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How did you get started in the hospitality industry/HSMAI? . It's funny, everyone I meet in the Austin hospitality world is surprised to hear that. 2. .. In I became the HSMAI VP of Education and moved into President Elect in .. Back; About · HSMAI National · Meet The Austin Board · #WhoWeAreWednesday . During off-time from the not-for-profit employment, I did contract meeting .. JE7: I 'm smiling—one of my first national honors was from MPI as “Planner of the Year. . collecting “down ballot” (non-Presidential) issues that impact our industry. MPINJ Educational Meeting. Have you (And also holds a position on the National HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board and is the chair of the. HSMAI.

Rodrigo Duterte presidential campaign, Early inDuterte made hints to the media of his intent to run for the presidency comewith a widely praised promise of abolishing Congress altogether in favor of a Parliament should he win. He also added that he will stop expressing non-interest in starting a presidential campaign.

He additionally stated that he might retire from politics after his term as mayor of Davao City ends in and his daughter runs for the office. Other factors of his possible retirement include age, health concerns and his family's objections. Marcos was reportedly considering running for the Vice-Presidential post as well; Marcos had not yet made any formal proclamation at that time.

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As in the Cayetano meeting, Duterte still declared that he was not running for president. San Antonio, Quezon Cityfiled his candidacy for president on the last minute.

PH interview that there was still a chance he would change his mind. The decision, however, would have to be made by the PDP-Laban. At one key event, meeting professionals will rally at the Texas State Capitol as part of a two-day global celebration that starts on April Hosted by the MPI Texas Hill Country Chapter in collaboration with Meetings Mean Business, the event will include a press conference to call attention to the economic impact of meetings at the local level.

At least meeting professionals from MPI and other organizations are expected to attend. The chapter will be streaming it live. Thousands of miles away, in Canada, both the MPI Toronto and British Columbia chapters will be celebrating the international expansion of the event, which started out in Canada 20 years ago. The chapter is expecting to attendees. The organizers of GMID in Canada also plan to continue the National Meetings Industry Day Influence Award Program, which recognizes people or organizations outside the industry who have supported the development of meetings and conventions or the development of policies and programs impacting the industry.

So how about everywhere? The best part about being in Austin? What is your favorite thing about working in the hospitality industry? How did you get started in the hospitality industry? Planning and organizing has always come very naturally to me. How long have you been working with current employer?

One fun fact about you is……. Spanish was my first language. My maternal grandparents and my paternal grandmother all deceased. The best part of being in Austin? The funky and weird vibe and dynamics are like no other place. It is also a tech town that has a unique country charm.

I was born and raised right here in Austin! Before coming to work with Interstate, I was the Hotel Services Coordinator at Circuit of The Americas and I got the chance to meet so many great people in the Austin hospitality community, so I knew it would be a great experience working on the other side of the hotel world.

After I graduated college, I worked as The Head of Guest Services at a guest ranch in Wyoming and it really blew the hinges off the door to the hospitality world for me. I got to really connect with the guests and rest of the staff in a really unique place.

If you could invite 3 people living or dead to dinner Austin, who would they be? Arnold Schwarzenegger now, Arnold Schwarzenegger inand Arnold Schwarzenegger in the future post robot uprising. Student at Austin Community College 1. I'm a military brat. I was born in Guam and last stationed in Puerto Rico.

I started on June 1st. A visit to Zilker Botanical Gardens, that's the horticulturist in me.

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I need to take my own advice. Learn or try something new everyday. Santa Fe, New Mexico, been there once and was just enchanted by the whole feel of the city. I was born and raised in the Bay Area of California. I kind of fell in love with it from there!

In America, definitely Hawaii. One fun fact about you is… I love pit bulls. Your perfect day in Austin would be… Attending an outside function.

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Treat all people well. My mother, and my best friends. Fannett, TX near Beaumont 2. Making connections with such wonderful people in the industry 3. HSMAI — 2 years 5. Stay calm and things will fall into place Corporate Sales Manager 1. I guess you can say that I like it! One fun fact about you is… I love to cook! Life is what you make of it, try and find the good out of every situation. Everyone has such a positive attitude. In March of I had the pleasure of making an amazing career change.

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