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Love, Stargirl (Stargirl, #2) by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl is right up there with the best of just a notch below She's up to eighteen at the height of her and Leo's relationship. The Paperback of the Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, Maria Lara, Sandra Then Stargirl arrives at Mica High and everything changes—for Leo and for the entire school. . Publication date: 07/15/ .. Stargirl is a person versus self narrative which centers on the protagonist Leo and his relationship with his first love, Stargirl. Stargirl is a young adult novel written by American author Jerry Spinelli and first published in Hillari Kimble, the most popular girl at Leo's school, declares that Stargirl is a fake, and speculation and rumors abound. For a while he is deliriously happy with their relationship, but as reality sets in, Retrieved 10 May

She and Leo break up. Stargirl makes quite an appearance at the end of year dance, where she goes by herself, winning the students back but disappearing forever by the end. And no one hears from her again.

Love, Stargirl

Her presence in the school is noted, however. Leo, now an adult fifteen years out of high school, tells us that the MAHS band features ukeleles, there is a Sunflower Club whose only rule is to do one nice thing for someone else every day, and there is an MAHS tradition now of cheering for opposing teams when they score their first point in each game. As Leo falls for Stargirl: Everytime she feels happy, she adds a pebble to the wagon. In general, her pebbles in the wagon hover around ten.

Down to two when Leo tries to change her. Stargirl is like Marceline on steroids. Stargirl makes Marceline look like the head cheerleader. I give a slight edge to Stargirl the book, not the person simply because Leo is a better narrator. What a perfect ending. You know I hate when things get wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end. I loved this book!

What can I say, snark comes to me easier. I consider myself a Humanist and this book is one great big shining example of what is great about simple humanism. Stargirl is absolutely bursting with humanity with a complete innocence about the concept of paying back.

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She sees a boy who wrecked his bike, she wants to make him happy by buying him a new one. She reads the birth announcements in the paper and sends cards.

She drops coins on the ground because she knows how happy people are to find money. When the story falls away from her character, I would tense up.

Her total goodness causes me to forgive her the oddity of stalking her classmates to find out personal information on them. She is not preachy, and just does her thing without making people feel bad about not being as good. We get by reading this, that if someone is feeling bad about not doing more, that feeling comes from within themselves, not from Stargirl or any other external source.

Because Spinelli crafted Stargirl to personify what is so right in people in a way that neither preaches nor talks down to his audience. So two thumbs up! Their anger comes to a head during a filming of the student-run television show, Hot Seat, which is run by Leo and his best friend Kevin. During the show a "jury" of students is invited to ask questions of the guest star. An advising teacher cuts the show short, and it is never aired, but the damage is done.

She is shunned by the entire student body, except for her friend Dori Dilson, Leo, and, to some extent, Kevin. Leo praises Stargirl for her kindness, bravery, and nonconformity, and the two begin a tentative romance. They spend more and more time together, and Leo experiences her unusual lifestyle and starts helping her with various projects, such as leaving cards for people they don't know and dropping change on the sidewalk for others to find.

For a while he is deliriously happy with their relationship, but as reality sets in, he realizes that the entire school is shunning both of them. In response, Leo convinces Stargirl to act more "normal. These actions fail to produce results.

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Realizing that she has achieved nothing by trying to fit in and has betrayed her true self, Stargirl reverts to her former personality. Leo watches as Stargirl arrives at the dance on a bike covered in sunflowers. Though initially ignored by the other attendees, something about Stargirl attracts attention and temporary acceptance.

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She convinces the bandleader to play the "Bunny Hop," and the other students come to join her in the dance until the only people not in line are Hillari Kimble and her boyfriend Wayne Parr. When the dance ends, Hillari confronts Stargirl, tells her that she always ruins everything, and slaps her. Stargirl returns Hillari's attack with a kind kiss on the cheek. No one in the town sees Stargirl again after that night, and Leo learns that she and her family have moved away.

Fifteen years later, Leo notes that his former high school has become permanently changed, and wonders what has happened to Stargirl. At the end, he reveals that he has received a porcupine necktie in the mail one day before his most recent birthday—presumably from Stargirl.