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czech republic germany relationship

The Czech Republic and. Slovakia have since gone their separate ways. Meanwhile, the relations of both countries with Germany, have changed for the better. Jürgen Tampke tells the story of the Sudeten-Germans from the beginning of their settlement seven hundred years ago in what is now the Czech Republic to. Twenty years ago the Czech Republic and Germany signed a joint declaration pledging not to burden bilateral relations with controversial.

These borderlands, which locally had a majority of German population, had been planned to join the Republic of German-Austriaapplying as well to the self-determination principle, and eventually unite with Germany.

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After Adolf Hitler 's rise to power in Germany, the Nazi German government sought to inflame nationalistic tensions in neighbouring Czechoslovakia, and Hitler instructed local Nazi leader Konrad Henleinthe leader of the German minority in the Czech borderlands, to make unreasonable demands on the Czech government and to attempt to paralyse the Czechoslovak democracy.

Ethnic German nationalists backed by Hitler demanded the union of German-speaking districts with Germany.

German-Czech relations positive despite the past

At the height of Western Appeasement of Nazi Germany, the British and French-backed Munich Agreement granted the German areas, including all of the crucial Czechoslovak border fortificationsto Germany. Despite the Czech-French alliance, Czech officials were not invited to negotiate and were informed of the agreement only after its conclusion.

czech republic germany relationship

The Czechoslovak leadership fled to London and several months later Hitler seized the rest of Czechoslovakia. During the German occupation of Czechoslovakiathe occupants destroyed the Czechoslovak state, the only Central European parliamentary democracyand sought to "reintegrate" Bohemia and Moravia into the Nazi empire.

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A document to help the Czechs and Germans cope with sensitive issues of the common past was the Czech-German Declaration from Since its signing, matter-of-fact and conciliatory stances have prevailed among the two countries' highest representatives with a few exceptions.

The two states have repeatedly expressed their will to deal with present issues and not to burden mutual relations with issues related to the past.

czech republic germany relationship

Czech-German political and economic cooperation has been based on the Treaty on Good Neighbourhood and Friendly Cooperation signed in February Merkel has visited Prague three times so far, in JanuaryOctober and April Sobotka paid an official visit to Berlin in March and a working visit in May The Prague Daily Monitor is not responsible for its content. People of Czech or Slovak descent in Germany were also discussed. The agreement guaranteed each group the right to practice "their ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity," free from discrimination "and in full equality before the law.

czech republic germany relationship

The Sudetenland, a largely German-speaking region within Czech borders, became incorporated into the German Reich. A year later, the rest of the Czech nation was annexed and occupied.

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The Nazis went on to commit atrocities against the country's Jewish population. The assassination of a high-ranking Nazi official by a Czech resistance fighter prompted a ferocious response. Inthe Nazis destroyed the Czech village of Lidice, massacring the residents in an "act of reprisal. About 3 million Sudeten Germans were forced to abandon their homes, and their property was confiscated under the so-called "Benes Decrees" - named after then-president Edvard Benes. Open Wounds Sudeten Germans keep their unique identity alive The question of who was at fault for the mutual atrocities colored German-Czech relations for decades to come.

czech republic germany relationship

Displaced Sudeten Germans, who also had influential proponents in the conservative CDU and CSU parties, continued to demand recognition and compensation.