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meet the parents dinner scene incredibles

For Greg Focker (Ben Stiller), in Meet the Parents, he is not only The Meet the Parents dinner scene exemplifies the truly difficult and. movie dinner scenes - meet the parents Boys Who, Parents, Dinner, Dads, . The Incredibles - Dinner Scene Blu-Ray] All rights belong to Pixar and Disney. It starts with Violet and ends with the entire family. The dinner scene begins with this gem. Violet: [Dash reaches for a spring roll before Violet stops him] Did you.

So why has it appeared in so many Pixar movies? Since the Easter egg is so inconspicuous, it pops up in a lot of places throughout Incredibles 2. It appears on the side of the runaway Metrolev train that Elastigirl has to stop, shows up on a license plate during the opening parking lot fight, and also appears inside of Evelyn Deavor's laboratory. It's a throwback full of brass instruments recorded on analog tapes, and never fails to get one's blood pumping, regardless of how cheeky and cheesy it is.

Of course, the only thing cheesier than a good theme song is a theme song with vocals, and Incredibles 2 has a bunch of them — they're just Easter eggs buried in the credits. When Evelyn makes her true plans known to Elastigirl, she lightly taunts the heroine by saying that her brother Winston knows all the words to her theme song. In the middle of the movie, it's hard to tell if Evelyn is joking or not — but during the credits, you actually get to hear the song.

It's no wonder Winston memorized the track — it's simple and it's catchy, with a chorus of wailing vocals that evokes classic superhero songs like Spider-Man 's. Incredible track as well.

They're great little tunes, and fit perfectly within the Incredibles' idealistic universe.

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Slap those catchy jingles in a commercial, and you're gonna move some toys. Safari Court After an exploding jet falls on their modest suburban home during the action-packed climax of The Incrediblesthe Parr family ends up with their backs against the wall, temporarily displaced. The distinctive building, colored with yellow and pink hues, is recognizable for a reason: It's based on a real place. Clearly, the photogenic location made an impression on the filmmakers — and they wouldn't be the only ones.

As a result, the Parrs are forced to limit their shows of strength, pretending they're normal people, even when it drives them crazy to constantly throttle their talents.

The end of the first movie sees Dash using his powers in a foot race at a track meet, with the Parr family finally having reached a compromise regarding vulgar displays of power. Instead of winning, Dash's parents encourage him to come in second — an impressive showing for a "normal" kid, and a moral victory for a superhero.

In the second movie, after the opening battle with the Underminer, Dash can be seen sitting at the dinner table with a t-shirt that says "2" on it for second place, which he was awarded just before the track meet became a fight scene.

It's an Easter egg, like the Underminer's voice actor, that comes into play in both movies. Dash wore the shirt during the original movie's race, providing a handy visual metaphor for that movie. The Ambassador Getty Images One of Incredibles 2's most thrilling set pieces involves Elastigirl trying to keep a high-profile ambassador with the United League of Nations safe from the clutches of the Screen Slaver.

The ambassador, voiced by Isabella Rossellini, is a slightly geeky fan of Elastigirl. As it turns out, her name is a slightly geeky reference in itself.

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There's not much else about the Ambassador character that ties back into Selick's career — he's an animator from New Jersey, not a politician from another nation. The reference appears to just be a wink and a nod to a fellow creative, and to the audience that enjoys his unique work. Increasingly suspicious leftovers Lots of different Chinese restaurants in the real world use generic designs for their takeout packaging, so why wouldn't that trend stay true in Pixar movies?

One of the Easter eggs that keeps popping up in Pixar productions is a distinctive Chinese takeout containerfeaturing a red pagoda surrounded on all corners by Chinese lettering. It's the sort of box that would look familiar to anyone who's ever eaten Chinese takeout — or watched a movie, where Chinese takeout is often shown alongside down-on-their-luck characters, serving as a metaphor for being up against the ropes in life.

Incredibles, The Script at IMSDb.

Many of the distinctive boxes appear in the movie during the first dinner scene, after Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl have been thoroughly chewed out by detectives following their fight with the Underminer. You can also later spy the box holding leftovers in the fridge.

It's a story trope that's turned up so often that you can expect it — an easy way to engineer a third-act twist with some built-in impact. She's framed in creepy ways and knows things only a villain would know, making it easy for the perceptive viewer to call this shot well before it occurs. One of the most telling hints as to her true nature?

That would be her very name: Instead of reading her name as "ev-uh-lynn", pronounce her name as "eve-uhl. It's enough evidence to let an engaged viewer see the plot turn coming from miles away. The real twist, by comparison, is that Evelyn's brother Winston actually does turn out to be a pretty solid guy.

After successfully scaring off the raccoon, he yells out the babbled catchphrase he says from the earlier dinner scene as if it were his Battlecry.

And in a Funny Background Event during Bob's phone call with Helen later, that raccoon is back for more, hissing at Jack-Jack from outside the window! The icing on the cake is the track title for Michael Giacchino's score from that scene: Another layer of hilarity is how Jack-Jack notices the raccoon and starts fighting it after seeing a burglar on television, as if thinking "That creature out there has a mask like the bad guy on TV. Imma go beat him up to save the day!

meet the parents dinner scene incredibles

And there's not a scratch on you! Did you go right through the locked door? You can multiply like rabbits and go right through any Bob recognizes his old Incredibile being auctioned on TV, then remotely activates it.

One can only imagine how random and unexpected it must've been for the auctioneers to see a priceless vehicle come to life all its own.

Bob is still half-asleep when this happens. Dash steals the remote away from him and nearly activates the car's rocket launcher. Bob finally decides not to make more trouble and deactivates it, defeatedly grumbling about how a "rich guy got my car".

Later in the film, when Dash summons the car to rescue them from the Screenslaved supers, the rich guy is snuggling with a date in the same room—and he hides behind his date as the car blows a hole in the wall and drives away. The shot holds for a beat, just long enough for her annoyed expression to register, before cutting to the next scene.

While the context of the scene makes it rather tense, Violet has an epic meltdown, putting her suit in the sink's garbage disposal, the suit not ripping at alltrying to bite it apart, then throwing it at the wall. The split-second buildup to it is fantastic too. Bob is retrieving the milk from the fridge while casually explaining that Dicker is the reason as to why Tony doesn't remember her.

As soon as he closes the door, his livid daughter is standing right there. What seals it is Dash's reaction: Then, once Violet retreats upstairs, Jack-Jack throws his breakfast in his own face.

Bob tries to make it up to Violet for Dicker erasing Tony's memory of her by taking her and her brothers to the restaurant where Tony works. When she sees he's their waiter, we get a hilarious reaction shot of Violet's eyes bugging out and water shooting out her nose. Bob is hilarious during his failed attempt at setting up a Meet Cute.

After being tired, haggard and in over his head for a large part of the movie, he acts incredibly smug and confident during the dinner, complimenting the restaurant on its water and introducing Violet while she is freaking out.

When Violet re-introduces herself at the end, Tony remembers her as " the girl with the water ," to which she quickly shuts him up. Jack-Jack manifesting his balloon power for the first time and shooting himself into Violet's room phasing through the wall provokes the expected screeching shriek from her in response she wasn't aware Jack-Jack had powers at the time. When they don't have a cookie to offer, Lucius tiredly gives Jack-Jack an ice ball to teeth on.

If one looks closely, the ice ball even refracts a view of Jack-Jack's open mouth. Bob also casually reveals that Jack Jack can still hear him in "the other dimension.

meet the parents dinner scene incredibles

When she asks what's his business, Bob just stares at the camera, slack-jawed from exhaustion. While doing so, Jack-Jack makes baby noises from behind him, making it seem like Bob is doing it. Edna dryly declares "It's worse than I thought". Bob sharing with Edna what he's been up to as a House Husband.

Some of it sounds like non-sequiturs that only make sense with context "I broke my daughter, they keep changing math"and the rest includes small mishaps like needing batteries and eggs.

Off-screen, Bob fell for the old "washed red laundry with white laundry" mishap. Edna spent all of her scenes in the first movie verbally and physically slapping Bob and Helen around, always in control of any situation. Seeing her fretting and cringing at the prospect of taking care of a tiny baby is hilarious. E remains dead-set against babysitting She then realizes Jack-Jack really does have many powers, and gives what can only be described as a Slasher Smile when she realizes she's been given a golden opportunity to flex her genius fashion muscles like never before.

Afterwards, she practically throws Bob out of the house so she can get to work immediately. Edna enjoyed babysitting Jack-Jack so much that she programmed her security system to recognize his handprint, eyes, and voice, where all he says is, "Bah bah bah.

Especially the way he holds his lollipop just like she holds her cigarette-holder.

meet the parents dinner scene incredibles

During a touching momentViolet tells her father, who is hunched over in despair, that he is indeed a "super" dad. Only to realize he's just fallen asleep after going without sleep for so long. How long does he sleep? According to Violet, 17 hours.

Now it's Bob's turn to be weirded out by Edna's suits in this exchange. Jack-Jack, already in monster form, bursts into flames, freaking Bob out.