Big guys meet tiny kittens and puppies

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big guys meet tiny kittens and puppies

Rebecca went to meet the puppies and instantly fell in love with Honey. This precious little kitty was presented to us as a stray with his 4 siblings. He is now big brother to new puppy Bullzeye who is having a lot of funny annoying Gillen. As tiny kittens these guys were left at our doorstep and because they were so tiny . The science of CUTE: From bobble heads to large eyes and chubby bodies, what makes kittens and puppies so adorable revealed. Clifford's Puppy Days is an American animated children's television series that originally aired on both PBS and PBS Kids from September 15, to February 23, A prequel to the original Clifford the Big Red Dog, it features the adventures A small puppy who is highly playful and always looks forward to meet new.

When you bring her home in her carrier, take it directly to her room. Put it near the litter box, unlatch and open the door, and spend a few minutes speaking softly to her. Let her venture out of the carrier on her own schedule, and likewise, let her get acquainted with your dog on her own terms and timetable.

Make sure both pets have their own stuff. If you have 2 cats, each should have a litter box, plus one to spare.

big guys meet tiny kittens and puppies

Feed pets in separate areas. This approach eliminates resource guarding and food fights. It also allows you to insure that each pet is getting the appropriate type and amount of food. Also place a few water stations around the house so everyone has access to clean, fresh drinking water at all times.

Give your senior pet lots of time and attention. Getting a new pet acclimated to your home takes considerable time and energy — especially if the new furry family member is a puppy or kitten. Your first focus must be on your long-time companion, which also sets the stage for a healthy pack order.

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Gillen is a very good helper who enjoys assisting his Mum with everything from video calls with family to hanging out the washing. The only thing he does not enjoy is having a bath.

big guys meet tiny kittens and puppies

For attention he will bite at the iPad or phone that is stopping him from getting love. Gillen named after the suburb where he was found is a handsome cuddle monster who we all adore. He is now big brother to new puppy Bullzeye who is having a lot of funny annoying Gillen.

The very handsome Gilly loves chasing the water from the hose, food and his toys. He is an affectionate fellow who gives lots of cuddles and kisses with his worst habit being pulling the washing off the line! Angus This is Angus.

He is a 6 year old German Shepherd whose Mum is one of our nurses Kristen. Angus is one of 4 pets in his family, he is little brother to Bonnie the German Shepherd and big brother to cats Lilli and Clyde. He is a big fan of cats and has helped Kristen raise 3 litters of orphaned kittens- he will help with toileting them, grooming them and being a warm body to cuddle.

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Not only is he a sweet kitten dad but also very clever- his best trick is "play dead", but he sometimes adds dramatic effect by crying out before falling down. What an all round legend! Lulu was adopted by Kate as a 1 year old from a boxer rescue website. Born in Alice Springs, her previous owner flew her up to Darwin where Kate was living at the time and it was love at first sight!

Lulu is a kind and gentle soul who even visits an Aged Care home as a therapy dog. Lulu is the master at arranging pillows to ensure her maximum comfort, and can sleep on her self made pillow land all day.

Lulus best feature is her snaggle tooth that always gets a laugh when it comes out. She is head of security at home and takes this role very seriously by barking furiously at delivery drivers and the postman. Zoey is our receptionist Emily's 1 year old Cattle Dog Cross. As a tiny puppy, Zoey was one of a litter of pups found dumped in Emilys front yard.

Giant Men Meet Tiny Kittens In Adorable Mismatch For The Ages

Whilst the rest of her siblings went to the shelter Emily had already fallen in love so decided to keep her. Destroying toys and climbing up onto window sills to say hello are a couple of Zoeys favourite activities. She can be quite shy with new people but Emily is helping her to build her confidence with strangers.

Kristen has had Bonnie since she was just a wee little pup and like most of our pets, she has her little quirks!

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One of her favourite pastimes is eating cat poop from her kitty sister Lilli. Bonnie knows many tricks thanks to a lifetime of training with Kristen, so throws them all out at once whenever the treat pouch comes out!

He often calls Clifford "little red" or "pup".

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Solomon voiced by Alan Oppenheimer — A wheelchair-bound writer. Flo and Zo are his two pet kittens. The Sidarskis — A family of mice who live in the laundromat. They have five playful children, Lucy, Lewis, Sophie, Sid, and a new baby.

Tricksie voiced by Russi Taylor - An elderly dog who once performed in the circus with her owner, Mrs. She has little interaction with Clifford and his friends, but is still very friendly to them. Z - An elderly Italian woman who was once in the circus, and Trixie's owner. She is shown to be quite kind towards the kids.

big guys meet tiny kittens and puppies

Bebe voiced by Jill Talley — A Golden Retriever Seeing-eye dogwho joins in on Clifford and his friends' fun whenever she can spare the time. She belongs to a blind girl named Jenny. Jenny voiced by Dionne Quan - A blind girl and Bebe's owner.

While she is blind, Jenny has unusually high situational awareness, being able to tell where things are without even touching them. She demonstrates expertise in botany and gardening, helping the kids to plant a willow tree.