Aaca hershey fall meet 2013 winners

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aaca hershey fall meet 2013 winners

Winner need not be present to win and is responsible for all taxes. October 9- 12, Hershey, Pennsylvania - Sponsored by the Hershey Region During the AACA Eastern Division National Fall Meet in Hershey. Hershey Swap Meet >> AACA Hershey Car Show Hershey Swap Meet >> Porsche Swap Meet at Hershey – » Specialty Cars Service. Visit AACA Headquarters Onsite at the Hershey Fall Meet .. The Fleetwood- bodied four-door sedan was donated to the AACA Library in . Chiotti still own the Model "A"; it is a Senior and First Place Grand National Award Winner.

The drawing will be held October 8th at 2 p. Winner need not be present. May not be legal in additional states, including Michigan. If so, why not stop by the library to do some research on your favorite car? We will also be selling several books at our tent on the show field. We'd love to see you! By Jeff Peek, www.

But one thing is certain about this year's Hagerty Swap to Street Challenge: There's no turning back now. We can't take any shortcuts, either, since the entire build will be streamed live, plus we're going to drive the car miles home to Traverse City, Mich. That's the plan, anyway. Everything worked out just fine last year when we started with the chassis and cab of a Ford pickup and, after some tense moments in our search for parts, fired that baby up and took it for a drive with five hours to spare.

This time around we're starting with a Model A chassis, a non-working 4-cylinder flathead engine with 3-speed manual transmission, and the car's original mechanical brakes.

We're guessing that the frame is from a roadster, since the chassis had a passenger-side spare truck spares were mounted on the left, sedan spares in the rear.

But that doesn't mean it's going to live as a roadster. That's the beauty of it. We have no idea what parts will be available until we arrive at the meet, and in the end we may have to simply make do with what we find. Last year, for instance, Reckow successfully rigged clutch linkage from other car parts. His work of art is still on the truck, by the way.

aaca hershey fall meet 2013 winners

With that in mind, one of our readers, John W. John's reasoning was good enough to win a Swap to Street t-shirt. Reason for this choice is, you are going to have to search for numerous parts and conduct a lot of assembly work.

But the A's were only a four-year production run. How many parts are interchangeable from ''31?

aaca hershey fall meet 2013 winners

Will '28 parts fit a '31 body if that's all you can find? There will be challenges in finding parts that will fit and work together.

Everyone loves a challenge and you are up to it this year. When it comes to safety first and foremostthe mechanical brakes will stop the vehicle, providing you're not trying to stop it doing I owned a '29 Ford Tudor and the brakes worked very well.

It's all about building something from nothing. The Plymouth is sweet but mainly intact, as is the Chevy. Can't wait to watch the start of the show.

At one time the Model A had been a hot rod project, but it became an orphan when the builder went with an aftermarket frame and V-8 engine instead. The car's previous owner, Dennis, pointed out that the last three digits of the Model A's serial number are - "Hope you aren't superstitious" - but we threw caution to the wind and did the deal anyway.

He told us that it belonged to his friend Bill, who had passed away, and 'This way Bill can ride with you.

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BoxTemecula, CA There were 16 people present for the charter presentation. The Region serves a 3-County area in the Eastern Panhandle of the state. This group of antique car enthusiasts was founded in and since has been sponsoring annual meets and cruise-ins in the local area.

aaca hershey fall meet 2013 winners

Perry Anthony A sad picture for sure but this beautiful '56 Ford Thunderbird was part of our club caravan on the way to Cumberland Gap, Tennessee on June 22, when the rear brake started to "hang up" and before being noticed, a major fire started in the back wheel and in less than 20 minutes the T-Bird was reduced to a total loss.

The question isn't so much a discussion on whether a fire extinguisher would have made the difference but rather where it should be located in the car. Most people carry an extinguisher but it is usually in the trunk.

In this case it would have not been accessible as the fire started in the rear of the T-Bird and quickly consumed the vehicle. Probably best to carry the right kind of extinguisher in the driving compartment, behind the seat of the driver for faster access. In this case, however, it is doubtful if it would have made any difference. Truly a sad story! This event includes a spectacular and exclusive Silent Auction, quick-witted Car Lovers' Trivia, masterfully crafted artwork displays, car-themed comfort food, and cocktails throughout all levels of the Museum.

Availability is limited and advance reservations are required, so book your tickets today!

Guests are invited to try their luck at the assorted game tables including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and more! The "chips" won at these tables go towards redeeming raffle tickets for a variety of fabulous prizes! Guests can also test their car knowledge and compete in Car Lovers' Trivia.