Tsukasa and subaru relationship goals

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tsukasa and subaru relationship goals

Tsukasa raznomir.info Dot Hack, Clannad, Vocaloid, Subaru, .. I thought tsukasa and subaru& relationship was very cute. but yeh, I was bored and drew. In the process, Subaru confessed that he loves Emilia, with his goal being able to see her smile. Rem joked that it was cruel of him to ask of this. Tsukasa Shiratori, Nadeshiko Washio and Mikage Kotooka are three Ambiguous Disorder: The extent of Subaru's lack of social grace seems to indicate this. To start with, his relationships with both Asakura and his sister give off some vibes of . About TVTropes · TVTropes Goals · Troping Code · TVTropes Customs.

It's played with to some extent, as Kotooka acknowledges that there's nothing wrong with being gay, but feels that everything would be much easier if she wasn't. Asakura suggests that Subaru may be this. Certainly there is plenty of evidence in the work as despite Subaru's attachment to his sister it's never shown if he is attracted to her, just possessive. His budding feelings for Asakura come from becoming close friends, and once again he shows no signs of sexual attraction.

Washio has a crush on Kotooka, but her first love was with a boy. Asakura is a huge fan of the same superhero show that Subaru is into. Dark and Troubled Past: Kotooka's attempts to be "normal" by dating boys, as well as her attempts to ensure that neither Washio nor Tsukasa act on their feelings, stem from a traumatic experience in elementary school. She used to be in another trio of girl friends, and developed feelings for one of them, but when she confessed her feelings, her friend responded apologetically that she was "normal" because she didn't like girls.

Not only did this end up destroying Kotooka's friendship with both girls, but she felt incredibly lonely since they remained best friends with each other. Washio is aware that Kotooka is constantly trying to reject her but has decided that she is going to keep trying because she is just stubborn that way.

Subaru poses as his sister and goes out with Kyousuke, and attempts to act as repulsively as possible in an attempt to sink any interest Kyousuke might have in Tsukasa.

Kotooka, Tsukasa, and Washio.

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Kotooka is the Id, being the most emotional during the series' climax, her emotions boiling over incites a fight between herself and Washio that nearly breaks up their trio for good and somewhat selfish see It's All About Me below. Washio is the Superego, being so stoic to the point where her apparent aloofness causes problems in the girls' friendship.

tsukasa and subaru relationship goals

Finally, Tsukasa is the Ego, being the most balanced of the three, and ultimately playing peacekeeper during Kotooka and Washio's fight. There's a fair amount of it all around, with most of it coming from Kotooka and, later on, Asakura.

While Kotooka is certainly not a bad person, she initially convinces herself that her desperation to keep under wraps the feelings she, Tsukasa, and Washio have for each other is for the good of everyone.

However, following the stress of their secrets nearly wrecking their friendship, and a What the Hell, Hero? Subaru's feelings and possessiveness of Tsukasa certainly boarders the trope if not outright makes it text. His family refers to it as a "sister complex", and he himself questions what exactly his feelings for his sister are a couple of times. Tsukasa and Subaru Shiratori are twin brother and sister who look damn near identical, especially when Subaru cross-dresses.

Once when younger, Tsukasa masqueraded as Subaru to get a bunch of kids to stop bullying him.

tsukasa and subaru relationship goals

Kotooka wants to get a boyfriend, have Washio get over her, and have Tsukasa hook up with Asakura so that the trio's feelings for each other don't destroy their friendship, as her past experience has convinced her will happen.

So much that he didn't realize when he played the game again as Haseo. Morganna is a Rogue A. She goes to great lengths to make sure that she never is, and it takes the combined efforts of Tsukasa, Subaru, and all the others to stop her. Not Disabled In VR: In the epilogue, it is revealed that Subaru's player is an introverted paraplegic girl in Real Lifewho plays The World for the freedom to travel anywhere and to make friends she doesn't have offline. Not really with the main characters, but because this is a video game, many extras and background characters show up now and then with the same character customizations as the protagonists.

Apparently Subaru is so popular that other players create characters in the game to look just like her.

tsukasa and subaru relationship goals

Bear becomes one for Tsukasa. Because of the nature of the show, there are a lot of these. Two notable examples are when Subaru and the Silver Knight exchange a couple, ultimately resulting in Subaru disbanding the group and Tsukasa, Mimiru, and Subaru to each other in the last episode. It's really Morganna, but they get payback. Bear again; makes up for his failed relationship with his son by meeting and helping other young people. He eventually adopts Tsukasa's player and puts her through college.

The series ends with Helba forcibly deleting Net Slum in a desperate effort to stop Skeith, causing everyone to be ejected from the game as the server crashes. This results in Tsukasa finally waking from her coma and having a heartwarming meeting with Subaru in the real world But when their hands touch, a distinctly cyberspace-y hexagon grid appears, and it then cuts to a scene of what appears to be the ruins of Net Slum, with a mysterious monologue from Morganna. It doesn't help either that the "real world" segment of Tsukasa leaving the hospital and meeting Subaru has a somewhat surreal tone to it, what with the whole silent movie style and all.

Ultimately, it's not really clear until later installments in the. The basic point of the franchise but. Everything is basically solved simply by Tsukasa telling Morganna that he's not going to listen to her anymore. Became rather infamous for its large number of episodes in which nothing happens aside from characters meeting and talking to each other.

May be justified in that this is an online community.

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The Key of the Twilight, within the confines of The World. It allows the user to contradict the rules of the system and basically do whatever the hell they feel like doing. Too Clever by Half: One of The World's most powerful characters and skilled players, with maxed-out level and attributes, and he's fully aware of how good he is while being insufferably immature about it all.

Trapped in Another World: Tsukasa is stuck in The World and is unable to log out. She is the first player to meet Tsukasa, and later forms a bond with him and vows to protect him.

She usually hangs out with Beartrying to solve the mystery of Tsukasa's inability to log out. Bear is an older player of the game and plays a Blademaster.

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He appears as cool and collected, always willing to help out newbies. He also conducts research in the real world on Tsukasa. One of Bear's acquaintances is BTa plotting and scheming Wavemaster.

Crim is a powerful Long Arm, friend of Subaru who founded the Crimson Knights organization with her, but afterwards left it as he found it did not match his personality.