Meet the bands achievement unlocked

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meet the bands achievement unlocked

I met the requirements for a certain achievement in Crimson Dragon, and it did not unlock. I was frustrated, however another achievement that I. In the full achievement unlock guide below, we've noted these discrepancies, To unlock it you need to reach the first fear room in Act 3 either by . underground black metal bands, and bringing you the latest gaming news. Players that have unlocked this achievement in claimed that it would take 4- 6 Props to anyone who was able to reach this achievement legitimately when the . Rock Band 2 – The Bladder of Steel Award (Xbox /PlayStation 3).

Take a look at our walkthrough for more details. Complete the quest and wait a few days. After that, go back to Dragic's laboratory. The main character will find the dead scientist.

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Finish the first chapter of the game. Complete all the main missions of the first chapter, i. The first chapter ends when you reach Horseshoe Overlook. This is a very time-consuming trophy. You have to do a lot of optional activities. In each of these states you have to kill innocent people and perform other actions in order to get a bounty for Arthur that is going to be at least dollars. You can check the current level of the bounty on the map of the world or by pressing the down button on the gamepad's cross.

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Once you have met the requirements for bounty letters, you fortunately don't have to actively avoid lawmen for 3 full days. You can use your bed in the gang hideout, in a hotel or in a "mobile" camp to speed up the passage of time you have to wait for Arthur to "agree" to go to rest again.

Note - Before you start trying to get this trophy, save the game manually. Thanks to that you won't have to get rid of a gigantic bounty for your head. Breaking and Entering How to unlock: Recover the stash from 4 homesteads. Spoil caches in 4 homes. You can take care of looting farms on your own or by completing the related small missions, which take place together with various people from the Dutch gang. There is one cache in each household. See other sections of our guide - about riddles, secrets and robberies, to get more info.

Complete one of the collector's stories. For the purpose of this trophy you have to find all the secrets of any chosen group.

The easiest way to do this is finding Rock Carvings - as shown on the picture above. There are only 10 of them in the whole game.

meet the bands achievement unlocked

Have a look at the Rock Carvings page in our guide where you can find information about where to find them. Finish the "A New Jerusalem" mission. You cannot miss this achievement, because it is one of the missions in the epilogue of the game's main story. Endless Summer How to unlock: Complete all the main epilogue missions, i. Fulfill 5 requests for getting an item commissioned by your companions.

You can find out about the gifts that your companions would like to receive by meeting them in the camp or while completing a mission with their participation. You may be asked to bring them a specific item e. For more information on where to find the requested items, check Item requests for the gang members in RDR2.

Achieve a maximum or minimum level of honor. Honor is a form of reputation. It is better to fight for maximum positive honor by completing various good deeds.

meet the bands achievement unlocked

This topic is described in more detail on the How does the honor system works and how does it affect the game? The easiest way to check the current level of honor is by pressing the down button on the gamepad's cross - at the bottom of the screen you will see a bar of honor as shown in the picture.

meet the bands achievement unlocked

Friends with Benefits How to unlock: Complete a Companion Activity in each camp. Complete the activity with a companion in each camp. Activities are small tasks and mini-games that appear from time to time in the gang camp.

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These may include, for example, joining a card game, going fishing with another gang member or taking part in a Home Robbery together example is shown in the picture above.

You have to complete any activity in each camp, i. You can miss the trophy if you ignore all the activities offered in a given chapter. The box is in the current gang camp in chapters and is always marked with a dollar icon.

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The game counts everything you put in it, including cash and various types of jewelry. Return to it after a larger expedition or completed mission in which you have acquired some treasures.

meet the bands achievement unlocked

You must get this trophy before you complete the fourth chapter of the game. Earn 70 gold medals in story missions. This is one of the most difficult achievements in the game. Each story mission has from one to several challenges e. The game allows you to play tasks again and we have described it on the page How to replay missions? In RDR2 there are more than story missions to complete, which means that you don't have to fight for a gold medal in each of them. Survive 18 bear attacks in main story mode, killing it each time.

They might make it look easy, but give it a shot. Super Meat Boy is available on other platforms, but these achievements are not.

meet the bands achievement unlocked

This re-release not remake comes with a few All of these pieces have tiered levels that you advance them through by achieving AP. To get AP, you complete battles. You only get it for Materia that you have equipped.

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On average, each of your three characters will probably have around eight equipped at any given time. It takes hours upon hours of gameplay to master a single Materia. You have to master all of them. The worst part is that some of these pieces of Materia are missable. Shoot'em Up Achievement In Act 3, you can find find four slices of cake and four mannequins by searching both your house and the upper floors of the neighbor's house.

If you arrange all four slices at the seats in the birthday room on the second floor, then set the four mannequins around the table as though they were eating, the ceiling will explode with fireworks and unlock the achievement. When you enter the basement and see a strange segment where the younger boy is running around, be sure to stand in front of him whenever he stops to protect him from the shadow man.

After the last segment when you protect the kid, the achievement will pop. Break the brick wall and run into the white door the same one you get caught in at the end of Act 1. After the giant neighbor destroys the room, use a box to flip the switch up on the top of the wall behind you.

Run around behind the wall and jump up the flashlight to reach the toaster, which will propel you up to another platform, where you can manually flick a large switch. Quickly jump down on the wood platform, which will be rising up into a metal tube.

Break through the window and flip yet another switch, then grab one of the umbrellas as you fall to the ground. Climb up the metal platforms that lead towards the red house up in the air supported by yellow stilts. Partway up the platforms, press the red button on the console, then go back the way you came and return to the toaster, which will now slingshot you on top of the red house, where you can grab a candle.

Float back to the ground with the umbrella and use the candle to light the fireworks in front of the giant neighbor. Use the toaster yet again, but this time we're going the opposite direction, to where you should find a crossbow, which you can use to hit the giant neighbor and knock him down if you haven't patched your game and are on a previous version, you need to use two baseballs instead.

To finish off the achievement, use the toaster to float onto the house that appears on the giant neighbor's back.