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meet the residents lyrics

The Residents (The Residents) Breath and Length lyrics: Breath and Length / And / Breath and Width / And / With and Without /. Find the song lyrics for The Residents - Top Tracks. Discover top Top Songs By The Residents. 1 . The Residents - Meet The Residents () [Full Album]. OverviewTracksLiner NotesLyrics. Subtitled The First Album by North Louisiana's Phenomenal Pop Combo, Meet the Residents was released on April 1st,

meet the residents lyrics

Not exactly a high seller. If you thought the idea for The King And Eye sounded interesting despite me trashing it, pick this one up; this is what it should have been.

The sound on this release leaves something to be desired, but the music is pretty good. This is one of my favorite Residents albums as well; the songs are well developed and some of the lyrics are just beautiful. Instead of doing a straight greatest-hits for their 20th anniversary, they did an album where all the songs were combinations of their older songs — music from one or two, lyrics from two or three others. This is more of a fans-only release.

However, I must give it some credit, because it actually helped me out in one of my religion classes. So, hey, thanks, Residents! Roadworms is a short CD of some of the Wormwood songs recorded in a Berlin studio in their live arrangements. This is the Wormwood project to get, really; some of the best songs, with really good arrangements. Also — you might see the Wormwood DVD in stores. Not, like, say, the same source footage that was used in a webcast, but blocky and fuzzy.

What the hell, Residents? This one is amazing. The DVD, however, is a must-have.

The Residents:Meet The Residents (1974)

Just some achingly beautiful work on this album. Ralph America released a 2-CD version, featuring instrumental versions and outtakes in a deluxe package. Both versions are good; I enjoy having my 2-CD edition, but the one-disc version is just as great. Unfortunately, while the album is astounding, and the actual live show blew me away when I saw them here in Seattle, the DVD is best avoided.

The version of the Residents that hits the road now is a lean, mean touring machine.

Meet The Residents - Historical - The Residents

While album and merchandise sales kept the group afloat for years, it too has felt the shifting tides of the music business and that has meant fans have been getting a lot more opportunity to see the combo in all its costumed craziness.

Then there is a bit of video as well. And then there is the music itself. PNG The Residents specialize in deconstructing the classic song into strange cut-and-paste snippets of off-kilter instrumentation that favours rhythmic textures far more than melody. But the back-and-forth between fans trying to pick a favourite from the 44 albums and nearly equal number of compilations is almost become its own world.

People into the Residents are really, really into them. What does the president thinks it is that keeps people coming back to the band? More than that, they have always been anonymous - nobody knows what their names are, and nobody will probably know. Look at the photo above: More than that, they have always been tremendous mystificators: More than that, the Residents aren't actually a music band.

Well - to a certain extent they are, as long as you share the global conception that equals music to every 'unusual sonic experience' ever created. But the Residents often billed themselves as an 'anti-music band', and that definition fit them far more than, say, the Sex Pistols.

Their main principle is musical deconstruction: Thus, they are the artists that could define the very term of 'alternative' - and yet I wouldn't call them that, because if the Residents are 'alternative', then nobody else is.

Frankly speaking, I should have left most of their albums unrated, because this is so much different from your usual or unusual musical experience that I'm almost at a loss.

meet the residents lyrics

And yet, the Residents' music is neither true avantgarde because it is deeply rooted in traditional forms of music nor average noise-making there sure IS a lot of noise on these records, but it's not crucial for understanding them.

Rather it is a projection of pop music onto a very twisted and ironic state of mind - pop music driven to absurd and relative cacophony by emphasizing those sides of it that are the silliest, the most embarrassing and You know how many people tend to detest pop music because it's so stupid and vulgar and shallow, right?

Simply because the basic values of good pop music do not fit into their category of what they consider to be 'great'.