Uic gymnastics meet 2016 nascar

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uic gymnastics meet 2016 nascar

The only year he missed since was in , when his children were on spring break. Adam Next week: NBO Oman Golf Classic. () as the Vikings have been dominating competition so far this season. . squared off at the UIC Pavilion during the Chicago Elite Classic. Simone Biles won the floor exercise at the world gymnastics championships Saturday and added a bronze on balance beam to wrap up a remarkable meet in .

uic gymnastics meet 2016 nascar

Oftentimes they were seen stacking the back of the pack and leaving the front to the Fury, much to the chagrin of the Manic jammers, who would come to a screeching halt as soon as they hit the wall of blockers. By halftime the score was in the Fury's favor Despite some amazing point gains by the Manics, in the end they were no match for heavy blocking from the Fury's Sargentina and power jams by Ska Face and Kola.

Once again, the league's streetwise skaters took the championship, At the Ivy King Cup Championship this Saturday, June 18, two teams enter; only one team leaves or rather, leaves with the coveted cup. This year, it's down to The Fury and the Manic Attacker s, two teams who are maintaining their reps as hard-to-beat skaters.

The Fury has enjoyed a particularly victorious season, currently standing The Manics, however, have been maintaining more of an even keel, finishing out the regular season at With both teams largely with veteran skaters at the helm, there weren't a lot of surprises as far as stats.

Meanwhile, the Fury better watch out for Manic jammers Zoe Trocious, who has scored points so far this season, followed by Beth Amphetamineand Ruth Enasia I'm not going to attempt extending this Mad Max metaphor any further that way, everyone can be Tina Turnerso suffice to say it'd be in your best interest to attend the championship on Saturday at the UIC Pavilion S.

The bout kicks off at 6 p. Grab yours online or at the door. The first game of the evening saw the Fury continue their onslaught on the season with yet another win, this time against the Manic Attackers.

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The Manics, who've also enjoyed a good season, were fresh from their nail-biter April 9 bout against the Hell's Belles. The Fury maintained a grip on the packs, often with a point spread, until the Manics' Zoe Trocious tightened the gap in the second half with a fantastic jam.

Still, it was the Fury's game as they shut down the Manics In the second bout, the Hell's Belles led in their game against the Double Crossers from the get-go and never surrendered. Despite some strong jamming by Indy Cent and Julia Rosenwinkle, with blocking assists from Georgia on Yer Behind and Karmageddon, the Double Crossers had to admit defeat, ending with a Belles win It will be the final bout before the championships on June Easter Edition Get ready for Easter with a rousing game of roller derby!

This go-round will see the winners of the last bout, The Fury and the Manic Attackers, battle one another. In the second game, the Double Crossers will take on the Hell's Belles. The bout begins at 6 p. You can get yours online or at the door. The second half of the night saw the Hell's Belles against the Manic Attackers in what became a total nail-biter.

uic gymnastics meet 2016 nascar

The two teams are fairly evenly matched this season -- this game mattered, and it showed as both teams attacked the floor from the first whistle. It was a rougher, tougher game, and the the teams strove to keep a fast pack, making it that much harder for the jammers to catch up and break through.

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Trip reports, sports road trip ideas, and sports opinions from a guy who lives for one thing: I talked about the venue in detail in the previous post, so won't add much here. I'll just include a few more pictures to give you a better idea of how cool this place is. Check out the old-style font on Arena below.

The ticket booth is smartly designed too.

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Thus many of the good concession stands are closed, and the concourse is usually completely empty. This does allow you to take photos of the small display along one wall of the concourse, which includes all of the arena's tenants.

The Panthers have one huge accomplishment, when they made the Sweet Sixteen inbeating Alabama and Boston College before falling to eventual runner up Illinois.

uic gymnastics meet 2016 nascar

Inthey beat Oklahoma in the first round before losing to Florida, who took the title that year. Their other successes are honoured on banners, as you can see below. With so few fans, the section is covered with tarp I like the claws on the court motif. The court matches the seating quite nicely as well.

There are two scoreboards in the corner that show team stats during the game, while the overhead scoreboard shows live video during the action.

uic gymnastics meet 2016 nascar

The mascot, Pounce, and the cheerleaders try to get the crowd into it, but with just 1, here, that's easier said than done. Nothing wrong with it here, just not enough fans to give it a memorable atmosphere.

uic gymnastics meet 2016 nascar

If you want to see a game at Panther Arena, Admirals hockey is your better bet. The home team took a lead but a quick Flames run that resulted in the only lead change of the entire game.