard outside the main doors. This time Harry initiated the kiss. He wrapped an arm around Severus's waist and used the other hand to pull Severus's head down and kissed him lightly.

I'll see you tomorrow," Harry said, not moving from his position, their lips still almost touching. I'll help you prepare for your spider visit," Severus offered. Thank you," Harry's wide genuine smile was infectious and Severus couldn't help but return it. Severus gave Harry another quick kiss. Wednesday Harry had arranged for the kitchens to bring a picnic type lunch to his classroom for himself and Severus.

He'd also asked Dobby to bring it before his class left, and pretend to be sorry for interrupting, but under no circumstance was Dobby to harm himself in any way. His fifth year students were very interested to watch the little show they got.

Harry dismissed them five minutes early knowing the gossip mill had well and truly been set in motion. Severus arrived ten minutes later, and with a quick wave of his wand moved all the desks to one corner of the loom leaving a large space in the centre of the room. I asked Dobby to bring some of your favourites," Harry said, picking up a plate from his table and handing it to him. As they ate, they talked about Hermione's new boyfriend, who she was refusing to tell Harry anything about and Severus told Harry about the weekly evening he had with Minerva ever since he'd started teaching.

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What year are you teaching? Harry's classroom door was flung open. Professor Richards barged his way in followed by Harry's students. All of whom stopped dead at the sight that greeted them. Richards gapped at them. He's too young for you. You'll just use him and his money. At least I'll spend it on nice things not potions crap. You're just an old ugly Death Eater! Harry stood with his wand in hand looking furious. Insult Severus Snape within my earshot. He is one of the bravest, loyal, honest men I've ever known.

You are a creepy pond slime that doesn't deserve to call itself a teacher. I've lost count of the number of students that have come to me for help because you don't explain something properly. Harry shook his head in amusement. Come on you lot, inside, we have an interesting lesson today.

By this time, the whole school knew what had happened. If Richards had counted on leaving quietly he didn't count on how much the house elves loved their Harry Potter, and that they would do anything to keep him happy.

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Before Richards could get far every student in the vicinity found themselves near a large basket of eggs. Grinning at each other they began to fling them at the man who had been pestering their favourite teacher, and insulted the one they most respected, and feared but no one would admit it.

Richards ran, when he was getting to the end of the range of the best throwers, he slowed, giving the older students time to charm the remaining eggs to follow and pelt one of the worst teachers in Hogwarts history. Harry, Severus and Minerva sat at the teachers table eating, all pretending nothing was happening. Who else is leaving? Lily always teased him about that. Can I fire call from your rooms, Severus to save me a walk back to my rooms?

Harry smiled up at him. Remus and I will both be working at the school from Monday. It's wonderful," she babbled. And I just threw it on to answer the fire call," Hermione said plucking at it. Remus appeared sheepishly at Hermione's side. And you're perfect for each other. If you're given joint quarters you might have enough space for all your books," Hermione blushed and Remus laughed.

Lily never did let me forget it though," Remus smiled. Professor McGonagall said she'd come and bring help too," Hermione begged shamelessly. And you should start calling her Minerva," Harry closed the connection glad to have Hermione and Remus coming. Thursday At Breakfast the next day, Harry sat next to Severus. Shall I ask Hermione to show you her diagrams? I'll see you tonight. Not bothering to go to dinner Harry went to his room to change and get some elf made wine.

He followed the Marauders Map to a hallway on the fifth floor and knocked at the portrait entrance. The kitchens are bringing us up some food.


I don't know who she's bringing. That's good of him," Remus was smirking. Hermione was still talking, unaware that on one was listening. Do come in, don't mind Hermione, she'll run out of steam eventually. Price discounting, product tie-ins, and promotional discounts at store level for differentiation. Average visitor spent 25 minutes on the site 5 million people registeredregistered members had been sorted into Hogwarts.

Completing off with some exciting realities about harry potter movies not a large portion of us know Buzz Feed, Even then it took the owls six months to learn a way to carry the letters. The doors at gringos actually work,it took three months to create the door they used for Bellatrix vault.

snape and harry relationship marketing

There was only one steps designed for the flicks. Many of the portraits on the walls the moving pictures in Hogwarts were actual pictures of the solid and crew. For example, one of the portraits has production designer Stuart Craig in it. As you claim, Dumbledore is not "someone who would beg to save his own life. Could it be that Dumbledore was neither begging for his own life, nor asking Snape to him? I believe that he was asking Snape to live up to the forgiveness and trust that Dumbledore had put in him.

snape and harry relationship marketing

He wanted Snape to be worthy of that trust. He probably realized at that moment what Snape had decided and he was begging him to reconsider, not to save himself, but to save Snape. Finally, you didn't say this, but many have. If Dumbledore was wrong about Snape that doesn't make him any less trustworthy. In fact, Dumbledore is more admirable in my eyes, becuase he trusts when no one elsewhen everyone else would second guess. Snape's loyalty or treachery are of no consequence in my view of Dumbledore.

Look at an example from Christianity, is Jesus less trustworthy, because he hand picked the person who would betray him? In fact there are a lot of similarities between Judas and Snape, including a desire to revisit the question of where Judas' true loyalties lay. However, I believe there is an age discrepancy. Narcissa is Bellatrix's sister and Bellatrix married Lestrange. But Lestrange was at school at the same time as Voldy. Lestrange, I want your essay by tomorrow or it's detention.

Same goes for you, Avery. This means that Bellatrix's husband was at school at the same as Voldy. We can therefore assume that she is aproximately the same age as Voldy within about five years. We can also assume that Narcissa is approximately the same age as her sister and that she is within about 10 years of Voldy.

People have deduced that Eileen Prince Snape's mom was about 3 years younger than Voldy. So she was, at most, 7 years older than Narcissa.

Unless she gave birth to Snape before age 15, there is no possible romance between Narcissa and snape. Snape is just as I've imagined him -- looking like Alice Cooper. Posted by silent blythe from Mountaintop AZ on May 10, 8: