Hearts in atlantis ending a relationship

Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King

Oct 24, I just finished listening to Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King. -Bobby claims the glove came from Ted but then how did Sully end up with it and. Hearts in Atlantis () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more story are Bobby Garfield and his relationship with his mother, girlfriend and Ted. surely, builds to an emotional payoff every bit as moving as the end of Rob Reiner's gem . father gambled away their savings before dying and leaving them in financial straits. Not if a person's maturity is given perspective by a relationship with Jesus over-reliance on King's decades-old formula, Hearts in Atlantis still manages.

The fact that the yuppie is indeed a Vietnam vet although not the one he claims to be, exactly and is one of the boys who attacked Carol Gerber with a baseball bat when she was eleven puts a chilling spin on the story's subtext.

Sullivan is, in a word, haunted--but not in the traditional King sense. Instead, he's spent thirty years hallucinating that an old, white-haired Vietnamese mamasan is sitting in the room with him, staring at him quietly. The story's more of a character study than anything else; it certainly couldn't stand on its own. As with "Hearts in Atlantis"--and unlike "Low Men in Yellow Coats" and "Blind Willie"--one can't help feeling that the story suffers because King skims over his character's plight from a distance, rather than dramatizing it with focused intensity.

All the drama is in the backstory, and it fails to justify the story's bizarre ending.

hearts in atlantis ending a relationship

But Bobby's voice here seems little different from Sullivan's or Pete's, and it should best be considered a brief closing coda for the collection. Like "Why We're In Vietnam," its dramatic momentum is undercut by the main character's morbid reflections, and the actual events seem a little forced and self-conscious.

Hearts in Atlantis

Repeatedly in Hearts in Atlantis, King's characters--and, by extension, King implies, all baby boomers--face a critical question: Do you defiantly bring something of the innocent's splendor with you or do you quietly give in? Do you, at least, have the courage to try to defy it? As the characters in Hearts in Atlantis learn, to acquiesce to experience's awful sweep--to give in quietly with the hope that it will go easy on you--is a sin, whether it's keeping quiet while friends beat a girl or refusing to participate in an anti-war rally for fear your parents might find out.

As the Vietnam vet says in "Blind Willie," "You do penance as much for what you were spared as for what you actually did. Too many boomers, King seems to suggest, simply gave up after innocence lost out and Atlantis sank, in his metaphor and turned in the s to mean, self-centered greed in King's phrase, "retired [hippies] who progressed from selling cocaine to selling junk bonds over the phone --only to settle now for the diminished expectations of the twilight years.

We had an opportunity to change everything. The only generation even close to us in pure, selfish self-indulgence is the so-called Lost Generation of the twenties, and at least most of them had the decency to stay drunk.

You're Entitled to My Opinion: Hearts in Atlantis By Stephen King

We couldn't even do that. But, while at least two of the stories here are strong, King simply doesn't make Hearts in Atlantis's story arc from to compelling as fiction, from beginning to end. The stories, in short, don't talk to each other--and probably can't because they have such disparate voices and divergent genres.

Attentive readers will pick up on abiding themes and images that tie the stories together, but too often they lack that elusive quality that makes their connection seem magical.

For this sort of exercise to work, the reader must feel an otherworldly quality makes them recur; but King fails to show us the eerie necessity that brings his themes up again and again.

hearts in atlantis ending a relationship

In the end, Hearts in Atlantis offers one great novella and a strong short story with three other stories offered up for the idly curious--or for graduate students interested in building theses out of King's musings on baby boomers' flaws. Of course, two out of five seems like a bad success rate. But those two stories are good enough to recommend the collection overall. Robert Morse plays the older version of Bobby Garfield, the central character of this reminiscent story.

It takes a recent tragedy to send the older Bobby unwittingly in the mind to his days as an year-old in There we go to a place common to almost all of King's stories: His father died when Bobby was only five, and his mother is so busy hopefully tending to a real estate career that she has little time to tend to her only child.

Hearts in Atlantis

To this point nothing is out of the ordinary; this childhood is deliberately portrayed with hazy, warm undertones, akin to the sense of youth so familiar to many who look back upon it. Fairly early on we meet Ted Brautigan Hopkinsa boarder who shows up quite suddenly on their porch, his belongings in grocery bags. He is clean, well-spoken, unobtrusive and generally a placid sort. But he is also an instant enigma: Bobby, on the other hand, innocently curious --and most likely desperate for anything that could spell the boredom of his uneventful summer-- decides this a man worth knowing.

They become close, Brautigan dispersing kennels of wisdom and even offering young Bobby a dollar a week and cold root beers to read him the newspaper daily. But Brautigan clearly has a special quality about him: Bobby seems to have this gift as well, though in a lees pronounced way, and through this they form a bond, one Bobby's mother slowly and begrudgingly affords him.

She's suspicious of this man still, while we the viewers begin gradually to glean some of the mysteries of his past.

hearts in atlantis ending a relationship

I don't dare say what they are, but they do involve "the Low Men", people, Brautigan warns Bobby, who may some day come looking for him. He tells Bobby what signs to look for about town, gently using the boy as a scout of imminent danger. Bobby does not know who they are or what they represent.

hearts in atlantis ending a relationship

Neither do we, for a long time, but the key instrument of this story is to make it intentionally vague. We are not to be concerned about these details, but rather to know that Brautigan has experienced them, and will do whatever he can to shield Bobby and his youth from the corrupting darkness looming behind them.

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