Testosterone and calcium relationship

testosterone and calcium relationship

Running title: Testosterone-induced neuronal apoptosis. * These authors . fluorescence intensity ratio (F/Fo) was plotted as a function of time. As men age, their serum testosterone concentrations decrease, as do their elemental calcium with U vitamin D; SmithKline Beecham, Philadelphia, PA), .. nor did it show a relationship between the pretreatment bone mineral density of. We have investigated the effect of testosterone on intracellular calcium in .. A dose-response relationship was observed from 0 to 1 μm testosterone on the.

testosterone and calcium relationship

It is known that there are increases in blood pressure and peripheral arterial resistance 45and there are also effects on the heart muscle, primarily left ventricular hypertrophy with restricted diastolic function 678. Severe cardiac complications heart failure, ventricular fibrillation, ventricular thromboses, myocardial infarction, or sudden cardiac death in individual strength athletes with acute AAS abuse have also been reported 39 These processes involve changes in gene expression controlled by intracellular androgen receptor-mediated pathways.

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Recent studies have, however, demonstrated alternative, rapid intracellular androgen receptor-independent mode of testosterone action.

For example, administration of testosterone acutely induces vasodilatation in the systemic, coronary, and pulmonary vascular beds Acting in this way, testosterone might increase myocardial tolerance to ischemia.

testosterone and calcium relationship

Similar nongenomic effects are known in several cell types, including rat osteoblasts 14macrophages 15and skeletal muscle cells It has been proposed that these rapid androgen actions may be exerted through membrane receptors that stimulate early intracellular signaling pathways through interaction with G proteins 17 Cardiac myocytes contain intracellular androgen receptors 24which regulate the expression of several genes 25 All other reagents or molecular biology grade chemicals were obtained from Sigma Chemical Co.

Culture of cardiac myocytes Neonatal rat cardiac myocytes were prepared from hearts of 1- to 3-d-old Sprague Dawley rats as described previously Serum was withdrawn 24 h before cells were used.

Rats were anesthetized with ketamin and xylazin, hearts were removed, washed with Gerard buffer [0. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The incidence of cardiovascular disease rises dramatically with age in both men and women.

testosterone and calcium relationship

Much less attention has been paid to the impact of testosterone on the heart, even though the levels of testosterone also decline with age and low-testosterone levels are linked to the development of cardiovascular diseases. The knowledge that receptors for all major sex steroid hormones, including testosterone, are present on individual cardiomyocytes suggests that these hormones may influence the heart at the cellular level.

Aging, Excitation-contraction coupling, Gonadectomy, Orchiectomy Review Introduction Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of hospitalization and death for both men and women [ 1 ].

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As advanced age is a major risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease in both sexes, the incidence and prevalence of these diseases is expected to escalate as our population ages [ 2 ].

The knowledge that the incidence of cardiovascular disease in women rises as estrogen levels fall after menopause has fueled interest in its potential cardioprotective effects [ 3 ]. What is less well appreciated is that testosterone levels also decline with advancing age, not just in men but in women too [ 4 - 6 ].

testosterone and calcium relationship

This suggests that low-testosterone levels may contribute to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. Indeed, a number of clinical studies have shown that low endogenous levels of testosterone are associated with cardiovascular disease [ 4 ].

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Furthermore, testosterone-replacement therapy, which is used to treat testosterone deficiency secondary to aging [ 7 ], may have beneficial effects in the setting of heart failure and ischemic heart disease [ 489 ]. Despite the popularity of testosterone supplementation in older adults, how testosterone affects the heart is not fully understood. The discovery of androgen receptors in individual heart cells myocytes [ 1011 ] suggests that testosterone might modulate heart function, at least in part, by effects on the ventricular myocytes themselves.