Teenage mutant ninja turtles meet casey jones 2012

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teenage mutant ninja turtles meet casey jones 2012

Casey Jones, aka Casey, is an ally of the Ninja Turtles. He is a human teenager from New York City who is a hockey player and student from Roosevelt High. Main article: List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV series) I asked about Casey Jones on the series, and Nieli. After encountering mutants and ninjas, Casey Jones decides to take on "pure evil " alone. When he meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (–). /

As the series progresses, his rivalry with Donatello is lessened, and he becomes closer to the whole team in general. In season three's "Casey Jones VS.

The Underworld" Casey decides to start hunting crime on his own and eventually meets his new own archenemy, Hun, the new leader of the Purple Dragons. He is defeated, at first, but later defeats Hun and prolongs Shredder's plans. He is later one of only six inhabitants of Earth-the others being April and the Turtles-to be rescued before the planet is consumed by an artificial black hole.

When the Turtles gear up for a mission, Casey gets a new mask that bears a strong resemblance to his comic counterpart. In the alternate future seen in Raphael: Mutant Apocalypse, Casey was one of the many humans that died as a result of a giant Mutagen bomb hitting the planet.

Raphael kept his skull and helmet, which was attached to a bomb that he used to take down Maximus Kong's vehicle. In the Monstrous Tales saga, Casey turns into a vampire, along with April, Donatello and Raphael, until he returns to normal, due to Mikey defeating Dracula.

In the Crossover Tales saga, Casey assists the Turtles and their 80's counterparts in stopping Krang and the 80's counterpart of the Shredder. In the first filmhe is portrayed by Elias Koteas. He encounters Raphael while attacking some purse-snatchers. Raphael stops Casey from harming the thieves, whereupon Casey turns his aggression on Raphael.

Casey later sees Raphael alone on a rooftop surrounded by Foot soldiers and comes to the Turtles' aid in the subsequent attack. He is referred to by Michelangelo as " Wayne Gretzky on steroids. He also falls in love with April in the process. In the third filmCasey once again portrayed by Elias Koteas returns at the Turtles' request to assist Splinter in watching over the four honor guards that were transported to the present when the Turtles would take their place in feudal Japan.

Koteas also appears as an ancestor of Jones named Whit who, like his descendant, ends up helping the Turtles despite anti-heroic tendencies. He also shows a romantic interest in April, as Casey does. It is implied that Casey had gone away for a while, explaining his absence in the second film.

By the time the film takes place, Casey is now in a relationship with April and he works for her shipping company as a delivery man, spending his nights continuing his vigilante activities. Through this, he meets Raphael as the Nightwatcher, becoming his sidekick - though he claims Raphael is the sidekick. At the beginning of the film, he is the only character to know that Raphael is the Nightwatcher. When he meets Raphael in costume, the latter is at first confused as to how he was able to figure it out, where Casey responds, "Wasn't that hard, man.

Y'know, you look like a big metal turtle," and Raphael says, rather despondently, "It's that obvious, huh? Out of the Shadowsthe sequel to the film and played by Arrow star, Stephen Amell. After the Shredder escapes from custody and Bebop and Rocksteady beat him up and steal his armored vehicle Casey decides to hunt the two criminals on his own.

Tracking them to the TCRI building, Jones notices April being pursued by the Foot and grabs from his trunk his hockey stick and mask, which he uses to fight the Foot Clan.

teenage mutant ninja turtles meet casey jones 2012

He is quickly introduced to the turtles and becomes a butt of their jokes, with Raph and Mikey mocking his hockey mask and later tricking him into attacking Master Splinter which results in Casey getting easily defeated. Leonardo is gravely wounded when he is ambushed by the entire Foot, and Splinter is seemingly killed during a battle with Shredder.

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Season 3 Main article: Leonardo takes an extended amount of time to recover, but guided by an apparition of Splinter, is able to overcome his physical and mental wounds. They eventually return to New York City with the goal of finding Splinter, Karai, Kirby, and their other missing allies and liberate the city from the Kraang. They are successful in finding Splinter and set up a temporary base in the abandoned Antonio's Pizza, and Donatello begins work on new samples of retro-mutagen as the search for Kirby and Karai continues.

Meanwhile, Shredder mutates Russian arms dealer Ivan Steranko and his only known disciple, high-tech master thief Anton Zeck, into Bebop and Rocksteady for stealing his helmet, the Kuro Kabuto, and hunting Karai in exchange for a safe departure from the Kraang-invaded city before sending them to find her again. The duo succeed behind the Turtles's backs and Shredder promises to cure Karai of her misery.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) s02e08 Episode Script

The turtles, on the other hand, run into a recently founded mutant team called the Mighty Mutanimals consisting of mutant allies that they made during the last two seasons, such as SlashLeatherheadPigeon Pete and former British neurochemist Dr. Tyler Rockwell who are backed by their human ally Jack J. Together, they manage to banish the Kraang back to Dimension X and free New York, but the effect of the invasion eventually earns Shredder cemented control of the city's criminal underworld for his efforts to create a mind-control serum meant for the turtles, Mutanimals and Karai.

The turtles are later offered by future time sorceress Renet to time travel to the past, where they meet up with a younger Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki, as well as Yoshi's late wife and Karai's mother, Teng Shen. During the battle between Yoshi and Saki inside the burning Hamato Clan dojo, Shen is accidentally killed by Saki, who meant to kill Yoshi instead.

Saki leaves the dojo after his hair burns off from the fire and kidnaps Yoshi and Shen's baby daughter Miwa, vowing to raise her as Karai and leaving Yoshi to die. After his escape, the turtles save Yoshi, as they were "always destined to" before traveling back to the present with Renet.

Despite their best efforts and Shredder violating the Foot Clan's temporary truce with the Turtles by stabbing Splinter during the fight, the ruthless Triceratons activate the Heart of Darkness, a black hole-creating machine which annihilates both the Kraang, the Earth, and everyone on it. But just as it comes to the worst for the Turtles, April, and Casey, they are rescued by a friendly robot by the name of Professor Honeycutt also known as the Fugitoid who uses his spacecraft to take the Turtles, April and Casey to a journey into space.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series season 4 After the Turtles, April, and Casey are saved from the destruction of Earth, the Fugitoid uses his spacecraft the Ulixes to travel six months back in time in order for him and the Turtles to prevent the Triceraton Empire led by Emperor Zanmoran from again assembling the three components of the Heart of Darkness that are scattered throughout the universe before everything on Earth is lost.

Besides fighting the Triceratons, the Turtles also face new enemies in outer space like Lord Vringath Dregg of the planet Sectoid and the bounty hunter Armaggon, and even have an adventure with their interdimensional counterparts and their enemy Krang who is an exiled relative of Kraang Subprime. Despite the efforts of the Turtles, the Triceratons are still able to collect all three pieces of the Black Hole Generator, only for the Turtles to return to Earth and join forces with their past selves to warn Splinter before he is killed by the Shredder, stop the detonator of the Heart of Darkness, and defeat the Triceratons.

The Fugitoid destroys the Black Hole Generator near the Triceraton spacefleet, causing to explode, presumably killing the Triceratons.

teenage mutant ninja turtles meet casey jones 2012

In the aftermath of the fight against the Triceratons, the past versions of the Turtles, April, and Casey leave Earth with the past Fugitoid in the Ulixes while the present Fugitoid's head reactivates in Earth's orbit. Weeks later following the Triceraton Invasion being thwarted and the Foot Clan's disappearance, April is promoted to kunoichi at the time when the witch Shinigami arrives and is revealed that she is Karai's friend as they plot to rebuild the Hamato Clan and dispose of Shredder who is still recuperating from his last fight with Splinter.

Casey Jones

Furthermore, some other crime organizations have been plotting to take over the Foot Clan's territory and a crystal shard of unimaginable power which April received from the alien Aeons during their space adventure is beginning to exert a baleful influence on her. Using a special mutagen formula made by Stockman-Fly, Oroku Saki recuperates and becomes Super-Shredder in order to take back control of the Foot Clan. This leads up to the final battle at Super-Shredder's hidden mansion where Leonardo manages to slay Super-Shredder and throw his mutated Kuro Kabuto to the other Turtles in victory.

Not many people know that April was originally a scientist, not a teenage reporter.

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Casey Jones, instead of being a gruff and buff vigilante, is reimagined as an overconfident teenager, who thinks he's indestructible enough to become a crime-fighter. He's lanky and egotistical and exactly what an actual teenaged hockey player would be like as a vigilante. The last of the supporting teens is of course Karai, who is depicted as Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen's daughter, who was adopted, or rather kidnapped, by Shredder after Tang Shen's death.

Shredder raised her as his own, teaching her the ways of the foot so that she could destroy her own father. Luckily, Kurai chose to side with the Turtles after learning of her true father. The setup is somewhat convoluted, as it starts with time travel, mixes in dimension-hopping, and ends with time-clones.

It's a great crossover that showcases the Turtles in a 3D rendered style, and the Turtles in 2D. The Mirage Comics versions even manage to make a quick cameo. Together, the eight turtles save the day and the Turtles even leave Mikey with a new catchphrase, the classic "Cowabunga! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a concept is strange, plain and simple. Just look at that name, four things you thought you'd never see together somehow became a worldwide phenomenon. The original series got weird, and upon rewatching it, some fans might find that the weirdness was not very cohesive story-wise, and was usually a method to sell new toys.

While the is still a means to sell playsets at times, the weirdness in it acts as both a tribute to the cartoon and the general nature of the characters, and as strong plot-devices and story pillars. This of course only happens after the Triceratons manage to destroy Earth, forcing the Turtles to travel back in time six months in order to steal the earth-destroying device before it can be used.