Vanille and fang relationship with god

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vanille and fang relationship with god

Vanille, Fang and Sazh are by far the best characters in the game, imo. . and then abandoned because it's not important to the plot and god forbid the personalities . Better relationship than other FF romances I can think of. This proves that Vanille and Fang have a strong bond with each other. of this thread is that if Fang was still a man, you all would automatically assume that Fang (male) and Vanille are in a relationship. . Thank god for that. For god sake, she's not in any relationship, she makes a low income and she's Flashback: Before the Wedding: Fang and Vanille were at the.

Well Fang, that's going to be an issue, that fact that we're both girls and- Fang: Vanille, I trying telling you that I don't want a wife.

Fang and it canon?

I want a husband Well I could always get surgery. Well what do you want to do? I think we should start seeing other people You're breaking up with me? I thought that you were I always treated you as a younger sister Well why didn't you stop me?

I didn't want to hurt your feelings And that's what happened. That was why I couldn't go to sleep at all after the wedding You have a baby Wait, are you saying that you want us to get married? Well, if we both get married, we'll pay less taxes. Plus, our child won't feel like they're an accident when their born Fang hugs Snow tightly. I can't believe you'll do this. Before I used to hate you, but now I know why Serah loves you But I didn't want this to be depressing so I turned Fang straight and all.

I just wanted to make a SnowXFang relationship So anyway, please review! I'm trying to think of a name for the baby but I can't think of any good ones. Fang proposes she and Vanille attack it to restore their memories but before they can make their move, Sazh Katzroy 's son, Dajhhappens upon them.

Realizing the depth of the situation, the two flee before Sazh finds them. Sanctum troops flood the facility and Fang forces Vanille to escape alone. Fang fights off their pursuers and returns to the town of Bodhumbut is captured by the Cavalry the next day. When Rygdea returns from Bodhum empty-handed the following day, Fang is not surprised he did not find her.

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Fang asks Lebreau about Vanille. In the four days since the Euride Gorge incident, Fang stays on the Lindblum to avoid capture, but worries she is wasting Vanille's time by not resuming her search. Two days later, Fang revisits the Vestige while still in contact with the Cavalry and unknown to her, just misses Vanille. Knowing Vanille will be herded onto a Purge train, Fang has Raines and Rygdea help her rescue Vanille in exchange for the promise she and Vanille will help them take down the Sanctum, the fal'Cie-guided government of Cocoon.

Two days later, after the last Purge train leaves Bodhum, the Lindblum lands on the surface of Lake Bresha and Fang rides in an airship with Rygdea to the Purge train's destination, the Hanging Edge.

Edit I've got a few screws loose, but I'm a l'Cie, same as you. I wasn't born on Cocoon. I'm from Gran Pulse. The 'world below' you all hate so much. My partner and I'd turned to crystal there and gone to sleep. But when we came around, here we were. The reason Cocoon's in an uproar is the same reason you're here now. Vanille and I woke up. Aboard the Lindblum Raines tells Snow of the Sanctum's plan to publicly execute the l'Cie once they are captured, and leaves Snow no choice but to help him find the others.

Fang explains to Snow she is hunting down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille. Fang and Lightning discuss their fate. They split up as Snow leaves with Hope and Fang with Lightning, keeping in contact with wireless communicators.

vanille and fang relationship with god

It stems from personal experience. I have no sexual feeling. As you can imagine, this is hell on relationships. Lightning could be the same way. Fang is the one flirting with her, not the other way around. I find myself the same way. I still find myself attracted to people, even physically. I hate how this is, and am trying to find answers. This could be the case for Lightning. In the end there are three possibilities, all of which are backed up by some kind of evidence.

Either way, A or C would be pretty interesting. On the topic of B, I saw that in a literal translation of the dialogue before the final battle, that Bhunivelze talks to Lightning in far more… affectionate terms. Credit where credit is due, that is kinky as hell. After all, he was the one who gave Lightning a boob job along with the other modifications to her self. Not that we need to.

Better than a character so straightforward everyone just nods their heads when discussing them before moving on.

vanille and fang relationship with god

Although I still wish something happened between her and Fang. Besides, as I mentioned before, the fact that she remains unattached helps with self-insertion fantasies. On that day Bhunivelze created the Crystal of Atonement, so that his mistake may be corrected. The reason behind his decision to turn Hope fifteen again was never fully explained, after all. The whole removing emotions thing might have been done because Bhunivelze lacked the confidence to keep her.

Especially since Light probably has to sleep on the Ark, and Hope would be right there. Screw it, the idea amuses me. I never felt this way about any other fandom. I really, really wanted there to be something to add here to elabourate on the previous article. Fang is at least a lesbian, and probably flirted with Light regardless of intent. I did like how Fang and Light teamed up. Look at how focused and determined they are.

vanille and fang relationship with god

A lot of people have said that maybe Light just needs a friend, and Fang comes through in that role. You could argue for a Napoleon relationship here. When under threat, with your survival depending on each other, and emotions running high, a bond is getting forged. Maybe she decides to make up for lost time. I completed my in-depth analysis on themes of sexual identity in a non-Western narrative. Look at how Bhunivelze alters Lightning, and how he grooms her to be a goddess at his side.

The lengths to which Lightning is being controlled, along with her struggle between letting it happen or breaking free, is a large part of the story. Lightning exists because someone had to raise Serah, without that need Claire would have never created her.

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When she does act purely of her own accord, it comes at the end of her journey, and shortly after she re-integrates Claire Farron into her self.

To conclude, there is a disturbing lack of Lanille on Tumblr.

vanille and fang relationship with god

Step up your game, shippers.