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meet the roscoes hollyoaks characters

Sep 8, They were brought in to ruffle some feathers in Hollyoaks, but even the most soon met three more brothers and their unconventional mum Sandy. She murdered seven characters during her reign as the Gloved Hand Killer. Sandy Roscoe married Alan Roscoe and they had three sons: Joe, Freddie and Ziggy. After the death of Alan, Sandy married Rick Spencer, and they had twins. Their first meeting occurs on May 24, , where Jason is awe-stricken by Holly (Played by Amanda Clapham). The two later meet at the Roscoe's.

Browning Joseph Thompson arranges a scam to fool Trevor into believing that Jacqui is dead. He does not believe them until a dead body falls from Jacqui coffin.

meet the roscoes hollyoaks characters

Trevor then releases Vincent and does not realise that Dr. Browning has used the body of a deceased patient.

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Trevor agrees to hire Dr. He cannot afford to keep up the payments and he arranges a hold up of a medicine van. Trevor learns that Ste will be carrying out the robbery and demands to know the details. Trevor hijacks the robbery, but Freddie, who is assisting Ste, resists and is stabbed during the struggle.

Trevor is angry with Freddie and visits him in hospital. He begins to harass the Roscoe family and in order to protect them, Freddie offers to work for Trevor.

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They plan to force Dr. Browning into selling his share of The Loft nightclub and leaving.

meet the roscoes hollyoaks characters

Angry by this, Fraser makes Trevor plead guilty to giving Ruby Button Anna Shaffer drugs which led her to having a heart attack. It is later revealed via flashbacks that Freddie is the killer.

While Joe is in prison serving time for Fraser's murder, Lindsey tries to trick Freddie into saying he did it. Including trying to sleep with him even though he was seeing Mercedes.

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Lindsey told Mercedes about it and she tricked Freddie into admitting it which she recorded. Freddie however blackmailed her saying if he goes down, he'll tell the police the truth about Doctor Browning.

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When Sandy hears the recording she forces Freddie to get Joe out of prison. In OctoberFreddie teams up with Big Bob Vincent Ebrahim to rob the hospital but he changed his mind and when he tried to defend the hostages he got shot. Desperate for Freddie not to die, Lindsey revealed that the child she was carrying could be his. When Lindsey found out the truth about Freddie killing Fraser the shock made her go into labour and she gave birth to her son JJ Roscoe.

Freddie had Lindsey do a paternity test where it was revealed he wasn't JJ's father. Freddie and Lindsey started an affair which was revealed on New Year's Eve. Freddie becomes a prime suspect in Mercedes' murder investigation and he and Lindsey go on the run with JJ.

Freddie later decides to hand himself into the police and Lindsey manages to get him out by planting the murder weapon at the McQueen house but Mercedes' adoptive niece Phoebe McQueen Mandip Gill is accidentally charged with Mercedes' murder. Freddie proposes to Lindsey and she accepts. Freddie and Lindsey are arrested during their engagement party, but it turns out to be a trick so Grace will reveal to Sinead that she killed Mercedes.

The plan works and Grace is arrested. During his and Lindsey's wedding day, Joe interrupts and causes a fight with Freddie knocking Sinead over and causing her waters to break before she gave birth to her daughter Hannah Hay O'Connor.

Freddie and Lindsey get married.

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Joe however picks up the gun and tries to shoot Freddie but is stopped by Mercedes. The group agree not to mention this to anyone.

In SeptemberFreddie organises an American themed birthday for Lindsey, but forgets to invite Kim. He reveals at the party that he's taking Lindsey and JJ to America for a holiday, angering Kim as she has developed an obsession with Lindsey and can't let her leave. When Freddie is playing with JJ in a toy car he got him, he leaves the room to get his bottle and Kim sneaks in and lays JJ down on the floor and turns the car over to make it look like JJ fell out and fractured his skull forcing Freddie and Lindsey to cancel their holiday.

However, after realising she loves Joe, she decides to stay in Hollyoaks so that they can raise their baby together. After this, Freddie flees with his half-brothers Jason and Robbie away from a murderous Trevor. They drive away to escape Trevor. However, Trevor catches up, causing them to run to a disused viaduct. Cornered, the brothers jump into the river below. They manage to free themselves and are taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

While he is in hospital, Freddie and Lindsey claim their love for each other and Lindsey declares their marriage is back on. This is until Lindsey discovers Freddie was planning to run away with Mercedes to Valencia.

A heartbroken and angry Lindsey declares their marriage over. A while after her outburst, Lindsey comes into Freddie's hospital room in tears. Freddie assures her that their marriage can still work. Darren Osborne sees him and mistakes him for Robbie, and starts yelling at him. Sandy Roscoe walks in, and everyone calms down.

Love Interests Edit Throughout the series, Jason has only had his eyes on one girl: The two later meet at the Roscoe's housewarming party, but to as Jason tries to get to know Holly she stares off, looking at his older brother, Ziggy.

In a later episode, August 20,Jason and Holly go on a date. Later on in the series Holly goes out drinking with Jason's twin brother Robbie who later invites Jason to come and 'party' with them. Jason shows up and is frustrated with how Holly is acting, he storms off with a concerned but drunken Holly watching. The episode on November 27, features Holly and Jason's first kiss, which is the start of their on and off again relationship. Body Image Jason struggle's with his body image, as he compares himself to his older more macho looking brothers.