Meet me in st louis tootie actress

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meet me in st louis tootie actress

At the request of director Vincent Minnelli, the studio cast her in the role of Tootie Smith in their new Technicolor musical, Meet Me in St. Louis. MGM had big. Actor Tom Drake, Judy and myself were going over the script of Meet Me In St Louis. I played Tootie Smith in the movie and was probably. Meet Me in St. Louis is a musical film directed by Vincente Minnelli, Judy Garland as Esther Smith; Margaret O'Brien as Tootie Smith; Mary Astor as Mrs. Anna Actor Van Johnson was originally cast in the role of John Truett, but Tom .

It's a rumor perpetuated by Minnelli himself, that the 7-year-old was coaxed into crying copious tears after being threatened with the death of her dog.

meet me in st louis tootie actress

Minnelli wrote that in his book because he thought it would be more dramatic, but that is not what happened," O'Brien reveals.

She said, 'June, of course, is such a great actress she can always cry real tears. That was not the case with Judy.

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She would always take time to say, 'Hello, Margaret. How is everything going? I want to make sure everything is all right with you. She was very sweet and very trusting of people, sometimes too trusting. She was also a wonderful mother. So many people think Judy was dark, but not with her children. What a wonderful mother she was. She was like Auntie Mame. We went to all the restaurants. She took me along to different countries.

We were good friends, but we were not real close.

The years Margaret O’Brien ruined Christmas

But we got along well. He was very nice to me. But a lot of people were really scared of him. He could be very intimidating, especially if you asked for more money. It was like being taken to the guillotine. There are lots of stories about Louis B.

What was he like? Of course, he had kids of his own—he had a daughter my age, Marlo, who would come on the set sometimes. Marlo and I graduated our first Communion and Confirmation together, so we knew each other as we grew up. But Danny was great with kids—he was fun.

Yes, I loved doing that film because I came from a dancing family. There were lots of kids on that one which was fun, including Elinor Donahue, who became a good friend. We worked together again after that, and we still see each other from time to time.

meet me in st louis tootie actress

And I also got to wear these beautiful ballet costumes, which I loved. Did your mother teach you the ballet?

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No, I had been to dancing school, but my mother was a dancer. She had taught me the flamenco and other dances, but not ballet. And my aunt Marissa was a Spanish dancer with Xavier Cugat for many years. He would have a Spanish dancer on his show at the Waldorf.

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My mother even taught Rita some dances in her early years. Were you friends with Rita Hayworth? She knew my mother, of course, but not me.

meet me in st louis tootie actress

So did you study ballet? I had not studied like the other kids, but I seemed to have a natural ability at dancing, so I learned all the steps in no time. In fact, the head of the Ballet Russe, who did most of the choreography wanted me to join the company. So, my mother said no.

meet me in st louis tootie actress

But I was really into the ballet at that time, carrying my toe shoes with me everywhere. What was it like working on that film? I loved Beth, and I loved all the costumes. Walter Plunkett designed the costumes and had also done the costumes for Gone With the Wind. What was Elizabeth Taylor like? She was really fun to work with.

Speaking of costumes, usually I had to wear poor bedraggled clothes, but on Jane Eyre I got to be dressed up and wear the pretty ones. Well, I would see Elizabeth on the Fox lot, and I was just so happy I could put my nose in the air and go past her and Peggy Ann Garner because they had to wear the raggedy clothes.

meet me in st louis tootie actress

We were only kids, but Elizabeth was envious of me for once. That was a big deal for her because she really hated that school teacher. How was Peter Lawford to work with? Peter Lawford was so handsome. All the girls had a crush on him, but I was out of the competition because I was only I felt like an outcast, so I kind of spied on them to see who was going into whose dressing room.

Peter had a wonderful time on that movie laughs.