Usagi and seiya relationship memes

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usagi and seiya relationship memes

Explore Kit kat's board "Sailor Moon memes" on Pinterest. SEIYA BACK OFF USAGI MAMORU CLAIMED HER FIRST&THERE ALREADY MARRIED IN. I felt shocked to learn about their relationship. Sailor Uranus Seiusa Sailor Moon Meme, Sailor Moon Stars, Sailor Moon Usagi, Sailor Uranus,. Sailor Moon . I wanna do this meme too! . I felt the relationship between Usagi and Seiya had more depth, but I never really got over the gender issues.

And then later, Ami catches the two of them holding hands and Trolls again: Of course, this is all pretty ironic given what's discovered later during the main arc of R see below. The monster then goes right for the ducks rather than the girl in front of him, prompting Ail to go "What is wrong with you?! Makoto demonstrates dicing the vegetables. Minako says she wants to try. Minako is much worse and sloppier at dicing than Makoto, and she warns Minako not to cut herself.

Even Ami and Rei are panicking. It turns out she only nicked herself. The Entirety of Episode To explain it, all of the Senshi are down with a virus except for Minako, so she tries to treat them.

And then at the end, the tables are turned Enter Usagi, and cue the horror on Minako's face when she realizes karma's about to bite back. At the beginning, when Minako's trying to help Rei, the moments pile up. First, in her enthusiasm, she's shaking the basket she's brought with her, forgetting that Artemis was in the basket!

When we finally see him, he has several bumps on his head. Sure enough, Minako messes up again, but it doesn't end there.

She spills the porridge on Rei, then in trying to clean the sheets, dumps Rei out of her bed. Rei put it best when she said if Minako weren't doing this out of ditzinessshe'd be more evil than Esmeraude. The topper is her trying to play some music only to first produce extremely loud rock music credit to DiC for leaving it in and then finally blowin up the boom box. Gets funnier when you remember her passion for music, thus that she's supposed to be proficient with cassette players and the like And even better when the manga reveals that she's actually the second most tech-savvy of the Sailor Soldiers, topped only by Ami.

Rei finally reaches her Rage Breaking Point. Earlier versions just had her scream, but Viz refines it into a fantastic " Get Out! Rei even calls up Usagi, begging her to lock her doors and barricade herself in, anything to keep Minako out. She ended up jumping on the wall outside and from there straight onto her balcony! And now to Usagi's place. With a side of Chibi-Usa for good measure. She takes Usagi's temperature, but the battery-powered thermometer dies on her.

As she's shaking it, she accidentally flings it through the bedroom window! At least Usagi turns down the rice porridge and Artemis stops her from touching the CD player. But then following a cute one-off scene transition with Luna opening her mouth—again, credit to DiC for leaving it inshe and Chibi-Usa try to clean things up downstairs after falling down the stairs. The resulting montage shows the disaster that follows. When the other Sailors appear to try and wake her, Amy asks, "Why am I floating around in your dream?

After Sailor Moon defeats the Droid, Venus has to call out to the others and beg them to get her down from the wall. The original Japanese was pretty straightforward, but the two dubs each made the moment a bit funnier: Hate to break up the nice "Aren't We The Best" session but Would one of you guys mind helping me get free from this wall? I have to pee! When Sailor Venus first stumbles upon the bad guys trying to attack Chibiusa, they assume Venus discovered the hospital was a Negative Point and found out their plan to spread the infection.

And they ask her how she found out about their plan to create and spread the infection. Without missing a beat Venus says their plan was so obvious.

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Chibiusa thinks Venus is a good actress and should do improv. Several funny ones here. First, Ami is with Makoto and wonders if memorizing English words a day is too few. Then there is a bit of a running gag when a dog pees on Esmeraude's leg. Sadly, this only became apparent in uncut releases. The first time was always cut from the original dub while the second may or may not have been seen depending on the specific cut being shown.

Her talking is intercut with Artemis screaming. Especially the last one at the very end, which follows another moment where Chibi-Usa goes full Bratty Half-Pint and is running around in a tantrum in the tantrum, she accidentally throws her bag and it lands right on Artemis, triggering that final scream. Episode 63 has Usagi spanking Chibi-Usa after she busts her again trying to steal the Silver Crystalbut that's not the funny part.

No, the funny part was when Chibi-Usa, later in the episode, had a daydream where the situations were reversed and she was spanking Usagi. Sadly, for reasons of decency at the time, all instances of spanking in the series were cut out of the original dub. When asked to join, Usagi rushes off Later on, while Grandpa is having trouble recruiting women for the course, he's forced to consider Chibi-Usa's offer until he's saved by Yuichiro, who had no trouble in his recruitment drive.

This creates a scene the following day when Rei vents her frustration and Usagi Trolls her by recognizing she's jealous since Rei will never admit she has feelings for Yuichiro. Episode 55 DiC Episode 49where Makoto tries to woo Seijuro with lunch when Natsumi shows up jealous as usual, telling her he's off limits. When Makoto fires back over what on the surface looks like an incestuous relationship probably why it had to be edited in the old DiC dubSeijuro, in a moment of shock, starts choking.

Meanwhile, Makoto and Natsumi are so worked up they just glare at each other while Seijuro is struggling so much he's suffering periodic Glamour Failure which the girls fail to notice.

usagi and seiya relationship memes

Oh, and when the idea hit Mako to try wooing him with food, she got so pumped up she slapped Ami on the back so hard she knocked her to the floor and left a distinct impression on Ami's back. Meanwhile, Usagi forgot her lunch again and is desperate for something to eat while she's barely conscious.

usagi and seiya relationship memes

Worse yet, her usual recourse bum some off Mako is not available due to the above. She tries to bum off Ami but arrives just after she finishes her lunch. She promptly faints and Ami has to shake her and tell her to get a grip. When Luna finally catches up to Usagi at the end of the school dayUsagi is so famished she eats like there's no tomorrow and Ami has to hold up her handkerchief to avoid getting sprayed with rice.

She ends up eating even faster when she learns Mako is "dating" Seijuro. When the girls argue over who should play Snow White in the school play, Makoto claims it should be her because her bust is the biggest it's also pretty funny in context when the new Viz dub is particularly frank with the dialogue at this point. This is even better in the DiC dub, which attempted to censor it by making her claim she had the "most acting experience and talent" Ami's reason to play Snow White was just ridiculous because the character has less lines for her to memorize so would give her more time to study for school.

The others give her weirded out looks. In the same eposide, the DiC dub give Sammy a good line to Serena, "Hey, the ham belongs in the fridge! From the DiC dub Serena: Oh no wonder the little brat annoys me so much! She takes after YOU! Cristina Vee's delivery of the line in the Viz dub is golden. In the original dub when Serena finds out that she is Neo Queen Serenity. Her delivery is priceless. And my teacher says I won't even get out of grade school. Ami notes that since she's here she'd pick up on her studies noting a very long list of subjects.

The other girls Sweat Drop and Makoto then ices the joke when she sheppishly notes she just came for a shake what's nice is that this joke actually got preserved in both dubs. Then later, when Chibi-Usa tries to open the gate to the future and instead turns the inside of a restaurant into zero-gravity. The girls start floating and Rei's head floats up Minako's skirt. Uh, do you MIND?! Viz dub, closer to the original: Rei, what are you doing?!

Luna is incredibly offended when Sammy makes a comment about Rini floating ball. In her initial appearances in R, she's often bratty and demanding, though the original English dub played this up much harder and cast Tracey Hoyt for her Sailor Moon R episodes. Not shockingly, she's more of a base breaker in the Western fanbase. This also nearly killed the show off in Japan. None of this is the character's fault per se, but she does get blamed for it regardless. She also gets accused of having an Electra Complex due to her attitude towards Mamoru in the anime.

There's also the fact that she never seems to want to admit making mistakes of her own and loves blaming Usagi for everything that goes on. For starters, there are a lot of people who find the nature of their relationship as sweet due to their shared past. There are also a lot of people that find said shared past the only reason the two characters are together.

There's also the matter of the break-up arc inflicted on him in the Sailor Moon R anime. While many fans pointed out that his reasoning in the arc was to actually protect Usagi, some other fans thought he was being unnecessarily nasty. The cheap resolution to the arc didn't help - they pull a Screw Destiny and get back together anyway His alter-ego Tuxedo Mask is also either adored by fangirls or loathed for being rather useless his powers are throwing roses and In the anime, he doesn't get any of the character growth OR power growth he got in the manga that let him keep up with the main cast, and in fact downgraded after R to being mostly a supporting cast member and occasional Distressed Dude when the stakes needed to be raised.

Oh, and all of this is before we even get to the blockback from the shippers who wanted Usagi to hook up with either Seiya in the final story arc or with Reior the crazy people who accuse him of being in love with his daughter.

While Usagi and Rei are frequently at odds in the Japanese show, it's made abundantly clear by the end of the first series that they are in fact the closest people on the team and Usagi trusts Rei more than anyone else.

The dub changed her into a bratty, abusive, hyper-critical nutcase who tries to usurp leadership and kick Sailor Moon off the team, to the point where she even bullies Amy into joining her in refusing to show up for combat. This carries over to debate about whether her personality was improved in Sailor Moon Crystalwith many fans saying that Rei's personality in Crystal is how she was originally supposed to be, and just as many saying that Crystal!

Rei is far too meek. The Starlights, particularly in the anime where they have much more screentime and Seiya's attempts to woo Usagi are more open. This tends to cause fights between people who like what the new set of characters bring or in particular people who like Seiya as the first serious alternative to Mamoru in the series, and people who don't like the new characters or the greater screentime they got in comparison to long-running cast members.

Mimete of the 90s anime has her fair share of fans who thought she was hilarious especially because of the infamous Twister scene from episodebut she also has many detractors who loathed her for killing fan favorite Eudial to steal her job and then not really doing anything important with her job afterwards.

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Some don't like him because they see him as nothing more than an obnoxious Annoying Younger Siblingeven though he didn't take it nearly as far as Chibiusa did. But he's also got his own fans because he genuinely caresis kind of like a stand-in for male Mooniesand is one of the most rounded and developed civilians in the series.

There's also the matter of his voice in Viz Media 's new English dub. Some genuinely don't mind this casting choice and find that his acting improves in Shingo's focus episodes, but others are quite critical of said casting choice and find Julie Lemieux's performance to be superior. For many fans, she's The Woobie because of all the times she gets attacked, her love Nephrite died and Usagi kind of abandons their friendship.

Others see her as a Damsel Scrappy because they got tired of all the times she had to be rescued, and many who watched the original dub found her annoying because of her awful Brooklyn accent. In the manga and in Crystal, Uranus first appears in a Tuxedo Mask-style cape and mask with the manga also giving her a full tuxedo.

On a narrative level this seems to be intended to obscure her gender and draw parallels to Mamoru, fueling the subsequent romantic tension between Haruka and Usagi and Usagi's related confusion over whether Haruka is male or female, but any in-universe reasoning for the costume is left a mystery since in all subsequent appearances Uranus simply wears the traditional sailor fuku and nobody ever comments on the change.

Haruka and Michiru's decision in the anime to defect to Galaxia in an attempt to kill her led to a great deal of fans turning on them.

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Especially because they actually killed Saturn and Pluto in the process, which many feel is just unforgivable. The quality of the various English dubbed versions of the show.

usagi and seiya relationship memes

The original English dub went through three voice actresses for the main character. During the original run of the show, Terri Hawkes was the most popular largely because she dubbed the majority of the DiC run. So popular in fact that her much-maligned replacement, Linda Ballantyne, is often criticized for simply attempting to mimic Hawkes instead of acting.

Which is not actually her fault as she was being told by Optimum to mimic Terri Hawkes. However, since the heyday of the dub, Tracey Moore, the original voice for the character who was replaced early in the first series, has built up a fandom and now there's two camps that fight over whether Moore or Hawkes was better.

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Usually the arguments are that Moore was better at actually sounding like a teenage girl, and gave an overall better-acted performance, but Hawkes was significantly better at delivering a wide array of emotions.

Ballantyne's fanbase is significantly smaller than the other two, although some do find her to be a superior actress to Hawkes, most agree she was badly miscast. The original dub of the first two seasons from DiC. There are many fans, especially more mainstream fans, who grew up with this version, and its voice actors, and cannot picture the show any other way. On the other hand, fans of the Japanese version have long criticized its heavy censorship and cheesy dialogue and music.

Most modern anime fans agree that it's very much a relic of the past, but the distinctive quality of its voice acting still gets praised by some as being very good for the time.

usagi and seiya relationship memes

The original Cloverway dub of S and SuperS on the other hand, is universally panned. Many people who grew up on that dub often prefer it, finding it more "modern" or "epic", while others decry it as generic 90s cartoon music. This got scratched open again when Cloverway didn't replace any of the background soundtrack, thus exposing dub-only viewers to the actual soundtrack and immediately dividing even the fans of the dub between those that wanted DiC's replacement music and those who preferred having the show as close as the original English dub ever got to a faithful dub.

There's a smaller subset that still dislike the original dub, but genuinely enjoy its music on its own merits. If pressed, even sub-only fans will admit the music was So Okay, It's Average at the least, with a few fitting some scenes just as well, or even better than, the original score.

usagi and seiya relationship memes

With insert songs, most fans even seem to prefer "Carry On"'s usage during the final battle with Queen Beryl instead of the Japanese version's recycling of "Moonlight Densetsu. The attempts to fandub Sailor Stars into a DiC-style dub complete with the altered soundtrack, censorship, and random rewrites to the script. Not shockingly, fans of the Japanese version are very vocal about their opposition to it.

It doesn't help that Viz Media 's faithful redub is set to finally cover that season officially.