Takagi and sato relationship goals

takagi and sato relationship goals

Detective Conan Week > Day 2: Favorite Bond/Relationship Tokyo Metropolitan Police District mostly Sato and Takagi because they are so precious . Busted - Satou and Takagi poster by Kakashi95fan on DeviantArt. @ HeyItsSiena ✧ Takagi and Sato make such a cute couple! If only Takagi. With Takagi and Sato finally having confessed their feelings to each other, and with However, their relationship was rekindled when Shukichi - with of her, but without telling her of either his profession or his actual goal.

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Anyways, here it is! D Obviously, I do not own Detective Conan and all related characters. It had been a little over a month since the incident where she almost lost the life of her co-worker and secret boyfriend, Wataru Takagi. The two of them were now open about their feelings for each other and no longer had to hide it awkwardly or be shy around one another anymore. The romance between Takagi and Sato was finally beginning to blossom.

takagi and sato relationship goals

Sato began to smile as she remembered the day after work where they finally became an official couple. Hold on a moment! Sato looked back at him with a look of curiosity.

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She had a feeling where this was going. Because of our work as police officers, I understand that we have to put our profession before our personal lives but how come we haven't discussed the kisses with each other yet?

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I don't want to pretend they never happened, Sato-san. Sato smiled warmly at him. She walked closer to him and put her hand on his cheek. I would not ever forget the kisses we've shared. I was a little shy to confront you about it because I wasn't sure if it meant our relationship would go to the next level or not.

takagi and sato relationship goals

Sato felt her face grow a very hot shade of pink. She looked up lovingly at him. Takagi felt his face grow a deep shade of pink as well.

He smiled lovingly back at her and placed his hands on her cheeks, kissing her very passionately.

takagi and sato relationship goals

After a few moments, Takagi spoke. Sato looked up at him and smiled back. That day was exactly a week ago.

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The two of them hadn't told anybody about their relationship just yet but they were both pretty sure that Yumi more that likely found out somehow knowing her. While they may receive interruptions, interferences, etc, their feelings grow stronger as they both fall in love and soon everyone becomes aware of their romance, constantly spying on the pair whenever they are together. Similar to their other male colleagues, Ninzaburo Shiratori has been a rival to Wataru Takagi to gain the love and attentions of Miwako Sato, but unlike many of their colleagues he is the most ruthless and serious rival to win her heart.

Ninzaburo Shiratori considers himself perfect for Sato due to his higher police status as well as being known to be quite wealthy and thus believes he has a better chance to be with her.

However, he becomes jealous and worried of the growing romantic relationship between Sato and Takagi. He tries to prevent their relationship from further developing, even working alongside his fellow colleagues to organise a special secret unit to prevent Sato and Takagi from being romantically together and was the head of the operation.

At one point in the series, Sato was forced in one marriage interview and discovered much to her surprise that Shiratori was her suitor. She clearly shows she has no romantic interest in him, but he refuses to give up and instead they create a bet: If Takagi is able to arrive before the sunsets than they won't proceed to marriage, but if he doesn't arrive than Sato will be forced to marry Shiratori.

Due to this, Sato was nearly forced to agree to marry Shiratori and became heartbroken while also causing her to finally realize how she truly feels about Takagi.

Thankfully, Conan and Dr. Araide were able to stop them, but making it appear Takagi had arrived in time.

takagi and sato relationship goals

This shows that despite his attempts to come between them, Takagi and Sato only grow more closer as well as their love for each other. However, even after Takagi and Sato officially entered into a romantic relationship he still didn't lose hope of winning Sato for himself. Eventually, Shiratori finally revealed to Conan and the Detectuive Boys why he felt so strongly about Sato, believing she was the girl of his destiny.

He reveals in his childhood, he encountered a young girl confronting two Boy in a local bookstore stealing and trying to stop them, but was instead bullied and ridiculed by the boys she was trying to stop.

takagi and sato relationship goals

Shiratori intervened and began to explain the charges of their crime and after a scene was caused, causing everyone to notice the boys stopped and left the store.

Shiratori was about to leave when the girl appeared to him and gave him a drink with a Sakura paper decoration, revealing the symbol and meaning it has to police officers. Due to this, Shiratori had fallen in love with the young girl and believed her to be Miwako Sato due to the appearence.