Meet in paris happy hour

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meet in paris happy hour

If a chic happy hour is your thing, then this hot spot in the Marais is well worth checking out. Decked out Top 5 Paris Bars: Parisian Pubs, Clubs and History to Boot Literally translated, it's: "a funny place to meet someone" and it really is!. Happy Hour at the Bar pmpm. Dining Room Happy Hour at the Bar 2: 30pmpm. Dining Room Lunch . Meet in Paris French Bistro. Culver. Restaurants, Dining at MEET in Paris in Culver City MEET in Paris brings the Paris bistro to Culver City, serving classic French comfort Hours of Operation.

Basically everything is possible here. Dress code is casual or nothing, but at least keep your shoes on! They even have a maze and other serious equipment. Open from 5 pm to 5 am on week ends.

Paris and the Marais are no exceptions. Edwina likes Lacroix, Patsy has her bottle and Saffy her books.

The American Women's Group in Paris - Home

The generic question where can I go to have some fun? So what do you call fun? A favorite pastime for many Parisians, gay and straight, this one is a piece of cake. Edmund White the American author who once lived in Paris, titled one of his books The Flaneur meaning a person who hangs around without a purpose observing and watching, but especially allowing the spectacle to unfold on its own.

This will be the sitting and drinking version of that.

~ What’s inside ? ~

What I look for in this type of bar is some colorful variety in the crowd and a low level of sexual tension. Perhaps a decent air filtering system would play a part too if everyone is smoking. Well that should give you and idea of the ambience here. The age group is varied and the look is innocent and not pretentious. The extra bonus is the downstairs. Easily avoided upstairs if you prefer. Friends in their 40s meet after work to decompress here. Tables on the upstairs balcony offer an intimate view where you can watch the happy hour from above.

The furtive looks of young men searching Mr Right add to the innocence without creating a sexual tension. Just fake a sneeze when trying to pronounce it. A relatively recent phenomena this intersection has become gay central.

The four businesses that comprise the main gay circuit of rue des Archives have certain particularities that need mentioning. The visibility of these establishments add to their notoriety but what is really going there?

American Club Happy Hour - Wednesday, June 20th, 6:30pm-8:30pm - Le Gatsby

Everyone goes there at one time or another but they might not admit it. Sort of like MacDonalds. COX — Cruisy, muscled Parisians and tourists with a touch of attitude. Fills to the max around 7pm and blocks the traffic on the sidewalk until 9: If a visiting friend insists that we go I often strike up a conversation about flower arrangements or feng shui in a loud voice just to see the reaction. Les Maronniers —Food service at all hours which is convenient and nice chestnut trees in front of a big, outdoor terrace, hence the name Maronniers.

I Am Not the Cool Kid: Happy Hour, Ep. 1

DEPOT — not on rue des Archives and in fact a large backroom bar, the Depot falls into this category because the main occupation here is watching and pretending not too. Careful of pickpockets and the overpriced coat check.

How soundly and long one slept, and what joy summers were, before we found out people were shit. Youth is precious because most of us look back on it kindly. I remember when I was a kid, out of high school, in Europe, I flew into Luxembourg and was going to hitchhike to Paris.

There was this one philosophy professor. This smiling intrigued me to no end. During his Phaedrus lectures, he seemed to radiate a strange joy into the classroom. He made you want to know what he knew.

I think it was the first time I rented a car. I flew into some airport in some town somewhere, went to the office and got the car. It was more like ecstasy than happiness.

meet in paris happy hour

I was just driving a rental car, but there was something thrilling about it. The downside of those moments is that I was younger, so I also felt more anxiety. I think I confuse happiness with joy.

meet in paris happy hour

I feel happy now though. They want the next one. They want the next big thing. John and I talked for three hours. We had martinis, steaks, bottles of wine, and grappas. We were lit already, and after hanging around in the air of the murder scene out front John got down on the sidewalk, on his back, and posed for a picture as the corpse of Castellanowe went up the street to find another bar.

We had our drink quickly and said good night.

meet in paris happy hour

But how much is happiness conscious? So what part of happiness is the awareness of it and what part is not even thinking about happiness, but just doing it? When I think of happiness, I see myself chasing ass, or being newly fascinated with a friend. I see myself either by their side, or constantly texting. There is often music.