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Shaligram Shrivastv claimed in Prayag Pradip that the name was deliberately given by Akbar to be construed as both Hindu "ilaha" and Muslim "Allah".

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Inthe planned rename was shelved when the chief minister, Kalyan Singhwas forced to resign following the Babri Masjid demolition. He adds that there was a large Deva temple and before its hall was a great tree, near which human bones of people who used to commit suicide by jumping from it in the belief of going to heaven.

Alexander Cunningham believes the tree described by him was the Akshayavat tree and probably still existed at the time of Al-Biruni who called it the "tree of Allahabad", with the practice of jumping from it to commit suicide still continuing by his time. The rest of Allahabad's history up to the Mughal Emperor Akbar isn't much known. Dubey states that it appears that between this period, the sandy plain was washed away by the Ganga, to an extent that the temple and tree seen by the Chinese traveller too was washed away, with the river later changing its course to the east and the confluence shifting to the place where Akbar laid the foundations of his fort.

Cunningham's conclusion in his reports on the Archaeological Survey also supports the assumption, "I infer that during the long period that intervened between the time of Hiuen Tsang and that of Akbar, the two rivers gradually carried away the whole of the sandy plain. Long before this time, the old city had, no doubt, been deserted, for we know that the fort of Allahabad was founded on its site.

He states that there is no way modern Allahabad is ancient, but the city site of Jhusi opposite the confluence was the ancient settlement of Prayag. He further adds that its capture should have been heard when Muhammad of Ghor captured Benares. Akbarnama mentions that the Mughal emperor Akbar founded a great city in Allahabad. On 13th November 1st Azar H. Nizamuddin Ahmad gives two different dates for its foundation. He states that he laid the foundation of the city at a place of the confluence of Ganges and Jumna which was a very sacred site of Hindus.

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He also mentions about occurrences of"this time when the news of the disasters in Gujarat was reported, His Majesty deputed Mirza Khan The library also provides air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled reading halls. The campus houses several other research and educational departments, hostels, playgrounds, and cafes. The Daly Collegefounded inis one of the oldest co-educational boarding school in the world, which was established to educate the rulers of the Central Indian princely states of the ' Marathas ' and Rajputs '.

Indore is a home to a range of colleges and schools. Indore has a large student population and is a big educational center in central India, it also is the education hub of central India.

It was established in as a technical institute offering licentiate and diploma courses in engineering. New Delhi granted the status of an autonomous institution in Health and medicine[ edit ] Indore is home to 51 public health institutions and has a number of private hospitals.

India's only magazine on the pump industry, Pumps India, and valve magazine Valves India are published from here.


State-owned Doordarshan transmits two terrestrial television channels. List of visitor attractions in Vijayawada Panorama of Vijayawada The city of Vijayawada has old and new town areas. The One Town area of the city is known as old city area, comprising areas such as Islampeta, Jendachettu Centre, Kamsalipeta, Rajarajeswaripeta, Kothapeta, Ajithsinghnagaram, and Winchipeta.

InModesto, CA was paired with Vijayawada. Another nearest railway station to Vijayawada is Krishna canal Jn. The Pandit Nehru bus station is the administrative headquarters of APSRTC[89] which is ranked as the fourth largest and busiest bus terminals in the country.

Road and Eluru road are the main arterial roads of the city. Vijayawada Railway Station is classified as an A1 category station [99] and is one of the busiest of Indian Railways. Also, this station connects to the major cities of India such as Mumbai, Secunderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Howrah by train.