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disney princesses meet fanfiction

I don't own the Dinsey Princesses. They belong to Disney. It had been a few days since Merida and her mother had reached an understanding. Tiana has unforgettable meeting the the Disney Princesses. A first in a four part series of one shots, starting with Tiana and finishing with Anna. Since I was a little girl I wanted to see the Disney Princesses meet each other and I wanted to write a story about it before I even had a fanfiction.

We loved being there I just wish Euguene would stop complaining about the cold. Now Anna stood in her favorite green dress that showed off her freckled shoulders and the black bodice. Elsa nervously tugged at her aqua dress determined not let the ground frost over. Before they could even knock the castle doors opened onto to reveal a beautiful woman with long brown hair and a purple dress.

I'm queen Primrose and I'll be escorting you to the ballroom. Anna had already let herself inside the ballroom. Anna and Elsa caught their breath as the stared around the room in amazement. The room had a high ceiling with windows that seemed to reach for the floor to the ceiling. The room was so clean and so white as Elsa's snow and ice magic.

At the very end of the room sat two thrones presumably for Prim and her husband. Anna was the first to notice the 11 girls that littered around the room. A Chinese girl and a girl with wild red hair were filling up plates with food. On the window seat at the far end of the room a brunette read a book. A lot of them looked friendly and a couple just a little distant.

The first person she walked up to was a redheaded girl. She smiled at the girl and the first thing she did was hug her. Most of them were the ones clad in poofy dresses and asked more of what she was like more then what she did. Her voice sort of high. He's sooo nice, strong, and attractive in his own way," gushed Anna. Would the princesses care if he was royal or not?

She'd heard of the others exploits but never about the status of their princes. In fact my husband used to be a thief! We fell in love on the way. Then they started chatting again thinking of new questions to ask her. Had it specially made for Elsa's coronation. Anna should be the one here not her. She was a queen, possibly talking to Prim in the next room.

Before any of them could turn to her Elsa wandered into the room adjacent to the ballroom. The room had cream wall paper with the sun symbol all over. What surprised her was that there was more of them. A girl sitting on the window seat was reading a book. An asian girl and redhead were sparing with swords, Elsa unsure of who exactly was winning. She had seen them getting food before and now the plates empty and forgotten. A middle eastern, African, and what looked to be an Indian girl were talking each holding their own plates.

All three seemed to be ignoring the clashing of swords. Only the girl with the book took notice to the new comer. Growing up, Elsa had led a very secluded life away from the entire kingdom. Anna had a very bubbly personality that proved to either annoy or please others.

Elsa had magical ice powers, thus the reason why she was so secluded, and had them kept secret from everyone until her coronation three years after her parents died. The secret caused others to view her unfavorably as a monster, causing her to set off an eternal winter.

She ran off in an attempt not to hurt anyone, not knowing the winter she caused. Anna ran after her, in an attempt to restore summer and ended up meeting her future husband on the way.

disney princesses meet fanfiction

Most of the next section was made unreadable when a previous owner of the book spilled coffee on it. It ruined the rest of the story as well as what happened afterwards. It picks up saying that they lived happily ever after. Next is a girl named Aurora of England. As an infant she was cursed by a woman named Maleficent to die on her 16th birthday when she pricked her finger on a spinning needle. A little fairy managed to alter the spell so instead of death, she was met with a deep sleep.

Despite the change, the King and Queen wished to hide their daughter until her 16th birthday, giving her to three fairies, including the one who altered the curse. Many years later, Aurora, renamed Briar Rose, lived as a peasant with the three fairies and met Prince Phillip, who was arranged to be her husband at birth. They fell in love, but were each told by their guardians that they were already engaged to another.

At the same time this fact was revealed to Briar Rose she was told of her heritage. Not long afterwards she was returned to the castle on her 16th birthday. It was there she pricked her finger on a spindle and fell asleep. The fairies put everyone in the kingdom into a deep sleep except for Prince Phillip. In the end, Phillip defeated Maleficent who was guarding the sleeping beautykissed Aurora awake, and the two married.

Their rule was very prosperous and they were adored by the kingdom. In France, before the French Revolution lived a girl named Belle. Her father had been captured by a ferocious beast and Belle offered to take his place.

The Beast accepted the trade and released her father. He later invited the girl to dinner, but she declined. As the months dragged on the two began to fall in love with each other. One night the Beast had showed her a magic mirror that she used to see her father. It revealed her father was very sick and seeing she was in distress, the Beast released Belle from the castle to find her father. They reunited, but the father was about to be taken to an asylum for claiming that Belle was captured by a creature.

Belle used the mirror to show her father wasn't crazy, but a mob was sent toward the castle to slaughter the beast that Belle had fallen in love with. She returns to the Beast, only to see her love stabbed in the side. The Beast died, but Belle claimed that she loved him.

To her surprise the Beast was changed into a prince named Adam and the two wed. Again in France, Cinderella was made a slave by her stepfamily. She was given all of the chores while her step-sisters were spoiled by their mother. One day a messenger came to the house saying that the Prince Charming was searching for a wife and was throwing a ball in an effort to meet one.

All of the girls in the kingdom were invited, but Cinderella was only allowed to go if she finished her chores and found a dress. She finished her chores and, according to her, some of her friends put together an outfit for her. The outfit however was torn up by the step-sisters and her family left without her. Upset, Cinderella ran outside to cry. That was when her Fairy Godmother appeared to help Cinderella to the ball. She made a coach from a pumpkin, horses from mice, and a dog and horse into drivers.

Cinderella's dress was transformed into another one, worthy of being at a royal ball. The Godmother warned that these changes would only last until midnight and Cinderella left. She met Charming and they instantly fell in love. They danced until midnight when Cinderella ran away, losing a glass slipper in the people in the castle used the shoe to fit on every girl in the kingdom to find the girl whose foot it fit.

When they arrived at Cinderella's her suspicious stepmother locked her upstairs. The shoe didn't fit either stepsister and the royal servant was about to leave when Cinderella ran into the room.

When the servant went to give her the slipper he tripped and the glass slipper shattered. But not to worry, Cinderella had the other one.

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The slipper fit, the prince married Cinderella, and they successfully ruled their kingdom. Both Belle and Cinderella had descendants who were aristocrats during the French Revolution, but many of them were spared for their kindness. One day a descendant of Cinderella met a descendant of Belle and fell in love. Ariel was one of seven daughters to King Triton of Atlantica. Unlike most merfolk she wanted to get as close to humans as possible.

She even had a collection of items from land that she kept hidden from her father.

There was a night that Ariel saw a ship and went up to investigate. There she saw Prince Eric of Denmark and she fell in love with him. When the ship caught on fire she saved the life of the prince and returned him to the shore. Unconscious most of the time, Eric only got a vague look at her, but was able to hear her beautiful voice. Wanting to be with him, Ariel made a deal with a sea witch to trade her voice for legs.

Kiss the Prince in less than 72 hours and she could keep them.

disney princesses meet fanfiction

If not she would turn back into a mermaid and turned into a little ugly creature. She made the deal and went to the surface. Seeing her, Eric immediately thought she was the one who saved him, but later decided it wasn't because she couldn't talk, let alone sing. Nevertheless, seeing as she had nowhere to go he took her to the castle to help her.

She stayed with him there for the next three days until the sea witch disguised herself as a beautiful woman and made Eric fall in love with her. Ariel managed to get to the wedding before it was complete when a sea bird broke the bride of the Prince's necklace. The necklace released Ariel's voice back to her when broken and Eric was released from the spell.

They were about to kiss when Ariel's legs turned back into a tail and the sea witch dragged her back to the sea. King Triton stopped the witch and offered to trade himself for Ariel's freedom.

He was turned, and the sea witch crowned herself Queen of the Sea. Eric however, later managed to kill the witch and the King was returned to normal. Seeing how his daughter loved this human Triton granted Ariel legs and the two lovebirds reunited.

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They married months later. Ariel had managed to join the land of Denmark and Atlantica in friendship which had been temporarily broken years later for the safety of her daughter. No one knows where merfolk are today. Some believe they're extinct, others that they returned to the sea during World War I, and others still believe they never once existed.

Jasmine was the Princess of Agrabah who snuck out of the palace one day to see the city. She met a homeless boy named Aladdin and he showed her around Agrabah. Later, Aladdin was captured by guards, so Jasmine went to an advisor to demand his release, to find out he had already been sentenced to death. Days later she was courted by a yet another suitor named Prince Ali of Babwa.

It turned out to be Aladdin who had turned into a prince by making a wish to a genie. Jasmine was enslaved by the Sultan's advisor, but later worked with Aladdin to free herself, her father, and Agrabah from the advisor. The law saying Jasmine could only marry a prince was removed and she chose to marry Aladdin.

Jasmine did everything she could to help her kingdom by volunteering in hospitals and schools. Unlike her own childhood where she never left the palace walls, she took her own children with her outside into the city.

This proved effective for the posterity, who ruled their kingdom understanding the goals and hardships of their people. The princess living closest to our time is Tianna of New Orleans.

She was a poor girl who dreamed of owning a popular restaurant. To accomplish this dream she took multiple jobs in an effort to buy a building. Unlike most girls, she was not interested in the prince of Maldonia coming to Louisiana. When she later met Prince Naveen he was in the form of a frog. Believing he needed a kiss from a princess, he offered Tiana money for Tiana's restaurant to kiss him.

She complied, but ended up becoming a frog herself. The two searched for the answer so that they could become humans. They ran into a good witch, who directed them to a rich girl for Naveen to kiss. They arrived too late, so they returned to the witch, accepting their fate as frogs and married.

disney princesses meet fanfiction

When they kissed, they were turned back into humans. When Tiana married Naveen, she became a princess, now eligible to turn them back into humans. Tianna bought the building she wanted as her restaurant, and it became an immediate success.

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The first World War came and went. Maldonia was neutral the entire time and Naveen was not eligible to be drafted for America.