How to improve husband wife relationship in hindi

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how to improve husband wife relationship in hindi

Here are 41 ways to romance your husband you might not have thought of. Hide a love note in his wallet. Husband and Wife Bucket List · lack of intimacy. Totke For Happy Married Life in Hindi. Relationship of husband and wife is world's most sacred relationship. But sometimes love gets faded in this relation and. How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse. I love my wife very much. My husband and I have been married for three years and fight frequently.

The film is about marriage, betrayal, and divorce and is said to be the semi-autobiographical film of Mahesh Bhatt. The story of the film is based on the extra-marital relationship of Inder Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Kavita Smita Patil. Inder is married to Pooja Shabana Azmi and leaves her for Kavita but eventually Kavita also discards him. The movie portrays the life of a typical Indian middle-class family and presents it on the screen in the finest way.

There is a scene in the film when the protagonist Mithilesh played by Rajpal Yadav meets his would-be wife for the very first time, you can feel the tingling sensation within — i.

The beauty of the film is that the sensitive moments are showcased in the most stunning manner. The film is a sequel to the film Tanu Weds Manu. Kangana is also seen in a double role playing the additional role of an athlete from Haryana studying in Delhi University. The story of the film depicts that it has been 4 years of marriage between Tanu and Manu and all is not going well between the couple which eventually forces them to separate.

They need to be more productive. This means listening to each other, understanding and respecting each other's viewpoints, and finding common ground so that you can strengthen your marriage. And please, call it what it is -- a fight. Don't go around saying, "We never have fights, we have discussions.

Sure you are discussing, it's a fight -- but you can and should have a fair fight. They share your values and goals I think it would be boring if a couple had the exact interests or personalities.

how to improve husband wife relationship in hindi

Some of the strongest relationships that I know are the ones where the couples balance each other out. One of them may be too spontaneous, but their significant other can reel them in a bit. At the same time, that spontaneous person can make their partner, husband, or wife more outgoing. However, there are long-term values and goals that you should share.

For instance, if you want to have children but your spouse doesn't, that could have serious implications for your marriage. You help each other become more successful Researchers at Washington University in St.

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Louis discovered that spouses can influence pay raises, promotions, and other measures of career success. The researchers believe this is because the partners or spouses emulate good habits such as diligence and reliability from each other and help each other maintain a productive work-life balance.

From my experience, a spouse is also your biggest advocate in helping you achieve your goals and will do whatever they can to help you overcome obstacles blocking your path to success -- in work and life.

how to improve husband wife relationship in hindi

Individuals in long-distance relationshipsLDRs, rated their relationships as more satisfying than individuals in proximal relationship, PRs.

LDR couples reported the same level of relationship satisfaction as couples in PRs, despite only seeing each other on average once every 23 days. Therefore, the costs and benefits of the relationship are subjective to the individual, and people in LDRs tend to report lower costs and higher rewards in their relationship compared to PRs. Background[ edit ] While traditional psychologists specializing in close relationships have focused on relationship dysfunction, positive psychology argues that relationship health is not merely the absence of relationship dysfunction.

Additionally, healthy relationships can be made to "flourish. A social skills approach posits that individuals differ in their degree of communication skill, which has implications for their relationships.

Relationships in which partners possess and enact relevant communication skills are more satisfying and stable than relationships in which partners lack appropriate communication skills. Adult attachment models represent an internal set of expectations and preferences regarding relationship intimacy that guide behavior.

Within the context of safe, secure attachments, people can pursue optimal human functioning and flourishing. Secure individuals are comfortable with intimacy and interdependence and are usually optimistic and social in everyday life. Securely attached individuals usually use their partners for emotion regulation so they prefer to have their partners in close proximity.

Preoccupied people are normally uneasy and vigilant towards any threat to the relationship and tend to be needy and jealous.

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Dismissing individuals are low on anxiety over abandonment and high in avoidance of intimacy. Dismissing people are usually self-reliant and uninterested in intimacy and are independent and indifferent towards acquiring romantic partners.

They are very fearful of rejection, mistrustful of others, and tend to be suspicious and shy in everyday life. Attachment styles are created during childhood but can adapt and evolve to become a different attachment style based on individual experiences.

On the contrary, a good romantic relationship can take a person from an avoidant attachment style to more of a secure attachment style.

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Romantic love The capacity for love gives depth to human relationships, brings people closer to each other physically and emotionally, and makes people think expansively about themselves and the world. Attraction — Premeditated or automatic, attraction can occur between acquaintances, coworkers, lovers, etc.

how to improve husband wife relationship in hindi

Studies have shown that attraction can be susceptible to influence based on context and externally induced arousal, with the caveat that participants be unaware of the source of their arousal. A study by Cantor, J.

As supported by a series of studies, Zillman and colleagues showed that a preexisting state of arousal can heighten reactions to affective stimuli. One commonly studied factor is physical proximity also known as propinquity.

The MIT Westgate studies famously showed that greater physical proximity between incoming students in a university residential hall led to greater relationship initiation. Another important factor in the initiation of new relationships is similarity. Put simply, individuals tend to be attracted to and start new relationships with those who are similar to them.

These similarities can include beliefs, rules, interests, culture, education, etc. Individuals seek relationships with like others because like others are most likely to validate shared beliefs and perspectives, thus facilitating interactions that are positive, rewarding and without conflict. Development — Development of interpersonal relationships can be further split into committed versus non-committed romantic relationships, which have different behavioral characteristics.

how to improve husband wife relationship in hindi

More committed relationships by both genders were characterized by greater resource display, appearance enhancement, love and care, and verbal signs of possession. In contrast, less committed relationships by both genders were characterized by greater jealousy induction. In terms of gender differences, men used greater resource display than women, who used more appearance enhancement as a mate-retention strategy than men.