Meet twisty american horror story

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meet twisty american horror story

Warning: light American Horror Story: Cult spoilers below. You can't set Shortly after we meet him, we see the deformed face under his mask. Remember the first time we met American Horror Story's dentally-challenged clown Twisty (John Carroll Lynch)? It was a sunny summer day on. American Horror Story: Freak Show is the fourth season of the FX horror anthology Like its predecessors, Freak Show was met with mostly positive reviews, and In the middle of all the chaos is the mysterious killer clown known as Twisty.

This year feels different. It was also revealed that Lange will be playing a role similar to Marlene Dietrich. It's a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we've done before.

Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I'm very excited! This season features the largest set ever constructed for American Horror Story, with Murphy stating: We built an entire huge compound and then we had to build the interior of all those buildings on set. And it's all based on [production designer] Mark Worthington's immaculate research.

In an interview with The Hollywood ReporterSarah Paulson revealed she would be returning, possibly for a main role, [26] which was later revealed to be the conjoined twins Bette and Dot Tattler. Finn Wittrock was the last lead actor joining the cast.

Neil Patrick Harris guest starred in two episodes as Chester, who takes over the freak show when Elsa leaves for Hollywood.

I'm a Good Clown

Harris' husband, David Burtkaappeared in the season finale as Elsa's husband. The video — which featured the American Horror Story title card — was later taken down after FX confirmed it was fan-made.

meet twisty american horror story

Before the debut of the fan-made video, FX had not released any official trailers concerning the upcoming season. Freak Show received a Metacritic score of 69 out of based on 19 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". They were seen by Jimmy and Maggiewho followed the clown and his captive back to the bus where they were subdued from behind by Dandy.

Twisty played a toy piano while Dandy attempts to saw Maggie in half for an audience of Jimmy, Bonnie, Corey, and Mike. When Jimmy stood and knocked Dandy unconscious with his bound "lobster claws", the killer clown solicited applause.

Jimmy encouraged the others to flee as Twisty put him in a stranglehold. He took him to the bus with intent to kill him but was interrupted by the arrival of Edward Mordrake.

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At Mordrake's demand and with a little ghost magic, the clown told his sad story of slander, attempted suicide, kidnapping, and murder. Mordrake's demon head named the clown the one that it seeks and Twisty was subsequently stabbed and killed by Mordrake. Then his ghost was invited to join Edward's menagerie of freakish spooks.

meet twisty american horror story

Elsa asks for them to take her. As Edward is about to stab Elsa, Twisty, with his mouth now restored to normal, tells her that it will only hurt for a moment. Cult InTwisty's murders became so famous that he spawned his own comic book franchise, Twisty: It is shown that young Oz Mayfair-Richards is a big fan of the series, despite his mother being a coulrophobic.

Oz also has an action figure of Twisty. When Oz is asleep, he is awakened by his nightlight being shut off. As he gets up from bed to turn it on; he glances up and sees Twisty towering over him.

John Carroll Lynch as Twisty the Clown - American Horror Story: What the 'freaks' really look like

Oz, who is frightened, hides under his bed. Oz screams as his mattress is lifted off by Kai, who is dressed as a clown. Oz runs to the bathroom as he chased by Twisty and locks the door.

Oz climbs into the bathtub and pulls the shower curtain to hide himself. Twisty and Kai are standing outside the door and Twisty breaks the door's glass window. Twisty finds the lock and unlocks it to gain entry. As Kai and Twisty walk over to the tub; they yank the shower curtain to the side.

Oz screams for Ivy and Ally. As they come in, they wake him up and explain that he had a nightmare. Notes The actor's call sheet listed the character as "twisted clown". The name Twisty is never used on the show until Season 7. His appearance shares a few characteristics of Lon Charney 's Flick the clown, from silent film Laugh, Clown, Laugh. Specifically, the three tufts of hair, the white costume with a ruff and the face whitened by the greasepaint.

He was so scary that actors had to leave the set after takes and regularly complained of nightmares. He may be based upon real life serial killer John Wayne Gacywho regularly dressed as a clown named Pogo for children's birthday parties.

One scene in particular shows him dressed as a clown, brandishing a knife with which to murder a victim on Devil's Night. In season 7, Cultit is revealed that a comic book series based on Twisty the Clown has been created, titled " Twisty: The Clown Chronicles ".

Oz Mayfair-Richards is a fan of the series, much to the horror of his motherwho is coulrophobic.