Getting closer in a relationship

Getting Closer to Intimacy — Dr. Holly Parker

getting closer in a relationship

A cheese wheel to dump pasta and risotto in for years to come! My tableside serving game is bout to be liiiiiit! Heading out to relax with the fam. Relationships are full of ups and downs, but they can also have long lulls in which People tend to get tangled up in all the things that aren't working for them. If you're looking to find ways to feel closer to your partner without 9 Ways To Get Closer To A New Partner Without Rushing The Relationship.

And you never want that. When you first meet and things start to click, you get excited. There is so much potential for something great to grow out of the connection that you establish with one another. And you do whatever you can to build on that connection until eventually, you both fall in love and you grow comfortable enough to get into a relationship with one another. And this is where a lot of couples will make the mistake of letting their foot off the gas.

You never stop working at your love. You must always make it a point to connect with one another as much as possible. You would take immense pleasure and joy in actually getting closer to one another.

And the more that you manage to bridge the gap between the two of you, the stronger your relationship is going to become; and the happier the both of you will be in your relationship. And if you feel like you need some tips in coming up with ways to bring you closer to each other, then just read this article until the end: Argue and fight with one another.

As counterintuitive as it might seem, arguments actually help couples get closer with one another. When handled maturely and effectively, two people in an argument can always find a way to come to a resolution for disagreements. And when that happens, they come out of these fights closer than they were when they went into them. Learn to merge your partner and your own personal social life.

When you integrate your worlds, you are bridging a gap between the two of you. You start to share your lives with one another whenever you start merging friends and families. Be more adventurous and daring in the bedroom.

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Sometimes, all it takes to get closer to a partner is healthy and active sex life. Sex is the ultimate form of physical vulnerability. And when you allow yourselves to take risks with each other in that regard, you are just getting closer and closer to one another in an emotional capacity as well. Open up to one another about your biggest goals and dreams. And at other times, a move that feels open and intimate for one person, such as sharing deeply held principlesdoesn't seem like a meaningful revelation for the person hearing it.

So what steps can we take to increase intimacy with a partner as we climb the sometimes rugged trails of love?

9 Things You And Your Partner Can Do To Get Closer In Your Relationship

Here are a few options to consider: Look for what you love and appreciate about your partner. This forecasts deeper closeness. Ditch the tech Let me just preface this part by confessing that I treasure my smartphone. Then have at it! But aside from that, consider keeping it out of sight.

getting closer in a relationship

If I had a dollar for every time I saw a couple who was focused on their phones rather than on each other, sadly, I think I might just have a crack at a small chateau in France. Of course, it thoroughly makes sense to want to break out that smartphone and get something done.

We now have the gift of a computer in our pocket, and for those of us old enough to remember what life was like before their existence, the convenience is incredible.

Getting Closer to Intimacy

Cuddle Cuddling has two major notable upsides. First of all, it feels great and it satisfies the main reason why people do it, which is a desire for intimacy and care. Second, it's a piece of cake. But it turns out that being there for our partner in moments of success are also crucial. People with partners who react to their good fortune with sincere, animated joy are also more likely to feel closer in the relationship.

Harness the power of responsiveness Be responsive to your partner and watch for ways your partner is being responsive to you.

When someone is being responsive, they pay attention to signs of how their partner is feeling and they treat their partner with compassion and kindheartedness. Responsiveness involves tender actions like sending a loving message during the day, giving a small gift, or preparing a romantic picnic as a surprise; it also includes gentle, loving forms of touchsuch as a massage, an embrace, or holding hands.

People who treat their partner in a responsive way feel closer, and their partner feels more connected too.

getting closer in a relationship

The story we tell ourselves about our partner also matters. If you see your partner as a responsive person, you and your partner are apt to feel closer. Responsiveness is also important when partners open up.

9 Things You And Your Partner Can Do To Get Closer In Your Relationship - Relationship Rules

And on top of all that, responsiveness is linked with wanting sexual intimacy. Have a blast Embrace fun with your partner. Couples who spend time together doing something they enjoy, and who do so enthusiastically, feel more connected.

The Challenge of Being Close

So give yourself permission to seriously schedule play time for yourself and your partner. Intimacy and smartphone multitasking—a new oxymoron?