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This blog post is part of the Inspirational Heroes Blogathon.) The main gist of ' Meet the Robinsons' is this: twelve-year-old Lewis was. Born in Shreveport Louisiana, Meet the Robinsons author William Joyce has returned home to open an exhibit featuring characters from his. Disney apparently needed a break, and for the first time since , they didn't release an animated movie for the year. Yep, nothing.

There, he meets Wilbur, a boy claiming to be from the future whose time machine was stolen by a tall man in a bowler hat, and that the tall man is after Lewis. As it happens, the tall man in the bowler hat is at the fair. The project explodes and causes mayhem in the gym. After everyone is gone, the tall man in the bowler hat absconds with the machine.

Lewis, upon returning to the orphanage, angrily rips all of his notes for the machine out of his notebook.

meet the robinsons blog

He shows Lewis an invisible hovercraft he has that takes him through time. He brings him to the year Lewis realizes he can use the time machine to go back and see his mother. He wants to take Lewis back so he can fix it.


They get into an argument and crash. Wilbur is upset, since there are only two time machines in existence, and the other one is in the possession of the bowler hat guy. Lewis agrees to fix the time machine if Wilbur takes him back to meet his mother before she gives him up for adoption.

Wilbur takes Lewis to his garage to fix the machine, telling him to stay put.

meet the robinsons blog

They take him in pretty quickly and he feels like part of the family. Back in the present, the bowler hat guy looks for Lewis. He tells him not to let that anger go and returns to the future to chase Lewis. The family then gets weird and says he has to go back. Bowler hat guy arrives and offers Lewis the chance to go back and see his mother if he fixes his memory scanner.

Lewis agrees and goes with him. This the little league part would have been a great reveal for a dumb comedy. For a Disney movie — not so much. In telling bowler hat guy to forget the past and let go of it, he realizes he must do the same.

The future then turns into a dystopian nightmare.

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The robotic hat has killed bowler hat guy and taken over, with an army of machines. Wilbur then hurries and fixes the broken time machine and flies back to the past in order to stop it. He tells bowler hat guy this, and then the hat goes crazy and tries to kill him. Frannie is furious with Wilbur, but he says that he was never actually going to do it and Lewis storms off.

So, Lewis is pissed at Wilbur, the family is pissed at Wilbur, and the T-Rex is presumably slowly suffocating because of the much lower oxygen content in the atmosphere in this time period.

Lewis agrees, and BHG takes him to his lair, a crumbling, decaying building in the heart of the metropolis. Lewis fixes the machine and then BHG double crosses him, surprising absolutely no one. This naturally causes conflicting emotions in Lewis. On the bright side though? Carl and Wilbur manage to rescue Lewis but BHG and Doris escape into the past with the memory scanner and Lewis watches as the timeline begins to change around him.

Wilbur disappears into a time vortex and Lewis ryuns into the now abandoned and darkened Robinson family mansion.

meet the robinsons blog

He turns on an exposition machine and sees what happened. The movie now takes a serious turn to the darkside as Lewis is attacked by the mind-controlled humans wearing bowler hats. Now that is one dapper zombie apocalypse. Lewis takes shelter in the broken time machine and finally manages to get it working. He flies the time machine outside and sees that the bright future utopia that he created has been replaced by a twisted industrial hellscape where the entire human population is enslaved by fancy, fancy, hats.

NO time travel story makes sense. At least, no time travel story that involves going back in time and changing history makes sense. By changing the circumstances of his parents meeting, Marty McFly threatens to erase himself and his siblings from history. Anyway, Lewis travels back to the future with BHG so that he can see the damage Doris wrought before the timeline fixes itself while they both watch. Everything smells like Tuesday. Sometimes the genes zig, sometimes they zag.

Cornelius Tom Selleck, ha, I see what they did there takes Lewis on a tour of his workshop and explains that demonstrating the memory scanner at the science fair was the big breakthrough that changed his life forever. Lewis says his goodbyes and Wilbur flies off with him in the time machine. But before leaving him back at the science fair, Wilbur stays true to his world and shows Lewis the night his mother left him on the doorstep of the orphanege. Lewis gets back into the time machine and leaves, without ever seeing what his mother actually looked like.

Probably for the best. Back in the present Lewis races back to the school gym with the memory scanner, stopping at the base ball court to wake up Goob so that he can catch the base ball and score one base ball. And everyone is happy.