Meet the worlds fastest bike rider

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meet the worlds fastest bike rider

Certified and recognized cycling records are those verified by the Union Cycliste Internationale, .. On 11 July , year-old Amanda Coker set a new " Fastest completion of , miles by . On 5 April , the th day of her year-long record attempt to ride more miles in a year than anybody ever, Amanda Coker. She's a seven times land speed record holder and is currently the world's fastest motorcycle rider from the fairer sex, having clocked an. You are about to see the world's fastest bike. Yes of breaching 90 miles per hour and to do this, the rider has to produce watts of power.

These feature a lower frontal area than a UCI bicycle due to their recumbent seating design of the rider. They enclose the rider and machine in aerodynamic shapes made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, or Fiberglass to reduce air resistance. Streamlined recumbent bicycle bicycle and rider enclosed in an aerodynamic shell: Francesco Russo of Switzerland set a new World Record by covering The best mark was achieved by Aurelien Bonneteau, a French rider at the Bordeaux velodrome.

He rode a bicycle with a nearly horizontal seat to allow his back to lie flat, two standard sized wheels, an elliptical chainring, and with shortened pedal arms to reduce the air volume swept out by his legs.

meet the worlds fastest bike rider

His distance was Cyril Heppleston set the road record at Gethin Butler,44h 4m 20s. Andy Wilkinson,41h 4m 22s [52] Women's record: Lynne Taylor,52h 45m [50] Women's tricycle record: Jane Moore,88h 45m 21s.

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After setting the Lands End to John O'Groats record in Gethin Butler continued to ride, completing miles in 55 hours 59 minutes 0 seconds. After setting the women's Lands End to John O'Groats record, Lynne Taylor continued to ride, completing miles in 64 hours and 38 minutes. The fastest average speed records are: Christoph Strasser, who averaged Seana Hogan,who averaged Hawkins also broke the West Australian records for one, two, three, four, five, six and seven days, plus surpassing the Australian professional men's record of Ossie Nicholson.

Current record holders are: Coker's record improved by 77 days on Tommy Godwin's prior record of days set in May The record has been officially established nine times.

Nicholson's response was to appoint a committee to supervise his attempt. With a top speed of Joking On the phone or the computer seeking sponsorship for my racing teams! I enjoy spoiling my dog and cruising on my Harley, but my real addiction is shopping for high fashion high heels, going to Cos Bar for beauty essentials and getting my hair done at the DryBar!

I would probably be working to help children or animals through a non-profit organization, possibly in marketing where I could help drive fundraising initiatives and public awareness. Was it difficult to be accepted as a female racer?

meet the worlds fastest bike rider

Can you tell us a little about the challenges that you may have faced? When I first started racing, there were fewer successful women in motorsports. So yes, I experienced some difficulties and resistance my first few years. A few sponsors had concerns about females having enough physical strength or stamina to be a winner.

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Today, based on my achievements, and the success of many female racers in a variety of motorsports, I rarely experience that type of negativity anymore. If I do, I see it for what it is, let my record speak for itself and move on.

A history of cycling speed records as Denise Mueller-Koronek reaches 183 mph

Have you ever been fined for speeding on a public road? Where did you get your first speed ticket?

meet the worlds fastest bike rider

In fact, that mistake encouraged me to visit the local drag strip where I could go as fast as possible in a safe and responsible manner. If you want to go fast, go to the track.

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The best way is the NHRA! Three things you never ride without … Val: First, I always ride with a high-quality helmet that fits correctly. Second, I always wear durable shoes or boots that allow for easy gear changes and braking. Third, I rarely have a passenger. I prefer to ride solo; it gives me more flexibility, better control and one less thing to worry about.

meet the worlds fastest bike rider

Over the last couple of years India has seen a tremendous increase in women riders in what had predominantly been a male domain. As a veteran rider, what would you say to the Indian rider at large, especially the women riders? Wow, I could write several books around that question.

Learn about the bike before you ride.

meet the worlds fastest bike rider

Take a riding course through a local dealership.