How important is age difference in a relationship

how important is age difference in a relationship

INSIDER reached out to real couples with significant age differences to find out how they make their relationships work. Here's what they had to. Relationships with a severe age gap have always been debated about by several psychologists and relationship experts. However, those who. Romantic couples with a large age gap often raise eyebrows. Although men and women place importance on a partner who is warm and.

Thankfully, we leave falling in love to chance.

How important is age difference to you in considering who to marry? – Punch Newspapers

We let our emotions take over and flow along with them to wherever they might take us. So, when two people sharing a huge a age gap fall in love, they flow to common ground.

how important is age difference in a relationship

How they meet largely states whether they will stop at just a meeting or will keep meeting. If they are able to find a connection through hobbies, interests, and other activities that they collectively like, it will essentially define how their relationship will progress.

The ability to share a common love with someone, and the attempt at understanding a fresh perspective on the same subject, connects them. And this counts for more than the arithmetic of their age difference. Emotional Connect Sadly, apparent beauty is very fragile, and those with an age gap recognize this truth quite quickly. This is the reason why they seek a bond that transcends physical attraction. Most young couples find the need to explain to each other their gamut of emotions, sometimes seek attention, other times scheme to make a point, or maybe resort to lying to prevent a confrontation.

They go through this phase, despite spending a lot of time courting, and that is because they are yet to make an emotional bond. Young lovers take a while to move on from the physical aspects of a relationship and create a meeting point for themselves.

how important is age difference in a relationship

However, those with an age gap work on the emotional and physical aspects of their relationship simultaneously. Making an emotional connect early on, thus becomes very important for the partners, bringing them on the same page, before they move on to the next chapter of their relationship. It is important for them to know that their partner, no matter how old or young, is going to stand by them in times of happiness, and in times of crisis too. Finding Common Goals A difference in thought for a couple with a considerable age difference could be about life goals.

How important is age difference to you in considering who to marry?

For instance, the younger one might not want to give in to a commitment or have children, while the older one might want to settle down sooner.

Another difference could be about shifting importance towards individual careers. However, when they realize these differences, it becomes easier for them to deal with it, and tread the same path.

As they begin to deal with the reality of their relationship, the age gap slowly diminishes, making the two equal contributors in the equation. At this juncture, the two do not see themselves with any age difference. They view themselves as responsible individuals, living their dreams together.

Maintaining Maturity Bar Every relationship that wants to experience forever, has to maintain a certain level of maturity. What this means is that, both the people have to accept certain drawbacks of age difference, and learn to work their way around it.

Also, while it is common knowledge that women mature faster than men, when a mids woman meets a late 30s man, she know he is who she wanted, and vice-versa. This gives the man a form of superiority over the lady and it will make the woman submit easily to the man.

Matters of the Heart: Is Age an Important Factor in Relationships?

Also, the woman will have some vital values to learn from the man since he has more experience on earth. If both partners are of the same age, then it may not really matter because they will have mutual respect for each other.

how important is age difference in a relationship

In considering who to marry, mutual respect is very important to me. Age determines respect — Anjola Adeniji Age is important because it brings about respect between a couple; without age difference, disrespect may set in, especially if the woman is more financially stable than the man.

Does age difference really matter in relationships?

On the other hand, it may not really matter if the partners take a conscious decision to respect each other regardless of the age difference between them. Truth is, despite the age difference, some women will still submit to their husbands and vice versa. The most important factor is love and understanding. Age is not important to me — Oguntoye Seyi Personally, I believe love is the principal factor in a relationship and it should be the major factor that partners should consider before getting married.

how important is age difference in a relationship

Whoever I fall in love with, even if the person is a younger or an older lady, inasmuch as there is a mutual feeling and understanding between us, we are good to go.

After all, there is a popular saying that age is just a number. Age is just a number; the most important thing is finding true love. If a lady finds love in a younger man, then she should go ahead and blossom in the relationship. If a man finds love in an older lady, they can still go ahead and establish their relationship.

Understanding and trust should be the bedrock of any relationship; they lay a solid foundation. Age does not matter; God is the most important factor — Omiteru Emmanuel In choosing a life partner, age is not important.