Taurus woman and pisces relationship

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taurus woman and pisces relationship

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman. Sweet, feminine and shy Pisces will be drawn to laid. Pisces and Taurus compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Pisces and Taurus zodiac signs. Relationships between a Pisces man & a Taurus woman can be a match made in heaven. The two are very well-suited. Learn more about this highly compatible.

She likes to be wooed and courted. This lady will be delighted if he showers her with thoughtfulness and treats her like a real woman. Anything less, will make the fish swim away. On the other hand, when the Bull eyes his target, he will carefully lay-down a plan and will take action only when he deems it perfect already. When in love, she will be devoted to a fault while he will be loyal to a fault.

taurus woman and pisces relationship

Taurus is not selfish and will never take advantage of her devotion to him. He is on the lookout for a long-term relationship while she wishes to the tie the knot for love more than anything else. Pisces man Taurus woman compatibility remains strong, because the couple understand how to connect on both an emotional and a sexual level, creating a steamy and sensual love life together.

A Mismatch of Expectations?

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The relationship may run into slight problems when it comes to expectations for the long term, however. The Taurus woman works hard to create stability for herself and her familyand she will rightly expect her Pisces man to do likewise.

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He may flit from one to another, or try to make a living in an artistic way which is never secure enough for the Taurus woman. Occasionally, she may sulk, or brand him lazy, both of which will hurt him deeply. However, she will soon feel guilty and will make it up to him. Astrology Advice The Pisces man and Taurus woman have a powerful connection that comes very naturally. These signs have high levels of compatibility with one another. They both seek peace and are willing to do everything possible to avoid conflict.

Both the Taurus woman and Pisces man are excellent listeners, providing them with a great sense of ease in their conversation.

Although they may have different expectations regarding their long-term goals, the easy going couple of a Pisces man and Taurus woman tends to stick with one another for the long haul.

Pisces Man and Taurus Woman

He prefers to live in a world of fantasy and dreams, rather than staying grounded in reality. He lacks emotional stability and is prone to mood swings.

taurus woman and pisces relationship

The Pisces man is very compassionate and understanding. He is an extremely loving and caring partner in a relationship. In fact, he will often neglect his own desires so he can fulfill the wishes of the one he loves. She avoids conflict and chaos, preferring to seek peace and simplicity.

Taurus And Pisces Compatibility And Love Match

As a result, she is emotionally very stable. A Taurus woman loves to be indoors — and her cozy, comfortable home and interest in interior design reflects that.

She takes pride in her appearance. The Taurus woman loves to enjoy a little bit of the finer things in life, although she remains grounded and is not materialistic. Get an online astrology reading to learn more about Taurus women and Pisces men.