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meet the big hero 6 characters wasabi

Disney's upcoming Big Hero 6 may make a powerful leap into this fall's box-office leaf pile with little competition in the animated realms. Big Hero 6 () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and (Big Hero 6 team and characters created by) & Wasabi (voice). The series is based on Disney's film Big Hero 6, which itself is loosely based Along with his friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred, they form the Further information: List of Disney's Big Hero 6 characters . Go Go learns from Wasabi and Honey about Hiro and Fred's predicament and the three meet up.

Wasabi and the others mourn the death of their friend, and spends their time comforting the Hamada family during the dark hours. Unfortunately, Hiro refuses to engage in contact, concealing himself within his room for weeks. Even so, Wasabi and the others make an attempt to send a video message, expressing their interest in having him join their side in school, as well as their circle of friends, only to face understandable rejection.

However, later that night, Wasabi and the others were out on the city streets when they spot Hiro and Tadashi's robot, Baymax, snooping about the city. Wasabi follows behind in his car, and the gang soon finds themselves near the bay. Wasabi confronts Hiro on his actions, but it leads to no real explanation. That is, until a menacing figure wearing a kabuki mask arrives and attacks them; nearly killing a panicked Wasabi, though the latter is fortunately rescued by Baymax. Without further hesitation, Wasabi and the others retreat to the former's vehicle, and a car chase ensues.

A by-the-book Wasabi constantly obeys the traffic laws, however, slowing the group down and heightening of the mask figure's success in murdering them, until Go Go, out of frustration, takes the wheel.

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The chase ends with the team, and the car, crashing into the waters of the bay, having the mask man believe them to be dead, thus taking his leave. Once emerged from the waters, Fred offers a place for recovery, which turns out to be his mansion homemuch to Wasabi's surprise and utter confusion.

After drying off, the friends discuss the mask man, and he's revealed to be a man who managed to steal Hiro's Microbotsand the cause of the fire that killed Tadashi. Wanting to bring him to justice, Hiro suggests they become technologically advanced superheroes to bring Yokai down themselves.

Wasabi is the first to express his apprehensions on the matter, exclaiming they're simply a bunch of nerds, and as such, don't stand a chance against the villain.

Nevertheless, he goes along with it, and "upgrades" are given to each member. Wasabi is given special armor, with his primary weapons being plasma blades based off his latest school experiment. After a little training at Fred's manor, Baymax and Hiro set out to track Yokai's whereabouts, eventually discovering it to be on an abandoned island off the shores of the city.

Wasabi joins the others in travelling over via flight through Baymax, and openly expresses his lack of enjoyment due to his fear of heights.

Once they arrive, Wasabi is the only member to point out the lack of precaution the others are taking, after spotting a "Warning" sign on the gates that lead to a hidden facility. Nevertheless, a fearful Wasabi follows behind, and the team soon stumbles upon a giant machine in the making. This leads the team to believe Krei is the one behind the mask.

Just then, Yokai attacks. Whilst the other members immediately jump into action, Wasabi stays behind in an attempt to think of a plan, only to impulsively jump into battle. Though he puts up a decent fight, at first, Yokai soon gets the upper hand and defeats him. After a while, Hiro successfully unmasks the criminal, but it's revealed to be Professor Callaghan, who used the stolen Microbots to save himself from a fiery death.

Infuriated, Hiro corrupts Baymax's programming and orders him to kill Callaghan. Knowing such action is wrong, Wasabi, Go Go, and Fred battle Baymax to stop him, allowing Callaghan to escape in the process. Fortunately, Honey Lemon restores Baymax to his normal state, and the robot apologizes for his actions towards the team. Wasabi and Go Go confront Hiro on his behavior, only to have the boy storm off in grief, with Baymax by his side, leaving them stranded on the island, until Fred's butler arrives with the family chopper.

Once they return to San FransokyoWasabi and the team visit Hiro to comfort him, understanding his actions were out of overwhelming sadness at the hands of Tadashi's death. Go Go then promises they'll put a stop to Callaghan's villainy the right way. The team then shows Hiro a piece of recording footage they found at Krei's facility, where it's revealed Abigail was the daughter of Callaghan, meaning his scheme is revolved around extracting revenge on Alistair Krei.

With this knowledge, the team heads to Krei Techwhere Callaghan arrives and confronts the tech-geru. Before he's able to kill Krei, Wasabi and the team arrives, engaging in battle after Callaghan refuses to stand down.

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Wasabi is soon trapped between two metallic walls of Microbots, which continuously move closer from each side, as Callaghan plans to crush him to death. With the other members suffering similar catastrophes, Hiro advises them to look through a different angle to free themselves. What he ultimately becomes.

Part of Hiro's character is based around him learning that his skills and his tech to be used helping others and not himself. The series places heavy emphasis on him learning the "responsibility" part, and the key to that is patience and discipline. Part of his Stark-like behavior. I fail to see how flying makes me a better healthcare companion. In the source comic, Hiro was more mature and the builder of Baymax.

These traits were moved over to Tadashi for the film adaptation. Does This Remind You of Anything? He loses a close male relative his late brother Tadashi who died attempting to save Callaghan and lives with his Aunt Cass. This situation is quite similar to Peter Parker, a. Instead of bringing a big, strong, robot like the other fighters do, he instead uses a small robot that pulls itself apart to escape being smashed and mechanically dismantles Yama's robot rather than simply destroying it with brute force, showcasing intelligence, creativity and a willingness to think outside the box.

He also shows that he has the guts to hustle in an illegal bot fight, demonstrating both Anti-Hero tendencies and recklessness. Hey, I'm as surprised as you are. He even gushes when he first meets him, making his reveal as Yokai all the more sadder.

Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The Foolish to Tadashi's Responsible. While both brothers are highly intelligent, Hiro is at first unwilling to do anything productive with his genius, spending most of his time participating in illegal robot fights. Hiro never had any friends due to them being jealous of his vast intelligence.

Hiro graduated high school at the age of Even before Character Developmenthe had a good loving relationship with his Aunt Cass. The death of Tadashi sent him into severe depression. It's not just his name—his personal quest is what drives the formation of Big Hero 6, which he takes charge of or in a sense, is given charge of, as the rest of the team join in of their own accord, not necessarily his ; he is also responsible for the design of each member's respective suit.

Hero with a Unique Name: Hiro, the protagonist with the only Alliterative Nameas well as being the " hero " of the story. Also, the rest of the superhero team are Only Known by Their Nickname. He is shown to be a good artist when he draws a copy of the "silent sparrow" symbol after just a glimpse.

He tends to act cocky and arrogant, but much of that is a mask to hide his shyness and insecurities.

meet the big hero 6 characters wasabi

So people can tell me stuff I already know? Hiro claims that what his parents would have thought of bot battling doesn't matter because they died when he was only 3. The insensitive part is that he says this in front of his older brother, who would have been at least 7 when they died and therefore has a tangible memory of the people Hiro just completely disregarded.

Picks it up after learning Callaghan is the villain and having the team actively prevent "combat-mode" Baymax from trying to destroy him, a grief-stricken Hiro says he shouldn't have asked for their help in the first place, and plans to work alone.

He then climbs aboard Baymax and rockets away. Fortunately he is able to overcome his grief-driven jerkass behavior, but in the meantime he left the team behind and stranded on the island. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Underneath all his arrogance and cockiness, Hiro is actually a pretty sweet kid. He transforms into a full-on Nice Guy by the end.

Or is it Kid Hiro? Hiro is the main protagonist and is 14 years old. The Kid with the Remote Control: An asset that Hiro brings to the team is that Baymax follows his instructions and Hiro has outfitted him with Powered Armor. Subverted in that Baymax obeys Hiro because he considers Hiro his patient and is trying to help him work through his grief over the loss of Tadashi. However, when Hiro orders Baymax to open his access port, he refuses because he knows Hiro will then use him to terminate Callaghan.

Little Miss Con Artist: In the Bot Battle arena, Hiro pretends to be a novice to catch his opponents off guard. Instead of just using his magnetic gauntlets to attach to Bayman, the TV series has him use them offensive in a few circumstances, most notably during "Food Fight". A common meaning for Hiro's name is "abundance," and he is shown to have a very abundant mind. In addition, there's the obvious looking and sounding like the English word for hero.

The essential guide reveals he thinks uncombed hair looks cool. In The Series episode "Big Problem", when Granville combs Hiro's hair in preparation for Liv Amara's visit, it goes back to it's usual messy style after a few seconds. He created the microbots, as shown in that page image. They're capable of coming together in order to take many different forms, allowing them to perform complex tasks that would normally require many human hands with a thought projected through a transceiver.

He's half Japanese and half white. According to Baymax's scanner, he's going through pubescent mood swings. He and Tadashi were raised by their Aunt Cass after their parents died. What Hiro fully becomes after some much needed character development.

At the bot fight club, he presents himself as a naive, timid kid with a seemingly harmless robot in order to trick his opponent into betting a lot of money. His civilian clothing consists of a red shirt with a blue sweatshirt. His super suit is primarily purple. Although the suit itself doesn't give him any special combat abilities its color denotes his role as the team leader and supervisor of Baymax's attacks.

Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Has jet black hair and a pale complexion. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Following his meeting with Professor Callaghan in prison, Hiro is told by his former idol of how he regrets his actions that led to Tadashi's death. Hiro's response is as realistic as a teenager who still grieves for his lost brother can get.

meet the big hero 6 characters wasabi

Tadashi would want me to forgive you His primary flaw turns out to be this, as shown when, upon finding out that Callaghan is Yokai, he tries to kill him by reprogramming Baymax to follow his order to destroy. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: A prodigy in assorted scientific fields in general, the film in particular focuses mostly on his incredible talents in robotics.

Secret Identity Vocal Shift: In "Small Hiro One", he deepens his voice while suited up twice: In "Fan Friction", he adopts the deep voice again when captured with Karmi and the rest of the team.

She Is Not My Girlfriend: Stated to the team before going to rescue Karmi in "Fan Friction". However, she quickly develops an interest in Alistair Krei, who asks her out on a date. Hiro quickly tries to sabotage their date so that "Uncle Krei" isn't a reality.

Not as extreme as most examples, but it's there. Hiro is the shortest member of Big Hero 6 and the most intelligent. He gradually became this when people mocked him for his supreme intelligence. It shows during the beginning of his microbot presentation and after Tadashi's death. Smart People Build Robots: He's incredibly good at building battle-bots. Justifiedgiven how he was made fun of because of his intelligence and never really talked to anyone other than his brother and aunt.

Though, they are not necessarily protruding. In the same vein as Hiro Nakamura from Heroeshis first name which is Japanese is pronounced the same way as the English word "hero".