Hexagram 22 relationship trust

Hexagram 22 to Relationship

hexagram 22 relationship trust

of service to others. Generous actions can enhance all relationships. . Changing line 5: Trust your intuition when bringing about change. Hexagram .. Hexagram Mountain over Fire forms the condition for Grace. Fire at the foot of. Then, as he has had his virtual relationship changed, you bravely spoke Hexagram 22 is the mountain lit by a campfire, made pretty by the. 15 Levelling, Even-Out In a context of self-restraint we utilise trust-in-others. described by analogy to the under-stated qualities of hexagram 22 – façade, By maintaining this relationship (a 'level' head) it acts as a gateway into the future .

Looking beneath the surface often will help the viewer gain more knowledge about a situation or person. Outer appearances can be very confusing and misleading.

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When we do find beauty in unusual places, it can help inspire individuals to strengthen their own inner beauty. Hexagram 22 represents the effort needed in order to see true beauty.

...life can be translucent

Many people can be fooled by objects or people that are beautiful on the outside but might have dangerous intentions instead of pleasant ones. Beware of unnatural beauty or imitation beauty that can often be a disguise for something far uglier.

hexagram 22 relationship trust

If something appears to be too good to be true, often times it is. Taking the time to learn more about unusually beautiful truths can save time and wasted effort perusing something that is not true. Observing grace will allow a person to have high values for true beauty.

hexagram 22 relationship trust

Being aware of the difference between true and false splendor will help prevent unwanted circumstances of being led down the wrong path. When being aware of the beauty around us, it is also important to take the time to observe the beauty within us. Every thing and person has the potential to improve and blossom. I Ching Hexagram 22 — Personal Goals: Ponder how others see you and perhaps what beauty that would describe when being analyzing what lies beneath.

Examples of inner beauty can be kindness, being able to humble yourself, having the will to serve others, and taking the time to be a good listener.

hexagram 22 relationship trust

You may not realize that your own bitterness is causing the world to appear as a glass half full. Life only meets us halfway because the other half of the journey allows us to discover what we are capable of.

Do not fall prey to believing that the projections you place on others are real. Celebrate your inner Grace and allow it to rise to the surface. Unleash any expectations and flow in the dazzling river of life. The greatest makeover begins within. If you want to be attractive adorn yourself with the Grace that resonates from the sincerity of trusting the Way. Changes to 52 Keeping Still. While one has the opportunity to take a path of ease or that is flattering and comfortable, it is more important to remain simple, humble and true to oneself.

I Ching Hexagram 22

Keeping Still can show not taking an opportunity, but staying put. Changes 26 Controlled Power.

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  • 22. Adorning (bì). Grace
  • I Ching Hexagram #22:

Give careful consideration to what is said in terms of substance by reflecting before speaking. Habitual responses will not do. Communication is measured so that it is not superficial. One is affected in a thoughtful way as if stroking the chin. A message is received that embodies Controlled Power in thoughtful and Graceful communication. Perhaps stroking the beard can suggest how one feels pleased with themselves.

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Changes to 27 Nourishing Vision. Providing or taking comfort is not a replacement for real fulfillment. Perpetual trials lead to stronger connections so persevere. Changes to 30 Clarity. While the situation seems threatening, positive forces are at work.

Any misunderstanding is short lived and dies down. A winged horse embodies thoughts or a connection that transcends space and time. Through trust a commitment moves to a deeper level.

Memorizing the I Ching Pi / Grace

Line 5 Grace in the hills and gardens. Changes to 37 Family.

hexagram 22 relationship trust

You may feel insecure about what you can offer the situation but if you are sincere you will be received well. Your inner worth shines so that your merit is acknowledged by another. Good fortune comes to you in the end.