Vincent nightray and echoes relationship test

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vincent nightray and echoes relationship test

Echo was planned to work alongside Vincent in the Nightray branch, . Oswald watched as they left, still baffled by the relationship between them. .. you and I test how long it takes for Jack to realise his girlfriend is missing. Mei Echo | I love to write and I hate relying on people. I want to More ideas from Mei Echo. Naruto, Sasuke . I wanted to see more of their relationship blossom and progress! Princess . See more. Tags: Pandora Hearts, Gilbert Nightray, Xerxes Break, Vincent Nightray, Oz Vessalius .. The Unfinished Swan (test). personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Anyway, its pretty self explanatory, but all you need to know is that everyone is their own ages apart from the new employees who are all 18, if they were at Yura's mansion then theyre dressed like that if not be imaginativeand finally, it's a modern day AU which takes place near London.

Vessalius Household

Basically, everyone gets so drunk, and it was really fun writing everyone completely off their heads. Please review and fav! I do not own Pandora Hearts or any of the characters Hopefully we'll forget this in the morning "I can't believe we have to take a bunch of new employees to London…" Reim muttered, standing on the station platform with the others from his branch.

Within their company, Pandora, there were 5 branches; Nightray, Vessalius, Barma, Rainsworth and Baskerville, each named after the first people who established the functions of each. Within each branch, there were usually only a couple of people who were actually influential, with Baskervilles having slightly more. Of course, there were a couple of people - such as Gilbert and Jack - who couldn't seem to decide which branch they actually wanted to work with.

As stated previously, Reim was standing with the only other member of the Barma section; Rufus, along with the two employees of Rainsworth; Break and Sharon. How would you even know where the train is? Just a few seconds later, the four of them heard the train pulling into the station, walking forwards and waiting by the doors. Rufus, being the arrogant prick he is, boldly stepped ahead of the others, crossing his arms over.

Break, who could just about make out what had happened, gave a devious smile. He muttered to himself, "Oh crap… not again. Across from them, Sharon sighed, watching as Reim attempted to calm Rufus, and Break continued mocking him. Meanwhile, at the next station, all the company's employees from the Vessalius and Nightray branches were currently there. Gilbert and Vincent were buying tickets, with Vincent clinging to Gil's arm and Echo standing silently behind them, unsure of what she was expected to do.

On the other side of the room, Oz was watching over Alice, whilst Elliot and Leo were both standing by the wall completely ignoring everyone; Leo with his face buried in a book, and Elliot irritated by something which, to put it bluntly, no one cared about. Gilbert was inserting the money into the machine when he felt another tug on his arm. Rolling his eyes, he sighed, "Vince, you don't need to hold onto my arm when I'm buying the tickets. The two of them were brothers, Gilbert being one year older than the obnoxious blonde.

Technically, they were both supposed to work with the Nightrays; however after Jack had chosen to transfer to work with the Baskervilles, Gil was forced to move to the Vessalius, thus leading to the new employees. Echo was planned to work alongside Vincent in the Nightray branch, as well and Elliot and Leo. Oz and Alice had joined the Vessalius', with Gil immediately taking a liking towards Oz and his happy-go-lucky attitude.

Just as the two walked away from the ticket machines with Echo following, all of them heard a high pitched, female squeal: Our train will be here soon! As the two walked onto the station and away from the scene, Elliot decided to speak up. Oz looks like he's getting hurt. Shortly after, the others returned, Echo dragging Oz and Alice along the concrete of the platform. I didn't need Echo attacking us…" "So remind me," Leo spoke abruptly, never once moving his face from the book he was holding as he got onto the train, "Why are we going to London?

He continued, "I'm not gay! So don't mess this up. It's not difficult to figure out. Instead of questioning it, she only giggled, taking Levi's hand in hers. You do it for me. Me and Lotti need to go and check on something real quick. Stop being such a virgin.

We're top of the most important branch! Oswald watched as they left, still baffled by the relationship between them. Unlike his sister, Lacie, and Jack who'd obviously transferred to the Baskerville section to be with herLevi and Lotti weren't officially a couple. Although, they could quite easily be classified as both 'Friends with benefits' or 'Partners in crime'.

Either way, it always creeped the hell out of Oswald. Meanwhile, on the adjacent wall, Lacie was deliberately being extra clingy to Jack. She always did this when Oswald was there, since she knew he didn't approve of Jack. This was based off the fact he was always running his mouth about him, regardless of whether the blonde was in the room with them or not.

Of course, he wasn't feeling guilty enough to stay, and instead just said, "I'm going with Lacie. A few minutes later, the train pulled into the station, and Oswald looked across the platform for everyone else.

To his slight relief, he saw Lacie and Jack both leaving the shop that moment, observing how the train had arrived and boarding it on another carriage. As for himself, he'd somehow managed to select the same area where all the other employees were seated, walking over to them and collapsing back into one of the chairs. Of course, it just had to be the same seat which Break and Rufus were sitting directly opposite of. The two of them - along with Vincent - were known as the most irritating members of the company for various reasons.

Oswald raised an eyebrow judgmentally at him. After a long and tedious journey, the group of them eventually arrived in London. Admittedly, it did take a considerable amount of time to group up and exit the train; however they did eventually make it, finally assembling all together outside Waterloo Station.

Where are you going? Come on, lead everyone else. The boss will be annoyed if we're late. But who knows what that creep will do to the rest of you. Meanwhile, behind the four leading the way, Gilbert was walking next to Oz and Alice, with Vincent — once again — clinging to the side of his jacket. Sighing, he retrieved a cigarette from the upper right pocket of his coat, relieved that he could finally have a smoke.

Removing the lighter and holding it up to the stick, Gil was just about to get his nicotine fix when a hand reached up, plucking the cigarette from his mouth. Come on, I needed that. Gilbert exhaled heavily, "Seriously, stop being stubborn. I need a smoke now, so I'll ha- wait, where are my cigarettes?

However, his suspicions were abandoned soon after once he glanced downwards, spotting Oz giggling sneakily — with the desired pack held between two fingers. Shaking his head, Oswald turned to his friend, cutting off his speech, "You're drunk already, aren't you?

After 20 minutes of getting lost, slow walking and pointless conversations, the group eventually made it to the Savoy Hotel. The street was cut off into a U shaped dead end, the silver plaque above the diamond plated doors proudly displaying the name of the iconic hotel.

Besides the doors, exotic plants sat precisely in the centre of towering gold podiums, the crystal door handles reflecting in the moonlight. Above the label baring 'Savoy', 6 flags stood next to a luxury statue, waving subtly in the cold night breeze. However, I don't know about you but, after an evening like this, I might be satisfied sharing a room with someone.

I barely know you. I was just joking. To say it bluntly, I find you quite annoying. The interior was just as impressive as the exterior, with black and white polished tiles underneath top quality furniture.

Shortly after entering, one of the staff members led them up a perfectly pristine elevator to the reception area. As the group entered the hall, every single one of them spotted their superior: Wearing his usual strange attire along with the poorly applied eyeliner, the man looked just as strange and off-putting as usual. He stood with his backside stuck out on the stage, gesturing for all of the company members to take a seat. Come in, come in! The same black and white tiles surfaced the floor, with two balconies opening up the room on each opposite side of the room.

On the adjacent side, there were both male and female toilets. Beside the stage, a bar sat in the corner, complete with a wide variety of liquors and covering a large area of the room. There were 6 leather stalls around the bar, secluded sofas and chairs scattered around the room in addition to that. Finally, across from the double doors through which they had entered, a single door led to a staircase, the sign hanging above them suggesting that they led to all the bedrooms.

Overall, the evening set out for them was sure as hell going to be a luxury one. Yura continued, "Now, without further ado, please give a round of applause for our 5 new employees; Oz and Alice joining the Vessalius branch, and Echo, Elliot and Leo joining the Nightray branch!

On the same table, Elliot scowled at the people clapping at him, whereas Leo just faced downwards, almost intimidated by everyone focusing on him. Across from the 3 of them, Vincent was just slumped back in his chair, sulking about how all eyes weren't on him for once in his life. On the Vessalius table, Alice had shoved Oz onto the floor, sadistically watching him squirm around on the floor as she hogged all the recognition. Gilbert shook his head, giving up on controlling her.

Whilst he was looking forward to getting to know Oz a little better, part of him was also dreading having to keep watch of Alice. And on top of all of that, Gilbert was starting to really, really need a smoke. He removed one from the box, sticking it in his mouth and producing a lighter. Standing up, Gil ruffled Oz hair, his lips tugging into a sly smile as he walked outside, "Get me a drink, please. Oswald had his head leaning against the bar ledge, waiting for Levi to hurry up and order his drink.

The second Oswald was served his drink, he clutched the tall glass, downing a few gulps of the alcohol and sighing. You don't need to get absolutely hammered.

The bottle of expensive and luxury wine sat exactly in Oswald's line of view, causing him to glare at Lacie out of irritation. Despite only being two years younger than her brother, Lacie sure as hell knew how to irritate him. And one of those things just happened to be Jack. Just everything about Jack pissed him off. Jack, however, couldn't quite grasp why, and continued talking to him on a day-to-day basis as if they were friends. Whilst claiming he didn't like Jack, Lacie had always been certain that Oswald had a soft spot for her boyfriend.

Snapping Oswald out of his trance was Lotti's voice, and he soon turned around to discover her and Levi; With their tongues down each other's throats. Oswald grimaced, downing the rest of the cocktail and grabbing the attention of the bartender. What did Rufus and Sharon want again? I'll just get him a Martini too. Sharon can have wine or something. If anyone else has done it, they have to drink the shot.

The winner, or the loser — depends how you want to perceive it — is the first person to drink all 5 shots," Vincent explained, "I'll get the drinks. We're playing Never Have I Ever! The two were sitting in silence, an awkward atmosphere hanging over them. Leo currently had his face buried in a book, the glass of champagne in front of him untouched. Sitting uncomfortably across from him was Elliot, sipping slowly from a Blue Lagoon cocktail. Turning around eagerly, Oz called out, "Hey!

We're going to play Never Have I Ever; wanna join? That consideration was quickly dropped, however, once he looked across the room and spotted Vincent placing something into the drink which he'd just given her. Exhaling heavily, Oz simply waited.

A few moments later, Vincent returned with a tray of shots, placing them in front of the players, all of which were sitting around the circular table. Once Oz, Gilbert, Alice, Elliot and Leo all had 5 shots in front of them, Vincent pulled a chair over, joining them an beginning the game.

Vincent smiled 'innocently', "Don't worry, brother. All three of them grimaced simultaneously at the bitter, vile taste. The silence was broken a little bit later, Oz saying quietly, "I feel like this lingering awkwardness comes from someone not telling the truth…" "Don't look at me," Alice pouted, "I have street smarts! Gilbert, on the other hand, was not too pleased.

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When the hell did this happen?! Just a bit of, you know…" Vincent suggested, making a gesture which indicated smoking something, "… sweet Mary Jane…" Gilbert shook his head. However, this time, his eyes widened once he felt the effects of the alcohol hit his brain.

He muttered, "Shit… I'm feeling it now…" Blushing slightly to himself, Gilbert faced downwards, picking up his glass and biting the bullet, drinking the shot in one go. He screwed his face up, "Ugh… this game is brutal. Elliot simply watched, slightly embarrassed that he hadn't done that one himself. You're next," Oz told the brunette. Deconstructed as Jack came to hate Lacie's acts of kindness over the years it took him to find her, as they gave him a purpose to live on when he didn't want to and tied him down with the desire to meet Lacie again.

Trying to figure out his true nature or preventing his attempts to bring Lacie back and later bringing the world into the Abyss. Is either directly or indirectly the cause for almost everything bad that's happened to the main cast due to his quest to send the world into the Abyss. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Jack at first seems like a saint.

It's not until much later that he reveals himself as a twisted, manipulative sociopath who intents to bring the world down to the Abyss. Gets one courtesy of Lacie and some thugs. Blue and Orange Morality: While it's hard to tell anything about Jack, one of his last conversations with Glen suggest he really doesn't see destroying the world as something wrong.

After all, it's for Lacie's wish. I just wanted to make Lacie's wish come true, and yet you In order to do something as trivial as that, you wouldn't mind destroying the whole world, you bastard?!

To pretty much everyone who believed in him. Including those who trusted him such as Vincent. In the Pandora Hearts Volume 22 Drama CD, he tries to help Levi and his writing block by describing his past experiences with dating and how all the women he's dated has had tragic ends, his previous girlfriends having died, succumbed to illness, or have committed suicide. Or he might have killed them as the character based on him in Levi's novel did. He has been manipulating the events of the series for the past century in order to try and finish what he started at the Tragedy of Sablier and bring the world down to the Abyss.

His soul was broken to pieces in the clash between B-Rabbit and the Intention of the Abyss. Some of the fragments were swept into Alice's memories, creating the "Jack Vessalius" of modern times.

The rest faded away. Oz is a Chain inhabiting his body and slowly making it less human the more power he gets back, but Jack is the malicious one of this duo and able to usurp Oz from control, at least until he starts fighting back.

Once he lost Lacie forever, Jack felt he had no reason to live anymore. There's only one thing that keeps him going: When that doesn't work? He will do whatever it takes to fulfill what he's convinced himself into believing is Lacie's "wish"—bringing the world to Lacie in the Abyss because she loves the world so much.

He's utterly devoted to Lacie in such a twisted and disturbing way that he's willing to destroy the world because he believes that's what she wanted. It gets darker when it's revealed his devotion to Lacie doesn't come from love, but from obsessive hatred combined with extreme dependency.

He seemed to be this to Lacie, but when given the chance, he never crossed the line in his relationship with her—a line, that Lacie suspects, he had drawn himself. Dramatically Missing the Point: He is convinced that Lacie's unfulfilled wish is to be reunited with the world in the Abyss because 1 he is unable to bring her back from the dead, and 2 she is separated from the world she loves so much.

In reality, Lacie ultimately accepts her death and is merely thankful that she was able to live in the world that she loved so much. He only briefly meets her before his obsession kicks in, all because she was nice to him. In both life and as a fragment of his soul. So much as trying to figure out his true character is a Berserk Button for him. Like a stretch of water so silent and still, even fish avoid it. When you look into it, the only thing you see is your own reflection.

You can't see his true nature. Even though he's right in front of me I can't shake the uncomfortable feeling that no one's actually there.

It was probably an accurate description. Even though this is the man behind the Tragedy, I can feel neither malice nor benevolence from him. Whenever you try to grasp him He might be crazy and willing to make the entire world fall into the Abyss, but even he's disgusted by Isla Yura for wanting to do it just for fun. It turns out that, despite all the stories and memoirs that stated otherwise of which were lies he had others tell or fabricated himselfJack was the true instigator of the Tragedy of Sablier.

Face Framed in Shadow: Up until his formal introduction. Up until he formally introduces himself to Pandora and Oz's gang. Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Jack is quite attractive in a deceptively innocent, beautiful way. He knows, and uses it like hell in order to deceive other people. Jack is adored by everyone as the hero of the Tragedy of Sablier, until it's revealed he was the mastermind behind the Tragedy all along. He acts as Oswald's friend in order to be near Lacie and only sticks around the Baskervilles post-Lacie's death to learn more about the Abyss in hopes of bringing Lacie back from the dead.

He befriends Alyss and preys on her loneliness in order to use her to help him create B-Rabbit and bring the world into the Abyss. He purposely befriends Arthur in order to meet Arthur's sister Miranda, who is inevitably the person who enables him to reunite with Lacie. Jack is suave, gracious, polite, and usually gentle in speech—even when threatening to kill someone, or asking them to help him destroy the world.

Elliot Nightray/Relationships

A true sociopath, he's learned that it's important to pretend he feels the appropriate emotions necessary to connect with others, and so it's a rare moment that he breaks out of his gentle, manipulative smile. Much of the first half of the manga works to develop how superficially similar Oz and Jack are, both being Gadfly Keets initially presented as Messianic Archetypes. Many scenes are specifically constructed to parallel events, moments, conflicts, and dialogue choices in their lives.

However, the second half works to show how different they truly are in their motivations and emotional capacity by taking these previous parallels and inverting the choices made afterwards to highlight Oz's emotional sensitivity in contrast with Jack's sociopathy, showing that their similar actions had opposite motivations.

Even their former Keet ways, which were both used as identical masks to hide their interior thoughts and feelings, become contrasting opposites: Oz used this act to hide his pain and try to prevent those he loved from worrying about him; Jack used it to hide the fact that he perceived himself as absolutely empty inside, and realized this was abnormal. Even their endings invert their characters: Jack began as the only normal human main character of the Sablier cast and ended a shattered, sociopathic shade, while Oz began as only a bit of energy recording memories inside a doll and developed into one of the most psychologically human characters.

From Nobody to Nightmare: He started his life as an illegitimate child living on the streets. Then he became obsessed with Lacie and eventually became the mastermind behind the Tragedy of Sablier, who even after death tries to fulfill his goal to destroy the world. Go Out with a Smile: He smiles one last time before the last remnant of his soul leaves his body.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship test

He can hijack Oz's body if the situation calls for it. Subverted in that Oz's "body" turned out to be Jack's all along. There is the unsaid but ever-present implication towards the end of the manga that Jack is so abusive towards Oz and so persistent in reminding Oz that he is, from Jack's perspective, not "real" and thus unable to achieve anything real or meaningful At the end of the series, Oz finally gets Jack to realize Lacie's true wishes and he stops the Intention of the Abyss' rampage by confessing his true intentions.

He also tells the Core to use his body once his soul disappears so it can communicate with the Baskervilles and form a more friendly relationship with them. Up until he reveals himself after the Cheshire arc.

Turns out he isn't the princely hero everyone makes him out to be, or, indeed, a hero at all. Turns out he doesn't love Lacie. He actually grew to hate Lacie during his eight years of doing whatever it took to find her, blaming and resenting Lacie for saving him and giving him a purpose to life as wearing so many masks and playing so many roles made him lose sight of his identity, an idea that terrified him.

Despite this, he realizes that his hatred for Lacie is real; everything he feels when he is with Lacie is real and his true self and he can find peace in that, and it is only when she is gone that he cannot remember who he is anymore. He's shown to resent and be disgusted with his mother for becoming so blindly obsessed with his father after the latter abandons her. He ends up being even more obsessed with the first girl who is nice to him after she leaves him.

In spite of finding out that Lacie initially doesn't remember him, he doesn't particularly mind because he admires Lacie all the more for how free-spirited she is and how she can't be tied down by anything.

Subverted since he actually doesn't love her. When Oswald's soul vanishes, Oz asks Jack if he's sad about what's happened to Oswald. Jack says he's unsure how he feels, but he realizes that his eyes won't stop welling up with tears anyway. I'm Not a Hero, I'm He's very insistent that he's not a hero.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship test

At first, this appears to be him being humble. Then it turns out he wasn't lying I Owe You My Life: Feels this way about Lacie to the point where Lacie's mere existence is the only thing that ties him to the world. Horribly deconstructed when it turns out he began resenting the girl who saved him a long time and her existence is the only way he can remember who he truly is and continue to go on living. It Meant Something to Me: For Jack, the day he met Lacie changed his life forever and gave him the will to live on in order to see her again.

Meanwhile, Lacie just saw it as a way to kill time and didn't even remember him by the time he found her. Levi even said Lacie would usually run away from home and typically dotes on "pets" only to promptly forget about them, and Jack was no different. Interestingly, Jack knows Lacie is the kind of girl who would do that and is fine with it since he likes how free-spirited she is.

I Will Find You: He spends eight years searching for Lacie. He eventually finds her Kill the Ones You Love: However, it's later revealed the friendship between Jack and Oswald had became strained since Oswald refused to help Jack revive Lacie.

And it was Jack who tried to destroy the world and he killed Oswald when he got in the way. Despite all this, Jack truly seemed to be fond of Oswald and considered him his best friend, even though his major sense of identity issues kept him from being sure how much of that feeling was real. He confesses to Levi that he learned how to tell when people were lying in order to survive. He knew that Lacie was lying when she told him to not visit the Baskerville mansion due to preparations for a ceremony in a week in Retrace LXVIII, but he didn't realize that it was because of her impending death until later.

Levi mentally notes that this is just a little messed up. He's a very pretty-looking man with a long braid. He states that after years of wearing many faces and manipulating people in order to see Lacie again, he couldn't tell who he really was anymore. The only thing he can be sure about himself is that he hates Lacie for making him that way, which is why he's so obsessed with being by her side. Love Makes You Evil: His motivation to try and bring the world down to the Abyss is to fulfill his dear Lacie's "wish".

But according to Lacie and him in the Pandora Hearts Volume 22 Drama CD, his feelings for her aren't love; Lacie tells Oswald that he can't love anyone while he finds his feelings are hard to describe when explaining himself to Levi.

Furthermore, the Volume The final chapters ultimately reveal that Jack actually hates Lacie once he realizes how far he has sunk. That being said, it doesn't make his feelings any less evil. Since the beginning of the Flashback Arc his feelings towards Lacie have been ambiguous.

vincent nightray and echoes relationship test

The readers are lead to believe he truly loves her and idolizes her to extreme limits. Later chapters reveal that he actually doesn't love her at all—he hates her and is obsessed with being by her side because this incredible resentment is the only thing that reminds him of who he really is.

After Glen says that Lacie can't be brought back. I refuse to accept it! He emotionally and mentally manipulates others to get them to do what he wants. He is good at faking the wise hero, or the happy-go-lucky friend, but in the end he's so messed up he can't even tell who he is anymore. Master of the Mixed Message: He may be obsessed with Lacie, but it's ambiguous whether or not his feelings are romantic.

While he's explaining himself to Levi in the Volume 22 Drama CD, he can't quite express what exactly he may feel for Lacie or if it's love; he simply wants to be by her side. Later, it's confirmed he doesn't love her at all, in fact, his adoration has changed to detestation after realizing how far he has fallen in his desire to meet her again.

Jack is afflicted with this as a result of the Abyss rejecting his corrupted soul and excluding him from the hundred-year cycle of rebirth. His body is cursed to perpetually age up to twenty-four years, his age at the Tragedy of Sablier, when his soul was rejected, and then regress back to infancy. Additionally, each time he completes this cycle, a piece of what's left of his soul is destroyed. He eventually reveals that he doesn't love Lacie, he hates her for tying him down with the desire to meet her again.

However, that same hatred makes him feel alive and lets him know who he really is. So despite whatever "noble" intentions he might have led himself to believe with bringing Lacie back to life or bringing the world Lacie loves back to her, his reasons for reuniting with Lacie are purely his own: To everyone in general.

Specifically, towards Oz and Alice. Or so it seemed. No Sense of Personal Space: Not that obvious and not Played for Laughs. For some reason Jack really likes caressing various parts of Oz's body. The way this is portrayed, even the Yaoi Fangirls of the fandom have no other reaction besides being incredibly disturbed.

He was Alice's first friend after he discovered her in her lonely prison of a tower. Though, it turns out it was just Alyss that was fond of Jack, and not Alice herself. Also, Jack was only using her. He didn't reincarnate, nor has he been revived.

The real Jack Vessalius died during the Tragedy of Sablier and the remnants of his soul faded over the following century. All that remains are fractured part of his soul that continue to try to accomplish his goal.

The Power of Hate: The real source of his obsession with Lacie. He hates her so much that being with her is the only way he feels alive. He at first seems like a princely hero from a fairy tale. His true self is far from that, as he's a psychotic Yandere and the real mastermind behind the Tragedy of Sablier.

If he can't bring Lacie back into the world, then he'll just bring the world to Lacie.