Yg meet the fockers instrumental wedding

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yg meet the fockers instrumental wedding

Rodrigo y Gabriela (Rodrigo and Gabriela) are a Mexican classical guitar duo whose music is Their parents listened to flamenco, jazz, and rock music, but they were both Rodrigo and Gabriela met at the age of 15, at 'la casa de la cultura' (House of Culture) in Mexico City, where Rodrigo's brother was the director. Mar 9, 2 Chainz- PROUD instrumental (Ft. YG & Offset) Whenever I meet someone that likes the same type of music as me, I get so excited, like I've found a freaking . Wedding Music: What to Play and When to Play It .. "Thanks babe for finding me the same old record player my parents had back in the day!. Eun and J-Walk performed "Couple" at Lee Soo-geun's wedding on March 2, on October 30, with four new tracks and an instrumental version of "Adios". . YG announced SechsKies' will held their first Japan Fan Meeting at the to the ROKS Cheonan sinking, Eun and his parents returned to South Korea on.

The chorus is about the sudden fashion changes caused by Eminem's success: Eminem's signature style the bleached blond hair, pale skin, humungous T-shirt has spawned droves of lookalikes and wannabes.

Voila, he's a teen idol. Poor Em, can't win for losing.

Eun Ji-won

It would be a total pop smash if it weren't for the lyrics, though. Leave it to Em to juice it up with ear candy effervescent, but keep the words in the subversive. As with the other Dre crafted tunes on the album, there's plenty of cool special effects bustling about—fart noises, heavy breathing, all of it coalescing with Em's cartoon character on crystal meth delivery.

Sure it's pop, but of the most demented nature.

yg meet the fockers instrumental wedding

It has been one of his most well-known songs. Music video[ edit ] The music video features Eminem performing the song in a psychiatric ward, a local Detroit neighborhood nearside a park, a fast-food joint, the Grammy Awards, and even in a factory where multiple clones of the rapper are produced. The video also features cameo appearances by Dr. DreD12a lookalike of Kid RockFred Dursta lookalike of Carson DalyKathy Griffinlookalikes of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Leeand even a stuffed Bill the Cat doll can also be seen being held in possession by one of the mental patients in the hospital scenes.

YG - Meet the Flockers (Music Video)

Actress and comedian Kathy Griffinwho is also known for insulting celebrities in her act, [13] appears in the video as an attending nurse in a psychiatric ward. Griffin said during a July 21,interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that Eminem selected her for the video because fellow rapper Snoop Dogg told him she was "really funny.

The video features scenes corresponding to specific lyrics: Two young boys watching the Discovery Channel on television with two rhinoceroses mating, then looking at each other in awe, referring to the song " The Bad Touch ", by Bloodhound Gang.

Like Pam, like Tommy just burst in the door, and started whoopin' her ass worse than before, they first were divorced, throwin' her over furniture. An obese man in underwear being enslaved by a dominatrix with a paddle. Yeah, I probably got a couple of screws up in my head loose, but no worse than what's goin' on in your parents' bedrooms.

yg meet the fockers instrumental wedding

A gay marriage is shown and Eminem breaks up the two men about to kiss each other and showing disgust. Eminem at the Grammy Awards dressed as Britney Spearsalong with Fred Durst and Carson Daly pulling a blow-up doll of Christina Aguilera between their seats towards each other angrily until it flies out of the chair.

Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs so I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, an' hear 'em argue over who she gave head to first.

He said he had not seen bandmate Ko Ji-yong for seven years; Ko moved to the United States to study, and has not returned.

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Eun was featured on the third J-Walk album's title track, "My Love" and in its music video. Solo career[ edit ] He wrote all the songs on his first solo album, G Pop, which was released on March 29, After his successful first album, Eun refined his style and experimented with his music on his second album, Heavy G.

yg meet the fockers instrumental wedding

He played Park Ondal, a transfer student to the school attended by Pyung-gang Lim. The film was about a high school girl who must marry a boy named "Ondal" before her sixteenth birthday, and have a baby within a year; otherwise, she would die.

Tyfoon and Eun produced the album. For his fifth album, Eun selected 20 of over songs. The first artist to be released in his company was singer-rapper Gilme ; Eun appeared on Gilme's debut song, "Love Cuts", and has performed the song on stage with her.

The lead track, "Siren", is an electronic dance song with hip-hop rhythms. Eun collaborated with Mr. Tyfoon formed Cloverwhich received much attention as Eun Ji-won's new group after 10 years since Sechs Kies' disbandment. The five members named themselves HotSechgodRG — a portmanteau of each member's previous idol group names. The first season was aired from April 16, to July 9, Unfortunately, Tony encountered some legal trouble and had to withdraw from the group as he was temporarily banned from broadcast appearances.

The concert was canceled as they felt they could not go on without Tony. Where is My Super Hero? Their trip was broadcast over three episodes, beginning on July 31, After Infinite Challenge aired, SechsKies earned many more fans, and their comeback concert tickets were sold out in only 5 minutes.

On October 31, all SechsKies tour concert seats for December were sold out within a few minutes. At the end of the year, SechsKies won several awards including Click! Over 30, fans logged onto the website at once caused the site to crashed and remained down for approximately an hour before fans were able to register.