The voice season 2 29 sep 13 meet

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the voice season 2 29 sep 13 meet

The first season of The Voice of the Philippines was a Philippine reality singing competition. On September 29, , Mitoy Yonting of Team Lea won the competition winning the . tour for two, a brand new car from Ford Philippines, a tax-free cash prize of 2 million pesos, "Voice PH: Meet Team Apl's bets for stardom". 5 days ago regulars: Seth MacFarlane as the voice of Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian, Glen 11 Apr 99 I Never Met the Dead Man 3. 16 May 99 Brian: Portrait of a Dog Season 2 8. 29 Nov 01 Screwed the Pooch A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy [4Kids dub]; Christopher Sabat as the voice of Roronoa Zolo ( 25 min) 21 Jun 00 Outcome of a Deadly Battle! 21 Mar 01 A Man's Promise, Luffy and the Whale Vow to Meet Again (25 min)

Beaver had expected his first-season guest appearance in " Devil's Trap " to be a "one-shot deal", and was surprised when he was asked to return. And though at first reluctant because of his role on Grey's AnatomyJeffrey Dean Morgan returned as John Winchester in the season premiere and finale. The reins passed to Fredric Lehne for the second-season premiere, and the show's producers enjoyed his performance so much they brought him back for the two-part finale.

Though a fan of the show, Blair had turned down a guest appearance in the first season because she did not want to return to horror, having spent years getting a "clean slate". This changed after the television series Extra aired a three-part profile on her acting career and work with animals.

It attempted to find a series that would write a role for her as "an actor's piece", rather than a cameo. Kripke, a fan of The Exorcist, [41] offered to write an episode specifically for her, and she was "really touched" when he listened to her request to leave out demons in the storyline.

This was the first episode to have the Winchesters as supporting characters, and Kripke felt "Tricia had the charisma to perform the leading role". However, this changed with Chris Gauthier 's casting, and Edlund felt that Ronald turned out to be a "really cool" character fans would enjoy.

the voice season 2 29 sep 13 meet

There'd be an obituary that would take the guys into a town, they'd do a little research, they'd have a skirmish with the monster, they'd meet a girl, they'd have a showdown with the monster, they'd learn something about themselves, and then they'd roll out of town again. Pretty much every episode had that structure.

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And we worried that the viewers would get bored with the show if we did that again for a whole other season. The writers attempted this by including more "human themes," mainly "the things Sam and Dean are truly afraid of: Instead, the episodes dealt more with Sam's fear of becoming evil, which Kripke regretted since the writers never depicted the character committing malevolent acts. From the series' beginning, Kripke desired to feature an evil clown because he felt that "clowns in a context where they're not supposed to be are friggin' terrifying".

This decision made the clown "less satisfying", to Kripke's chagrin, because it limited the clown-related scenes. He found the legend similar to Supernatural, noting, "It's a piece of real life American history and folklore, it's an American horror story, it takes place on the dusty back roads of rural America, and it's got great music. To circumvent this, writer Sera Gamble suggested Johnson's story be made into a subplot detailed in flashbacks, with the Crossroads Demon returning in the present to make more deals.

The creature was instead made invisible, which Gamble believes gave it a more terrifying presence. Edlund decided to have the production staff look like "goofballs", and made fun of Supernatural's production staff, the network, and the studio.

For example, the reformed-vampire episode "Bloodlust" was developed to suggest that all monsters should not be killed indiscriminately. The plot alluded to "racial issues", but not blatantly; rather, as Padalecki noted, they explored it in a "fun way".

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However, Humphris had trouble developing the script's outline. Kripke noted a part of the episode in which brothers are arrested and have to explain to police what had happened; this scenario ultimately became the framework of the episode, which begins with Sam and Dean being taken into custody.

The writers deliberated over the use of five or six monsters in trying to find one appropriate for the episode, but eventually settled on a trickster because it "can do everything [they] want it to". One of the writers' first creative ideas of the season was depicted in the teaser of "Born Under a Bad Sign", in which a blood-covered Sam wakes up not remembering the past week of his life. Like in the final version of the script, twins with mind-control abilities were the focus of Edlund's original pitch for the episode "Simon Said".

However, the more powerful twin—kept secluded due to deformities—forced his brother to perceive himself as retarded. At the end of the episode, his brother ate him in retaliation. The story was eventually changed, and instead focused on questions such as "What do you do with power? However, this caused a major complication: The psychic children were killed off because the writers felt the characters were not as interesting as demons and monsters.

The second part ended the brothers' quest to kill Azazel, but also opened more storylines for the third season, such as Dean's demonic pact to resurrect Sam and the question of whether what returned was "one hundred percent pure Sam". However, Laurenti Dyogi, the initial director of the show, denied the rumors.

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However, Gonzaga denied the reports, "I know kuya Gary and Martin did The X Factor so they will definitely not be part of the choices 'cause they already did the X-factor. The Voice is definitely going to be very different in approach [from The X Factor].

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One writer from Malaya Business Insight commented that the show has an interesting set of mentors. Atilano of the Philippine Daily Inquirer was even amazed and was surreal for the line-up of the coaches. For the four's caliber in their respective genre, he described that the show will surely be a different one. Sarah Geronimo Sarah Geronimo, dubbed as "The voice that captured our hearts", was announced on February 6, as the first official coach.

On February 6,singer and actress Sarah Geronimo was announced as the first coach on The Voice of the Philippines. At the same time, the network announced that her weekly show Sarah G. Livewas due to air its final episode on Sunday, February Osorio said, "Sarah Geronimo moves on to fulfill other commitments.

Geronimo further stated that she will just focus on why she became part of the show. She furthered added that, with her also a product of a singing search, she believes that she can help the artists who will become part of her team. She also said that she will be open to the views and the preferences of her team. I've never mentored anyone. But they convinced me that it was really their choice that I'll become part of the show.

They believe that I can deliver. It's a singing talent search so it's close to my heart and it will also improve my personality. It's also part of my growth as an artist and as a person. So I said, go," she replied.

the voice season 2 29 sep 13 meet

On what the thing she loved the most in the show, she said, "Working with these great young talents. I know there are still many unknown people that are really good singers. I'm glad that there will be a Season 2, and I hope that there will be a Season 3 and 4. I've learned a lot from them. Every chance that hear them sing, it's an amazing moment, an amazing experience. Today's music is really different. It's not what most people grew up that you need to sing the highest notes. It's all about good music, how you give your own interpretation and it's the uniqueness actually.

That the trouble me sometimes. I also said that I really don't know how to speak well so that is why I'm straightforward. Sometimes other people say that, 'Sarah always repeatedly speak what she always say. Your ability in singing is nothing when I don't believe in you. On February 10,during an appearance on the last episode of Sarah G. There's a time for everything and this is it.

I want someone who is open to all kinds of music; someone who is willing to listen and willing to learn. I watched the US edition and I liked the idea of not being a judge but a coach, a mentor.

the voice season 2 29 sep 13 meet

And the US show attracted singers and artists from different genres and that was dependent on who was sitting on that chair, so I thought, why not put my 10 cents in the pot? I have learned a lot from the artists and even a little bit about myself these past couple of months. I keep telling myself, don't play the game, change the game and just be real.

And finally folks are using iTunes I thought that was a really smart thing to do. Hats off to the creators of the show. And I loved battling for a good singer. But the live performances, I just love the pace, the energy, the performances, the crowd Lea Salonga Lea Salonga, dubbed by the show as "The voice that conquered the world," was the third coach confirmed in the show on February 19, The coach, who is a female, was tagged as "The voice that conquered the world.

The teaser strongly resembles Salonga. There was just something about not knowing the backstory of an artist until you heard them sing. It was just that. Because it was a talent-first show. But I love how unconventionally it starts. You have to perform well. Sometimes in attempting that, you muscle your way through a number and the number suffers.

And we were happy with how everything turned out. He is dubbed as The voice that ruled the worldwide music chart. After Salonga's confirmation, there has been strong rumors that the fourth coach will be Allan Pineda who is more popularly known as apl. During an interview made by The Huffington Post onapl.

I've been offered a show for next year," he revealed.