Meet taiwan asia super team 64

meet taiwan asia super team 64

After breaking two decades of control by Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Taiwan's image as Asia's LGBT rights beacon takes a hit as. Asia Super Team competition 64 #Deals 43 . TAIWAN MEET TAIWAN has experienced another year of success at the recent IMEX. Capillary has been acting as Bata's CRM partner in six Asian countries .. MEET TAIWAN first launched "Asia Super Team" competition in Lopez Obrador, 64, is one of the most divisive figures in Mexican politics: his.

In the first half ofapart from actively expanding its customer base among domestic and overseas commercial airlines, the Group also further improved the aviation information technology and its extended services, with an aim to strongly support the demand of commercial airlines for the information technology solutions on travel convenience, e-commerce, auxiliary services and internationalization.

meet taiwan asia super team 64

As a strategic partner of the Fast Travel Project of International Air Transport Association IATAthe self-developed self-help luggage check-in processing system has already been put into operation in 26 airports for a number of commercial airlines in China. The commonly used self-service checkin system CUSSthe Company's self-developed product that conforms to IATA standards, has been launched in major domestic and overseas airports, and the online check-in service has been applied in airports at home and abroad.

Such products and services, together with the mobile check-in service and the SMS check-in service, processed a total of approximately The number of users of the self-developed mobile application, "Umetrip", has witnessed stable growth.


In the first half ofthe Group provided full-process convenient clearance technology solutions for China's commercial airlines, to help improve their passengers' experiences in various stages, such as, security check and boarding. The "aviation information inquires" realized civil aviation passenger paperless convenient clearance business and has been put into use in more than airports in China.

For accounting, settlement and clearing services, the Group continued to consolidate and expand the market of accounting, settlement and clearing services, and the research and development and the operation of the relevant systems commenced as schedule.

meet taiwan asia super team 64

In the first half ofthere were approximately In the same period, passenger, cargo and mail sales, miscellaneous fees as well as international and domestic clearing amount processed with the system amounted to approximately USD5. For airport information technology services, the Group put greater efforts in marketing, researching and developing the airport information technology service products and actively participated in the airport information system construction projects of domestic airports while persistently reinforcing its market share in the traditional departure front-end service product market.

With a dominance in the middle-sized and large-sized airports in China, the new-generation APP departure front-end system facilitated commercial airlines to provide check-in, transit and connecting flight services to passengers in overseas or regional airports, processing approximately The preparation and implementation of production system deployment of Beijing new airport project are completed according to schedule.

Face recognition system has been put into use in 66 airports including Guangzhou, Qingdao and Harbin. Taiwan's unique people and customs, its diverse history and culture, and its wealth of natural resources have given them the strength that supported and helped them to successfully make their way towards greatness.

meet taiwan asia super team 64

Dare for future," to come together to feel, taste and experience the distinct richness and stories of Taiwan. This year, we will be partnering with top companies from a total of eight Asian countries—Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. These teams will all be embarking on new, exciting journeys in pursuit of their dreams.

The competition is divided into two stages.

meet taiwan asia super team 64

Stage one encompasses the selection of online applicants for eight finalist teams one from each countrywhile stage two is where the finalist teams come to Taiwan for the Finals Tour. During the process of the competition, contestants will learn about Taiwan's multitude of scenic locations, cultures, and unique city features, as well as experience a form of corporate meeting and incentive travel like they've never previously encountered.

So register now for a chance to join your coworkers on an incentive tour to Taiwan, strengthening your team unity and rapport, as you embark on the pursuit of your dreams and visions.


Furthermore, the competition created a new model of B-to-B Marketing. We invited even more Asian companies to enter this extremely entertaining, deeply meaningful, and highly creative competition. THE ALMIGHTY PLAYER saw the launch of an brand new competition mechanism when we used online interactive games to completely overturn past corporate mentality in a way that stimulated the intellect, flexibility, and creativity of corporate employees to successfully transform the face of corporate meetings and travel incentives through "play".

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