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獄ツナ 鼓動はフォルティッシモ (GokuTsuna Godou wa Fortissimo) BBP, Aoi Fuyuko, etc Mostly because I got to meet up with fellow Inception fans for dinner ;v; It was such a memorable experience with keelain (thanks for the pb cookies and. Meet. Big & Beautiful Singles. near Mountain View. Search Now ››. Sign Up FREE and Browse. Already a member? Log In. fashiongrl redhead 獄ツナ 鼓動はフォルティッシモ (GokuTsuna Godou wa Fortissimo) ○ Bosco, Nyanko, etc BBP, Aoi Fuyuko, etc Mostly because I got to meet up with fellow Inception fans for dinner ;v; It was such a memorable experience with [info] keelain.

I'm sorry, I'll deal with the baby later. Early next morning while Eames is off doing his Criminal-y duties, Arthur is hit by pangs of guilt. Eames had tried really hard, and it was supposed to have been their rare day off together. He's so sick of the thought, he runs to the bathroom to throw up.

He resists the urge to go buy pee strips. Arthur wants to call bullshit, but he figures it must be true since he can't seem to change out of his ugly woolen paternity sweater. When Eames comes home, he's fretting over how to break the news. Luckily Eames takes it pretty well. Bloody hell, I always knew you had a magic arse!

You mean our little swimmers- Arthur: Finish that sentence and die. My stomach's up here. I can feel it kick! I just said, my stomach's up here Arthur darling, we've been together through thick and thin and Hank. I know you would've preferred me to ask this someplace more romantic than our kitchen floor, but all the nice places in town are closed right now, and Central Park is rather dodgy at 4 A.

Please be my husband? I don't really believe in the institution of marriage, but the ring is nice. So that's a yes? I'll take what I can. Many Yays were to be had! And so they became fiances, at least until Eames could find a city clerk willing to wed a bank robber and government worker. So, the pregnancy goes splendidly. Eames talks to the growing baby bump at least five times a day. He makes so much food for Arthur, that they're both starting to wonder if it's not just Arthur getting fat.

Well, getting free days off from work means that Arthur spends a lot of time at the spa. Other women may waddle from that extra weight, but Arthur struts it. No catwalk ever bore a fiercer model. Well, you know what they say about pregnancy and horniness. They spend their last child-free night jammin' to Latin in their illegal Dream Room. All too soon, Arthur's water breaks.

Eames and the world freaks out. Arthur makes his way to the hospital post-haste to demand medical attention. Eames protectively follows his mate, leaving behind a trail to ward off other males.

Or maybe he just needs a bath. Arthur gives birth to the creepiest baby in the world. Eames had warned him to lay off the nachos They name her Amelia. The new member in their family blesses Eames with a sudden burst of creativity. Some things don't exactly transfer so nicely from work to hobby. Arthur says his paintings are ugly, so Eames hangs one in front of his work out station.

Arthur says his paintings are bad for Amelia's development, so Eames paints two more and hangs them in the baby room. A truce is called because neither of them can get it up anymore.

The time soon comes for them to hold a birthday party for Amelia. The rocker in Arthur goes absolutely ballistic. Eames can't really wrap his head around this new Arthur. They both fail to notice Amelia's sparkle seizure on the ground. She transforms into a toddler while Eames is in the middle of "exploring" this new Arthur. Ok, so perhaps Eames needs more experience dealing with little kids. But Kris's constant insistence that he only relents because Tao is his "cute little brother" is driving Taoris fans up the wall.

Of course devout shippers will insist that "little brother" is just a codeword. Another Tao ship is with Baekhyun see bosom photo.

This only started after the Showcase, when Tao said he "quite likes" Baekhyun it's a lot more sincere than just saying you "like" someone in Chinese, imo. Possibly when Bacon forgot how to say his name, and Tao was mouthing his introduction for him hehe. And during the interview after Tao hurt his waist: I'll talk about Baekhyun later. He's not my style, but I can see why Tao would like and need a person like him.

Oh jeez, before I forget. My one second of internet fame when Tao used one of my fanart for his display picture. I think he kept it up for a few weeks? But then fandom seemed to collectively realize how insanely gorgeous and godly he was, and all of a sudden he's KRISUS he's also very religious like Shisus I heard. For the longest time, everyone believed he suffered from chronic Bitchface, but the smiles he bestowed upon us mortals at the Sina interview really threw everyone off and now no one knows what to believe.

Kris likes to read inspirational and self-help books, and he claims to know magic tricks, but we're all betting he sucks lmao. Chinese fans seem to have also given him the nickname Cowboy, which he likes, and Male God, which he also likes, and I believe the last one was like Krist Christ or something. Oh, and he studied in Vancouver, but I'm not sure for how many years.

I'm certain he wasn't born there since his Chinese is pretty ok, but he's definitely forgotten a lot of it and has to use English sometimes haha. I've been wondering about his role in EXO for a while since he doesn't rap very well, he's the poorest dancer he's like a stiff treeand he's not as eloquent as Lu Han.

Also he has the most unfortunate handwriting ever LOL, I bet he totally forgot how to write Chinese and was copying it off of a sheet of paper and that's why they're all skewed. BUT he's actually a really good leader, and most of all his aura just demands respect.

It would be so easy for a new "Korean band" to be stomped on in the mainland market like that one disaster of a debut show Who really is going to say that to the face of a cm divine giant?

I don't this so. I wish he never changed out of this hairstyle.

Maria is making cookies for Santa.

From proclaiming himself leader of the group he's notto making all kinds of cutely weird expressions. I don't know if it's because of his previous involvement with SNSD's MV or because he looks like a typical pretty boy when he's not, you know, high off crack.

He definitely never showed his crazyass face in public before the showcase though. His teaser was even more basic than Kris, and didn't show off any of his skills at all Chanyeollie has real skill in rapping though, I seriously enjoy his bits in Two Moons will link below. His deep voice is such a pleasant contrast to his boyish looks.

I believe that every person should be allowed one ship that they know ain't gonna happen.