Yusei and akiza relationship counseling

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yusei and akiza relationship counseling

You'll be able to hear me give you advice on how to win Yusei's heart, . further in his and Akiza's relationship if he discovered who she was. It broke me when Yusei refused to let go of Akiza- even when she was slowly killing him. He sensed she was frightened and lonely, and was willing to die so. Yusei disagreed and inquired as to whether she could feel a connection . getting a Duel Runner license would bring Akiza peace and as advice, from an elder.

They went to Combat Lanewhere Yusei was last seen. There they met Crow Hoganwhom Akiza got mad at for letting himself get separated from Yusei. Crow accused her of overreacting to the situation and always being extra sensitive on anything concerning Yusei.

Akiza blushed and said she did not know what he was talking about. She and the player continued to search the area, while Crow looked elsewhere.

Eventually, they found Yusei with Sherry LeBlanc. Yusei noticed Akiza looked worried and asked what was wrong.

She told him that she had heard about him getting separated from Crow and Yusei affirmed that he had been kidnapped by a group, who wanted them to join his Duel gang. However he managed to escape and then met Sherry. Sherry introduced herself and said that she thought she and Yusei would make a perfect team. This led Akiza to believe that Sherry was part of the gang that tried to kidnap Yusei and did not believe her when she claimed that was just a coincidence.

Yusei defended Sherry and Akiza tried asking how Yusei knew he could trust her.

Sherry interrupted, announcing that she and Yusei shared a special connection and have an understanding that may be even deeper than his and Akiza's. Akiza was unhappy and remarked that Sherry did not know a thing about Yusei. Crow then arrived and claimed he was right that Akiza had nothing to worry about. However she became furious and demanded that Crow and Sherry Tag Duel her and the player.

Sherry was impressed, but reminded Akiza they were not playing "winner gets Yusei" and that it was up to Yusei, who his Tag partner, would be.

yusei and akiza relationship counseling

Akiza blushed and insisted that that was not what the Duel was about. Sherry laughed that she was just kidding and found it cute how sensitive Akiza got.

Before leaving, she said that a Duel can teach a lot and that she hoped to see Akiza again. Akiza wondered what she meant and if there was stuff about herself or Yusei that she still needed to learn, but insisted that she did not need Sherry's "silly advice".

She thanked the player for being there for her and said that they had a great Duel thanks to him. Akiza was unable to stop dwelling on what Sherry had said a Duel being able to teach her.

She could not grasp how Dueling has given Sherry and Yusei a "deeper understanding". She hoped that by Dueling the player, she might be able to figure it out. Before Dueling, she took the player to the card shop, to buy a pack and also asked for his opinion on what color case and sleeves she should get. She decided to get bread for breakfast and after hearing that the player is not eating breakfast every morning, insisted that he come with her and tittered that they could both get something.

Leo spotted the player and Akiza clothes shopping together and told Luna that they were on a date. Luna suggested that they keep quiet, so that they could watch them.

When Akiza and the player were buying ice cream, Leo got carried away and said what he wanted when Akiza asked the player what flavor he would like. Leo told Akiza what he had been doing and Luna promised not to tell anyone else about her and the player's date. Akiza tried to maintain that it was not a date; that they were only shopping before Dueling, but the twins did not believe her and pointed out she was blushing. She tried getting the player to tell them it was not a date, but he remained silent.

Akiza suggested that they Duel and if the twins won they could call it a date, but if she and the player won, they would consider it to be nothing more than shopping. Leo asked if they could Duel again, but change teams. However Luna told him that they should get going as they did not want to interrupt Akiza and the player's "special time together" and then jokingly used "shopping" as a euphemism for "dating". When the twins left, Akiza asked why he did not defend her claim earlier and expressed that the twins do not believe her because of that.

Although things did not go according to plan, she thought it was a good day, since they had gotten their Duel. Before going home, she thanked the player for the Duel and shopping with her.

Akiza visited the player and asked if he wanted to go out with her, if he had no plans. She was still bothered by what Sherry had said and wondered what her and Yusei's Dueling had that hers lacked. As she was not in a hurry, she suggested that the player get breakfast and offered to make coffee for him.

The first thing that came to her head when she thought about the difference between her Dueling and that of Yusei and Sherry's was that they used Duel Runners. So she and the player went to get Duel Runner licenses.

She felt that practicing together would be more effective than alone. However Tetsu Trudge advised against it, declaring that Turbo Dueling is too dangerous for women. However Mina Simington told Trudge off for discriminating. The two of them explained that applicants needed to defeat Trudge in a Turbo Duel in order to receive their license.

Akiza Izinski

As Mina explained that testing was necessary to reduce accidents caused by people who people who applied for licenses out of impulse or emotion, Trudge affirmed that he felt Akiza fitted into that category of people.

Akiza contended that that was not the case and said that she was determined to catch up with Yusei and wanted to see and feel what he does. Mina and Trudge explained that there would be training, followed by a final test Turbo Duel against Trudge.

But before the training commenced, she suggested that they have a Standing Duel, to see if it was worth her making the effort. The logic being if she could not win a Standing Duel, she would not have a chance in a Turbo Duel.

Akiza accepted that and suggested that they make it a Tag Duel, since there were four of them. She also mentioned having a feeling, during the Duel, that Akiza was anxious about something. She did not think that simply getting a Duel Runner license would bring Akiza peace and as advice, from an elder, rather than a Duel Runner instructor, advised that she should not rush to find her answer.

Akiza admitted that she had been anxious and thought that Dueling might help her understand. Mina said that answers can be found in the middle of Duels and that she was sure Akiza would find the answers she was looking for. Yusei invited Akiza and the player come and see him at Combat Lane. Akiza recognized it as the place where she had Dueled Sherry. Yusei confirmed that and said that he noticed Akiza had been troubled ever since she met Sherry. He apologized for not offering any help, but he thought that taking advice from someone was not the way to solve the problem.

He felt that she needed to find her own answer somewhere in the middle of a Duel. He asked if Akiza had come close to finding the answer and suggested that they Duel.

yusei and akiza relationship counseling

Akiza asked if it would be just the two of them, but then Jack Atlas showed up and reminded her that Yusei had also asked the player to come. With the bonds the four of them shared, Yusei was sure a Duel fought by such close friends would teach Akiza something. Akiza thanked them and said that she never thought she would be so happy to Duel before. With assistance from Yusei this allowed Akiza to finally find peace and be willing to join normal society again.

After joining Yusei and his friends, Akiza's demeanor has become much more caring, sweet, brave, heroic, kind-hearted, and valuing of true friendship, and she has become more eager to help those close to her whenever possible. Akiza has also developed feelings for Yusei, as Jack pointed out whenever it came to his safety she often gets too worked up. Relationships Yusei Fudo Since their first duel, Akiza developped a crush on Yusei as the latter's words nearly reached out to her heart, as she was shown crying, after losing the duel, asking for his help.

During their second duel, Yusei was finally successful at reaching her heart, accepting her as a friend and making her reconcile happily with her parents. By the time she befriended yusei, her violent and aggressive personality turned into a much sweet and kind hearted one. I'm ready when you're ready for me. The Dark Magician Girl wanted to tell Akiza so badly, but she had realized what was best for the teen.

Yusei was sure of his feelings. The look in his eyes told the spellcaster that much. And Akiza deserved to be rewarded for her courage and faith. Instead, she chose to tell Akiza he had come by and let her find out the reasons for herself.

It would make things so much more special for the teen. She and the man of her dreams alone, him confessing his love that she yearned to receive for so long. The spellcaster knew she owed her friend such a special moment after all she put her through. Through the peep-hole, the Dark Magician Girl saw a single tear sliding down his face. And as Yusei reluctantly departed, she smiled, knowing that Akiza would soon find the happiness and love she always wanted.

The first thing Akiza noticed when she returned to consciousness was a faint echoing in her ears. She slowly sat up in the grass she had fallen onto and looked around. She was still in the rose garden, and the sky was still dark. Yubel was also nowhere in sight, which confused Akiza. She stood up and immediately stumbled, feeling dizzy. Akiza jumped in surprise, looking around for Yubel but not finding her. For now, only you can hear me when I speak.

Once again, I'll be able to venture out of your body for short periods of time when I gain enough strength. But until then, this is all the communication we will have. An idea occurred to her.

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Since you're part of my spirit, can you read my thoughts right now? She wanted to keep her thoughts private at the very least. Her mind has been controlled once before by Sayer, and Akiza did not want to ever experience that degree of helplessness again. She nodded, satisfied her thoughts were still her own. We can talk about how to make Yusei fall in love with you in the morning, but you just bonded with a duel spirit, and I just traveled from a different dimension to get here.

She didn't notice just how exhausted she was until Yubel mentioned it. They started walking back to Akiza's house. She considered trying to make amends with Yusei that night, but a glance at her phone showed it was already past midnight. Yes, it was probably best to wait for the next day when she was more prepared and Yusei was awake.

She was about to enter her house when the teen thought of something else. She cursed herself for not considering it before bonding with Yubel, and she stopped in front of the door. The teen suddenly felt guilty for the way she shunned the Dark Magician Girl after all the help she had provided. She made a mental note to apologize. The duel spirit was silent for a moment before responding. If I were you, I'd wait to tell her after you and Yusei get together.

Are you two enemies? But Dark might not recognize that right away, and I don't want you getting caught in the middle of a century-old grudge match. Maybe if I show her I'm willing to help you find love, she can let go of her hatred for me. I mean, she's only the greatest sorceress of all time. Every duel spirit has one, and we radiate it much like humans radiate heat. I'm too weak to give off any signature of power now, and by the time I do, you and Yusei will already be together.

Our secret is safe at the moment. She took a deep breath and opened the door, stepping into her house. She closed the door behind her and walked upstairs. Yubel was silent during the entrance, no doubt looking out for the Dark Magician Girl. Deja vu started to settle in for Akiza. She felt exactly how she felt a week ago when she first met the Dark Magician Girl; anxious, desperate, afraid. She hoped that bonding with Yubel was the right decision and that the spirit could help her make Yusei see the true depths of her love.

She just wanted to be happy with him, and instead had managed to awaken two unearthly forces and turned them matchmaker. She didn't know whether she should feel proud of that fact or disturbed by it. But she she did hope that Yubel's advice would have better consequences than the Dark Magician Girl's. She entered her room and found the Dark Magician Girl sitting on her dresser, reading with a tired expression on her face.

Akiza was grateful that her friend respected her enough to give her time alone. A stab of guilt entered Akiza as she remembered she was blatantly deceiving someone who trusted her so greatly. The spellcaster looked up.

Thanks for giving me some time. I'm sorry for blowing you off and resenting you. I was hurt and scared over Yusei, and I took it out on you. That wasn't fair, and you didn't deserve it.