Troy and rose relationship in fences

Troy and Rose&#;s Relationship by Mariah Smith on Prezi

troy and rose relationship in fences

Rose is Troy's ever-dutiful wife. As far as homemakers go, she'd put Martha Stewart to shame, and her cooking skills would make Rachel Ray blush. Rose is in. Troy and Cory Maxson's Relationship in Fences by August Wilson In Act One, scene one, Troy tells the story of how he met Rose. ”Baby. Troy's character is the centerpiece that all of the other relationships in Fences gather around. Troy is husband to Rose, father to Lyons, Cory, and Raynell, and .

Under such circumstances her power to endure is remarkable.

Her husband is not loyal to her. He has relation with others as well. She has planted her hopes and dreams in him, but he has proved to be rocky and infertile.

Despite this, she doesn't desert him. She expresses her anger and pain openly, but doesn't nurture any bitterness. There is a spiritual side to her personality.

The good and bad love of fences

She is a saint in human form. Rose builds fences not for keeping people outside, but to have them near her. Fences in her case stand for protection and love. She accepts Raynell though the baby is the outcome of her husband's betrayal. The innocent baby has lost her mother, but she finds another mother in Rose. No woman can accept her husband's illegitimate child.

troy and rose relationship in fences

Therein lies her greatness. It is a great sacrifice that a married woman can make Rose nurtures the baby because the innocent child stands for the hope of better future and society.

Rose as a Powerful Dramatic Character in Fences

Given her husband's betrayal and deception, she should be punishing him severely and leaving him. But no such things happen. Troy and Cory had always had a tensed relation. The father tries to mold his son the way he himself was trained and conditioned. The son, too, cannot understand the father's point of view. He hates his father and shows disrespect towards him.

He is not even willing to attend his father's funeral. Rose persuades her son to show respect for his father. This ship is rooted in the admiration he has for Troy's honesty, hard work ethic, and strength.

troy and rose relationship in fences

Their marriage is one of both love and betrayal. Mostly on the part of Troy. Rose is 10 years younger than Troy. She is devoted to Troy, not so much because of love, but also because she recognizes what her life would be like without him.

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She knows she would have a life of abusive men and their children, partying, and running the streets or lifes pain and frustration. She ignores his past indiscretions or forgives his faults as a man. But she does love him.

Troy ruined his marriage with Rose because of an affair he had with another woman names Alberta. However unlike Rose, who strives to build a fence around her family, "jesus be a fence all around me every day, jesus, i want you to protect me as I travel on my way.

troy and rose relationship in fences

Troy pushes Lyons away by refusing to hear him play his jazz music. Troy believes that Lyons only comes around when it benefits him. You telling the truth there. You was in the neighborhood cause it's my payday. Troy is upset with Cory because he is supposed to help with the chores around the house, including fixing a fence around the yard.

Also, Troy states that Cory's things will "be on the other side of that fence" when he kicks Cory to the street. The love of a strong, confident, successful man. The feelings for the children and their accomplishments, and a mothers willingness and want to keep her family strong and whole.

This play shows all 3 aspects of love.

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