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philadelphia track meet

12/19, Father Judge Indoor Shot Put Meet Series Meet 1Entries Closed, Philadelphia, PA. 12/20, Hempfield Spartans SP/PV/WT Competition, Greensburg, PA. Track Meet Information. Schedule: Meet, Time, Location, Status, Note. PEX CC Meet 1, 9/15/ - AM, Belmont Plateau-Phila., PA, Open, 1, 2. PEX CC. Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia The Penn Relays' status as America's largest amateur track meet goes back to the very first running meet, held in.

Before the loudspeaker, announcers used megaphones to inform spectators. This renovation allowed for more athletes to compete in the spinning events.

philadelphia track meet

That same year the northwest corner of the stadium, that used to be used as the finishing chute, was now used for the paddock area or the area were athletes were lined up and organized before their race.

In the 50's the schedule of events was changed around so that the more popular events were run on Saturday afternoon. Inthe number of spectators reacher over 35, people for the first time and 4, athletes competed. Then in43, people attended the meet. In women competed for the first time in the yard dash.

Two years later the high school girls yard relays was added to the carnival.

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That same year Jamaican high schools started to compete in the meet. The next year, distance events were moved on the schedule of events to be run on Thursday night after the second day of the decathlon.

philadelphia track meet

Then inthe events were converted into meters instead of yards except for the mile and the 4xyard shuttle hurdle relay. A year later, automatic timing was used for results instead of hand timing.

The carnival turned into a three-day meet in because of the addition of more women's relays.

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Inthe carnival used corporate sponsorship instead of just earning money from tickets sold at the door like it had in the years before. In the years that followed, the crowd and number of participants gradually increased and the carnival would become nationally and internationally more popular.

The event broke all previous attendance records with a single-day high of 54, and the total offor the three-day festival. In this same year, Franklin Field was the site of the nation's first scoreboard.

According to the NCAA, Franklin Field is the oldest stadium that functions as both a football field and a track and field stadium.

philadelphia track meet

The lower deck seating was made more stable and the upper deck seating was added to the stadium to allow for more spectators. In the 10 lane synthetic track was added replacing the old overused track. The design that is on the plaque and the medals was created by Dr.

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The picture on the awards features the founder of the University of Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklinsitting in his library chair holding a laurel sprig in his left hand.

Four nude runners stand facing him in a line all holding hands. The last runner in the line is holding the baton of the relay. The design is carved onto an 18" or 8" bronze plate and mounted on a wooden circle. Around the bronze picture, on the wooden part of the plaque, reads "Relay Carnival" above the design and "University of Pennsylvania" below the design.

The individuals on the first place relay will receive gold watches. Individuals on the second place team will receive silver medals.

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Individuals on the third, fourth and fifth place relays will receive bronze medals. The prizes for the college relays are the same for the Military Academies races except the individuals on the first place teams will receive gold watches as well and the plaque. Second will receive silver medals. Third, fourth and fifth receive bronze medals. If a team from outside the United States wins one of these races, watches will also be given to the first American team in this race.

Just like in the high school championship relays, the first American individual will receive the gold watch. Individuals on the winning relay will receive gold medals. Individuals on the second place relay will receive silver medals. Individuals on the third fourth and fifth plea teams will receive bronze medals. There will be a security guard on-site to direct the individuals. At Archdiocesan Champs we try to not let the running events to get more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Due to the current forecast, we are suspending this policy.

philadelphia track meet

We will run all the running events as quickly as possible. As of this moment, we do not yet anticipate accelerating the field events beyond their scheduled start times, however, conditions may force our hand.

A couple of reminders with this change in policy in mind: Please do not wait for additional calls and do not attempt to game the weather by waiting until the last minute. Because we are accelerating running events, and potentially field events, I recommend that all athletes report at least 1.

We will suspend activity for severe weather, but resume activity on the track and field as soon as it is safe. The University of Pennsylvania will inform us when we have to leave and when we can return. This decision is based on the proximity of lightening strikes to the stadium or other severe weather conditions that impact the venue's safety. Put your Mary statues in the window!

philadelphia track meet

Athletes and relays are expected to report to the field when called. Athletes and relays that do not report timely to the paddock will not be permitted to participate. Coaches and athletes are expected to be familiar with event conflict rules. See page 14 of the Track Packet. If you are in doubt about how to handle event conflicts, please ask in advance of the meet!