One direction meet and greet jakarta globe

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one direction meet and greet jakarta globe

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Everyone is divided into their own departments: If her previous shows were dominated by more muted shades, this time, she had added new colors to her vocabulary. Hanging on one rack was a red elongated polo shirt and knee-length skirt made from cotton-jersey that was soft to the touch. Almost next to it was a moss-green zippered jacket with ribbed collar, also paired with a matching skirt.

Vinora said that she always went back to her roots when starting a collection. The traditional woven chairs that her grandparents owned also lent an influence. Consider the sleeveless sheath dress in brown raffia material or the beige tailored vest with a textured woven surface — all constructed in figure-accentuating proportions that still retained a sense of ease to them. The label also simultaneously features a menswear collection that is aligned with the womenswear one. There was a sense of movement, making each piece adaptable for everyday wear.

I have certain styles that are available for women and men, but they have different cuts and fits. As exemplified by her collections above, Vinora always puts a considerable attention to materials.

one direction meet and greet jakarta globe

Each season, she travels to fabric factories around the world — especially those located in European countries like Germany, Italy and France — to find interesting materials that she can experiment on. Aside from materials, Vinora is always attracted to the notion of shapes when designing a collection. If you cut the length of the arm just a bit, the shape will be different.

So shape is very interesting to me because I like sculpting. Instead, she would have fit models come to her production area and meticulously mold her clothes directly on their bodies. Also, they added that the contributions he made to develop the capital during his service as governor were a mitigating factor. However, the prosecutors said Ahok was still guilty of showing animosity toward Muslims who believed that Surah Al Maidah 51 instructed them not to choose non-Muslims as leaders.

The prosecutors argued since Al Maidah 51 had various interpretations, even among Muslims, Ahok was at fault because he acted as if he knew the correct understanding of the verse.

They claimed that when Ahok said Thousand Islands residents could be deceived by some of the interpretations of Surah Al Maidah 51, Ahok had not only insulted Muslims who had a different view to him, but also Thousand Islands residents, who are mostly Muslim. Nevertheless, Ahok was not the only one to blame in the case, the prosecutors said. They cited Buni Yani, now a hate-speech suspect, who uploaded an edited video of Ahok's speech to his Facebook account with a misleading transcription.

That video led to public uproar and the governor's blasphemy charges, the prosecutors said. Pedri Kasman, the secretary of Muhammadiyah's youth wing, who reported Ahok for blasphemy to the police, said he believed the prosecutors were biased. Trial is politically motivated, Ahok should be acquitted: At the session, prosecutors addressed the court on sentence, suggesting that a two-year probation period is appropriate if the governor is convicted.

In the event that the probation order is breached, a possible one-year jail term may be imposed, the prosecution added. The prosecution reduced the blasphemy charge against the governor from Article a of the Criminal Code to Articleexplaining that Ahok's criticism was directed at people, not the Koran.

The latter carries a lighter maximum sentence and also no longer requires that the prosecution prove that Ahok "deliberately" committed the act, which would have been more difficult to prove.

APSN | Indonesia News Digest 15, Volume 21 – April ,

Article also has a wider scope, where the prosecution need only prove that the accused publicly expressed feelings of hostility, hatred or contempt against one or more groups of the population of Indonesia.

In this context, a group may be distinguished by race, country of origin, religion and descent. Ahok had been facing blasphemy charges since November last year after saying during a speech on Pramuka Island that his political rivals have been quoting verse 51 of the Koran's Al-Maidah chapter to turn people against him.

Bonar added that accusing Ahok of blasphemy was merely an effort to satisfy certain politically motivated interests to hamper his chances in the gubernatorial election. It is clear that the prosecution missed the mark, realizing that the evidence was limited and it was an uphill battle to prove that blasphemy was committed, Bonar said.


The prosecution missed their target," Bonar said. Bonar also hopes that the judges will consider all factors when preparing the verdict. North Jakarta District Court prosecutors demanded two years probation with a possible one-year jail term for Ahok, downgrading the charge against the embattled governor, who had been facing blasphemy charges since November last year after quoting verse 51 of the Koran's Al-Maidah chapter during a speech on Pramuka Island in Jakarta's Thousand Islands district.

Police declared Ahok a suspect in November after more thanMuslims marched against the governor, who is a Christian of Chinese ethnicity. Protesters demanded Ahok's immediate arrest, but police later decided against detention as investigators had mixed views of the case and the governor was only barred from leaving the country. Thursday's sentence recommendation by prosecutors indicate that police did not follow due process in naming Ahok a blasphemy suspect, Jakarta-based human rights group, the Setara Institute, said.

Bonar said the recommendation for a lighter sentence for Ahok also indicates that there has been legal confusion among prosecutors, and that the judges should therefore dismiss all charges. Airlangga Pribadi Kusman, a lecturer in politics at Airlangga University in Surabaya, East Java, echoed Bonar Tigor's view, saying social tensions were expected to ease after the quick count results showed Ahok lost the Jakarta gubernatorial election on Wednesday.

He said there was no longer any need to pursue the charges against Ahok, the capital's first ethnic Chinese governor in the post-Suharto era. Ahok-Djarot's rivals have used it as a 'political tool' to achieve their victory," Airlangga said. On the other hand, Ahok's supporters also don't seem interested in pouring more gasoline on the current situation," the lecturer said. Airlangga said the main concern in the long run is to prevent a repeat of this situation in other parts of Indonesia.

During Thursday's court session, prosecutors opted not to charge Ahok with Article a of the Criminal Code on blasphemy, explaining that his criticism was directed at people, not the Koran. Prosecutors instead charged him with transgressing Articlewhich requires them to prove that Ahok publicly expressed feelings of hostility, hatred or contempt against one or more population groups. Ahok's slip of the tongue still left him with some problems, with prosecutors demanding that "if he commits any criminal offense, not necessarily blasphemy, he will be imprisoned for a year," Ismail, a law professor at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, told the Jakarta Globe.

Anies and Ahok agreed to have the meeting after the two politicians exchanged text messages on Wednesday shortly after pollsters projected that Anies would win the gubernatorial election. Knowing that Ahok had to leave City Hall early for his blasphemy trial, Anies arrived for the meeting at 7.

one direction meet and greet jakarta globe

Upon seeing Anies, Ahok cut short his meeting with the residents and moved to greet Anies and proceeded to escort him to the governor's mansion next to City Hall. Anies said during the meeting, which lasted 30 minutes, he and Ahok discussed efforts to start a reconciliation process between supporters from their respective camps.

Let bygones be bygones. Let's start a new chapter," Anies told reporters after the meeting. Hours after balloting wrapped up on Wednesday, a number of research outfits projected that Anies and his running mate, millionaire Sandiaga Uno, would win the gubernatorial election by a wide margin.

After learning he was trailing by a double-digit margin, Ahok conceded defeat and pledged that he would pave the way for a smooth transition at City Hall.

On Thursday, one of issues highlighted during the meeting between Anies and Ahok was the city budget. Anies said an early discussion on the budget would be crucial in his effort to realize some of his campaign promises.

Meanwhile, Ahok insisted that discussions on the city budget needed to wrap up soon, without waiting for Anies to take the reins of power in October. He suggested that Anies send members of his team to discuss some of the new details of the budget with officials in the current administration. With regards to Anies' invitation to begin work on reconciliation, Ahok maintained that his supporters would accept the final election result.

On the campaign trail, Anies pledged he would halt some of Ahok's controversial policies, including the reclamation project along the city's northern coast as well as the eviction program aimed at widening some of the city's main rivers such as Ciliwung and Cipinang. Ahok's decision to press ahead with the budget is likely aimed at safeguarding some of his signature projects that could be axed by Anies.

Responding to Anies' plan to halt the reclamation project, Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan said the presumptive governor should not rush to execute the plan.

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We will explain about this issue carefully. Luhut said he was convinced that once Anies got a complete picture of the reclamation project, he would decide to reverse his stance.

one direction meet and greet jakarta globe

There has been no official statement from the State Palace regarding Anies' victory. Some analysts say Anies' victory in Jakarta deals a serious political blow to President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, who backed Ahok to be governor for the next five years as part of his strategy to push through some of his key infrastructure projects.

The Jakarta chapter of the KPU noted that turnout had increased from the first round of the election, held on Feb. Sumarno added that the real count result was not the official result of the Jakarta election. The count would be conducted in stages from the district to the provincial level and engage witnesses from the candidate team of Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama and his running mate Djarot Saiful Hidayat as well as their rivals, Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno, he said.

The current real count result shows that Anies and Sandiaga have garnered 57,95 percent of the vote, while Ahok and Djarot lag behind with only 42,05 percent. Two hours after voting closed Mr Anies had an unassailable lead over the incumbent, Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, who is ethnically Chinese and Christian, following a peaceful polling day. The election has been portrayed as a test of Indonesia's much vaunted pluralism and an ominous presage of the role sectarian politics could play in the national election.

Mr Anies' victory is also a fillip for former army strongman Prabowo Subianto, whose Gerindra party endorsed Mr Anies and his multimillionaire running mate, Sandiaga Uno. Mr Prabowo, who was defeated by Joko Widodo in the elections, has signalled he intends to re-stand for president in On the eve of the election, Mr Anies compared the gubernatorial election to the Battle of Badr in CE, considered a turning point in the Prophet Muhammad's struggle to establish Islam and defeat his pagan opponents.

President Joko Widodo, who is an ally of Ahok but said he would remain impartial during the elections, urged Jakartans to willingly accept whomever was voted leader. Mr Anies and Mr Sandiaga embraced after learning of the early count results, a sample of final results from polling stations, which are generally a reliable prediction of election outcomes.

We will forget the months that have passed, we will look at Jakarta for the next five years. He said he hoped Mr Anies and Mr Sandiaga would complete the programs he had started. Jakarta is the home for everybody. Eight months ago Ahok's victory in the gubernatorial elections seemed assured. His brash, take-no-prisoners approach in City Hall made him some enemies including among those who were evicted or opposed the Jakarta Bay reclamation.

However he was widely admired for his tough stance on corruption and can-do attitude to flood mitigation, overhauling a stodgy bureaucracy and addressing Jakarta's traffic woes and polls found the majority were satisfied with his performance as governor. Ahok was put on trial for blasphemy amid mass rallies calling for his incarceration that threatened the political stability of the capital.

Mr Anies, a former university rector and education minister who had a reputation as a moderate Muslim, has been accused of running a dog-whistle campaign by controversially reaching out to hardline groups like the FPI. Religion was omnipresent during the election campaign. Politics even infiltrated schools: Dilla Rosa, a year-old Muslim housewife, told Fairfax Media she was disturbed when her Grade 5 son came home and said his religion teacher had told students they had to elect Muslim leaders.

The school wasn't even in Jakarta," said Ms Dilla, who voted for Ahok because he had "clear programs and real results". Telling children how Muslims should vote "put pressure on them" if their families had different beliefs.

The police had banned the mass mobilisation but Tasmaya Al-Maidah committee member Gimy said they were powerless to prevent them. But the police conducted "sweeping" raids of buses on Jakarta's borders, and the expected to assemble at Al Azhar were no-where in sight. About 30 people listened to a moderate sermon, during which the Imam prayed for a peaceful election.

Indonesia's police chief Tito Karnavian said the election had run smoothly with no major incidents. Isolated complaints by Ahok supporters of intimidation at polling booths were "misunderstandings", he said, that had been exaggerated by the media.

On Thursday, the embattled Ahok must meet his next Waterloo, when prosecutors make their sentence demand for his alleged blasphemy. He faces being jailed for a maximum five years. However the sting will have been taken out of the court case and its attendant protests, which at times threatened political stability, following Wednesday's election loss. At least eight pollsters projected Anies had a double-digit lead over Ahok.

Pollster Indo Barometer tallied similar results, showing that Ahok was trailing Anies by 17 percent. Meanwhile, Charta Politika, another Jakarta-based pollster known to be close to Ahok's camp, also projected a win for Anies, who garnered Pollsters' projections showed the odds were stacked against Ahok soon after he won the first election round in February.

Despite public opinion surveys projecting Anies and Ahok in a statistical dead heat, the quick-count results showed that Ahok failed to expand his base. Anies, on the other hand, was able to bring in more votes, especially from supporters of Agus Yudhoyono Harimurti, who finished third in the first round with Anies and his running mate Sandiaga came in second in the first round with Anies' strategy of crafting messages directed at Muslim groups has apparently paid off, with nearly all of Agus' supporters switching over to his side.

In the first round, Agus devoted more resources to woo conservative Muslim voters, while Anies made attempts to appeal to the urban, young middle-income segment.

one direction meet and greet jakarta globe

Muslims make up around 78 percent of the more than 7. Part of the blame for Ahok's defeat in the poll was the overconfidence of the parties in his coalition with their political machinery, Arya said. Early on Wednesday, PDI-P secretary-general Hasto Kristiyanto expressed his optimism that Ahok could win the runoff election with at least 52 percent of the vote.

Soon after polls closed and pollsters began projecting a victory for Anies, Gerindra chief patron Prabowo Subianto said Anies' victory was owed much to the role played by Muslim clerics, whom he considered as having played greater roles in the election season, even more than professional politicians. Anies, however, said in his victory speech that he promised to begin reconciliation following a divisive and bitterly contested election.

Anies said he and Sandiaga were prepared to take on the job as the leaders of a city home to people with various religious and ethnic backgrounds. Anies and Sandiaga will serve all Jakarta residents," he said. Anies went on to praise Ahok and Djarot as two of the country's finest citizens.

They are two of the best citizens who have contributed to the nation," he said. In his concession speech, Ahok said he would work harder for the remainder of his term to pave the way for Anies' administration. We will complete all our work and fulfill our promises. Anies added that he was grateful that Muslims in Jakarta could send a peaceful message to the world.

He said the responsibility to take care of the capital was "part of everyone's struggle from now. A day after Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama was decisively defeated in a bitterly sectarian gubernatorial election by former education minister Anies Baswedan, he was forced to front the blasphemy trial that derailed his electability.

Indonesia News Digest 15 – April 15-21, 2017

Protesters outside the court erupted angrily when they learnt Ahok could escape prison for telling fishermen they had been deceived into not voting for him by his political opponents.

Ahok, who assumed the role of governor in when Joko Widodo was elected president, had been considered a shoo-in to win the gubernatorial elections until his slip up last September. Initial polls reflected wide support for his effective governance of the city and can-do attitude.

This was acknowledged by the prosecutors who said their sentencing request reflected that Ahok had been involved in the development of the city. The maximum jail sentence for article of the blasphemy act is four years' jail but prosecutors requested he be given two years on probation with a one year jail sentence if he reoffended.

They said Ahok had created uneasiness in the community and his comments caused "misunderstandings between groups in Indonesia".

An editorial in the Jakarta Post on the eve of the election described the campaign as "the dirtiest, most polarising and most divisive the nation has ever seen", saying the use of religion and race had been a "troubling aspect". Policies and track record count for little," she said.

Ahok's lawyer, Wayan Sudirta, said the fact prosecutors only requested probation meant they were unsure of his guilt. Mr Anies, who won about 58 per cent of the vote according to quick count surveys, had campaigned on education, no-deposit home loans, and opposition to Ahok's forced evictions for flood mitigation and reclamation of Jakarta Bay. However he was also accused of a dog-whistle campaign that saw him courting extremist groups such as the Islamic Defenders Front, which had long called for Ahok to be ousted from power.

However both Mr Anies and Ahok called for unity after the election result, with Mr Anies pledging to be a good leader not just for Muslims and his voters but the whole of Jakarta. Saratoga shares rose by 6. Meanwhile, MNC shares increased by 1. Trade was dominated by domestic investors, who conducted Rp 3. Meanwhile, there were Rp 2. The incumbent pair received of the total ballots, of which 11 were declared invalid. In the first round of the election on Feb.

Agus Yudhoyono and Sylviana Murni ranked third with only 38 votes. As the leader of FPI, a hard-line group with a track record of religious-related violence, Rizieq has long been voicing his opposition to Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, lately accusing him of blasphemy.

one direction meet and greet jakarta globe

After voting, Rizieq said that he hoped the election would be held fairly and transparently so that the results did not lead to problems. But if it is not held in a fair manner, there will be problems in the future, Rizieq added. He immediately left the voting station afterwards. More than 60, police officers have been deployed to secure around 13, poling stations across the capital after several Muslim groups said they were planning an "Al-Maidah Picnic" in which groups of people will be sent to voting stations to monitor the election.